Upgrading to Serena Business Mashups
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Upgrading to Serena Business Mashups PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upgrading to Serena Business Mashups. Presented by: Ethan Goldberg. Before you Begin. Review the moving to SBMS guide. Know your ODBC connection Username and Password and the port number for your database (Default is 1521 for Oracle and 1433 for SQL Server)

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Upgrading to Serena Business Mashups

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Upgrading to serena business mashups

Upgrading to Serena Business Mashups

Presented by: Ethan Goldberg

Before you begin

Before you Begin

  • Review the moving to SBMS guide.

  • Know your ODBC connection Username and Password and the port number for your database (Default is 1521 for Oracle and 1433 for SQL Server)

  • Know Database server name\Instance name.

  • Back up your database prior to the upgrade.

  • Make sure you have enough disk space for the upgrade, if you use the Unicode upgrade utility the size of your database could potentially double.

Multi environment upgrade

Multi-Environment Upgrade

  • The multi-environment upgrade requires a specific process to keep these multiple databases synchronized. A very high-level view of the process is as follows:

  • 1. Complete all in-progress changes and move them to your production environment.

  • 2. Upgrade your production environment.

  • 3. Re-establish the other environments using a copy of the upgraded production database.

When to run the uuencode utility

Always run the utility if your Database is SQL

If using an Oracle database running the utility depends on a combination of factors.

When to run the Uuencode Utility

What the unicode utility does

During the Unicode Upgrade Utility, in a nutshell, all text fields are translated to Unicode text fields.  For example all varchar fields are converted to nvarchar.  But, how is that accomplished?The utility steps through each table in the database and does this:- Creates a Temp table with columns matching the target table's text fields, but in Unicode.- Copy the data from the target table into the temp table- Drop the columns in target tables and recreate them as Unicode compliant columns- Copy the data back from the temp table to the target table- Drop the temp table and start over again with the next target table

Because Unicode uses 2 bytes to describe each character, there can be significant increases in the size of each ROW in a table.  This is especially important in MS SQL Server because of the row size limitation of 8060 bytes.  This is a hard limit and will cause the Unicode Upgrade Utility to halt.  You will need to clean out some columns and restart the upgrade from the beginning.

Two important points to remember:1.  The resulting database may be twice as large as the old TT 6.6.1 database, so make sure that they have plenty space for the database to grow.2.  Always, always backup the database before doing the utility, so that you have a clean copy to revert to in case of a failure.

What the Unicode Utility does

Installation welcome screen

Installation Welcome Screen

End user license agreement

End User License Agreement

Installation path

Installation Path

Installation type

Installation Type

Component selection

Component Selection

License server

License Server

Sample database screen

Sample Database Screen

Select database type

Select Database Type

Database connection information

Database Connection Information

Website selection screen

Website Selection Screen

Single sign on screen

Single Sign-on Screen

Jboss port

JBoss Port

Mail server information

Mail Server Information

Installation summary screen

Installation Summary Screen

Installation running

Installation Running

Post installation summary

Post Installation Summary

Unicode upgrade utility

Unicode Upgrade Utility

Unicode upgrade utility running

Unicode Upgrade Utility Running

Unicode upgrade utility complete

Unicode Upgrade Utility Complete

Administrator upgrade screen

Administrator Upgrade Screen

Mashup administrator

Mashup Administrator

Mashup manager login screen

Mashup Manager Login screen

Mashup manager

Mashup Manager

Repository options screen

Repository Options Screen

Upgrading to serena business mashups

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