Dimensions of circles
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DIMENSIONS OF CIRCLES. ENG 205 CE-ME-MECE-MSE. VOCABULARY. CIRCLE ( noun ):. a completely round flat shape The plane made circles around the airport. OUTER CIRCLE ( adjective+noun ):. The bigger circle that forms the outside of something

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Dimensions of circles


ENG 205




Circle noun

CIRCLE (noun):

a completely round flat shape

  • Theplanemadecirclesaroundtheairport

Outer circle adjective noun

OUTER CIRCLE (adjective+noun):

The bigger circle that forms the outside of something

  • Theoutercircle is theoutside of thetyre.

Inner circle adjective noun

INNER CIRCLE (adjective+noun):

Thesmallercirclethatformsthe inside of something

  • Theteachermadetwocircles, andnowtheinnercircle is speaking.

Diameter noun

DIAMETER (noun):

  • a straight line going from one side of a circleto the other side

  • Thediameter of thisoldtree is 50 cm.

Centre noun

CENTRE (noun):

the middle point or part ofsomething

  • There is a hugetable in thecentre of theroom.

Central adjective

CENTRAL (adjective):

Inthecentre of an areaorobject

  • Ankara is a citythat is in thecentralparts of Turkey.

Concentric circles adjective noun

CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (adjective+noun):


  • Inthisphoto, therearecolourfulconcentriccircles.

Circular adjective

CIRCULAR (adjective):

Shapedlike a circleor ring

  • TheColosseum of Italy has a circularshape.

Radius noun

RADIUS (noun):

distancebetween the centre of a circle and its outer edge

  • Theradius of a circle is halfitsdiameter.

Radii (plural)

Circumference noun


Aline that goes around a circle 

  • Thecircumference of Earth is almost 25000 miles.

Constant radius adjective noun

CONSTANT RADIUS (adjective+noun):

Theradiusthatdoes not change.

  • Thistyre has a constantradius.

Round adjective

ROUND (adjective):

Shapedlike a circleor a ball

  • Football is playedwith a roundball.

Deform verb

DEFORM (verb):

To change the normal shape of something

  • Thistreewasdeformedby a strongwind.

Deformation noun


A change in the normal shape of something

  • The illness caused a deformation in her hands.

Arc noun

ARC (noun):

A curved line between two points along the circumference of a circle

  • The arc of the rainbow looks beautiful.

Curved adjective

CURVED (adjective):

Having a round shape

  • The sofa in our livingroom has a curved shape.

Curve noun

CURVE (noun):

A line that bends and has no angles

  • There is a curve on the graph on this page.

Deformed adjective

DEFORMED (adjective):

Having a shape that is not normal

  • You should change your tyres regulary. It is dangerous to use deformed tyres.

Chord noun

CHORD (noun):

A straight line that connects two points on a curve

  • A chord is not a curved line.

Rounded adjective

ROUNDED (adjective):

Having a round shape

  • We bought a new table with rounded edges. The old one had sharp edges.

Inside diameter bore id adjective noun

INSIDE DIAMETER/BORE (ID) (adjective + noun):

The inside width of a pipe

  • The pipe has an inside diameter of 7 cm.

Outside diameter od adjective noun

OUTSIDE DIAMETER (OD) (adjective+noun):

The outside width of a pipe

  • The pipe has an outside diamater of 9 cm.

Crown noun

CROWN (noun):

The top of the outside of the pipe, the highest part of something

  • There is a Turkish flag at the crown of this hill.

Invert noun

INVERT (noun):

The bottom of the inside of the pipe

  • The invert level of the pipe means the lowest level inside the pipe.

M atch the words with the pictures

Match the words with the pictures

Curved rounded arc round diameter crown deformed

Curved, Rounded, Arc, Round, Diameter, Crown, Deformed

Dimensions of circles








Dimensions of circles




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