Setting prescriptive targets

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Prior to child arriving. Select a clientPTA (save and close as we don't have PMS)Select appropriate hearing aidOpen HA software (new battery, connect leads, switch on then?.)Open REM softwareDSL [i/o] or NAL-NL1 set-up screensCalibrate new probe tubePrepare coupler response . DSL [i/o] set up

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Setting prescriptive targets

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1. RECD Refresher Course 17th November 2004 Setting prescriptive targets Greg Nassar Clinical Scientist MCHAS

2. Prior to child arriving Select a client PTA (save and close as we don’t have PMS) Select appropriate hearing aid Open HA software (new battery, connect leads, switch on then….) Open REM software DSL [i/o] or NAL-NL1 set-up screens Calibrate new probe tube Prepare coupler response

3. DSL [i/o] set up on Unity Access via the screwdriver icon Check DOB Transducer- how did you test hearing? HL to SPL- measured or manual RE to 2cc- Measured or manaul Max Output (ULLs) Speech- UWO is specific child spectrum that takes child’s own voice into account (see Phonak Focus 20) Circuit- majority of HA on contract have fixed CR. If planning a linear strategy set to LINEAR Compr. Threshold- minimum or 40-45 if WDRC strategy

4. DSL [i/o] set up on Aurical First screen Check DOB Transducer- how did you test hearing? Sound Field (uses REUR for HL- SPL transform) Insert/custom (used EAR3 with earmould) TDH- uses average REDD (discussed earlier) ME Insert (more on this later) HL to SPL- predicted or measured HI type Compression type- as before Compression Threshold- as before

5. NAL-NL1 set up on Unity Similar to DSLi/o except: Number of hearing aids Limiting refers to how MPO on hearing aid is adjusted (single channel or multichannel) Earmould acoustics Number of compression channels ((new DSL m[i/o]) Uses BC values (new DSL m[i/o]) Can measure REIR & REAG

6. NAL-NL1 set up on Aurical Same as previous but with additional control to select REAG or REIG

7. Hello young man! Otoscopy Tympanometry (if not performed during behavioural audiometry) Measure RECD Save session, then re-open from session list Send him out/for a break/breather etc… Attach aid to coupler Close lid 50, 65, 80 dB speech noise (modulated on Aurical) 90 dB pure tone sweep Program aid

8. RECD Refresher Course 17th November 2004 Demo then hands on practical session

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