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Strategic Awareness – Emu - Wurrpan

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Strategic Awareness – Emu - Wurrpan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elli Presentation Childhood is the first step of learning for each and individual student. When Elli program was introduced to Gapuwiyak school Sally invited me to see what she and the school has planned. We went out together into the community to discuss with our elders what was happening in the school.

After long and strong discussions with leaders and elders of community we chose six birds from our song lines to represent six of the learning dispositions. The seventh bird, the bower bird is not in our song lines but was chosen because it is a creative bird.
I then created seven paintings of the birds. During the painting I decided to have the process photographed so that we would use them in teaching the children the learning dispositions.
The next step was introducing Elli to the community. The principal called a meeting. Everyone attended the meeting. Elders, community members , parents, all staff and older students.
This was the first time we had an evening meeting for a long time. It was a positive feeling and everyone felt something new was happening in the school. It was a new beginning for the community to come together within the school. Learning was not just Balanda way but we’re building a strong relationship between the two cultures.
At this meeting I drew the graph of the learning dispositions on the whiteboard to explain about Elli.
I was able to describe the spider graph because I had completed the online survey. The story from my spider graph showed me that I was strong in some learning dimensions but weak in resilience and strategic awareness. I am working on these by being more confident in asking questions.
what s next
what’s next?
  • Motitj and I will design a program that will guide the other assistant teachers about how to teach the meaning of the learning dispositions so they will teach their students.
  • The students will be rewarded with certificates for demonstrating the learning dispositions while they are learning.
  • A community story will be created around the birds.
  • Motitj and I will introduce the learning dispositions to the new teachers in 2010.