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Montana RQT Info/Q&A Session. U.S.S.F Youth Affiliates. U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) Regions. USYS Regions. Players by Region. I: 1+ million II: 629k III: 678k IV: 669k Total: 3.2+ million. Big & Small. 5 Largest States. 5 Smallest States. North Dakota – 7,280 Hawaii – 5,904*

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U s youth soccer usys regions
U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) Regions

USYS Regions

Players by Region

I: 1+ million

II: 629k

III: 678k

IV: 669k

Total: 3.2+ million

Big small
Big & Small

5 Largest States

5 Smallest States

North Dakota – 7,280

Hawaii – 5,904*

Alaska – 5,389

Wyoming – 4,888

Montana – 4,840

Note: 24 states have not won a Nat’l Championship

  • California North – 171,267

  • Massachusetts – 164,901*

  • New Jersey – 148,354

  • California South – 144,161

  • Virginia – 142,260

Montana at fwr history
Montana at FWR History

  • Once every 5 years a Montana team advanced to QF or SF (10 age groups = 1 in 50)

  • Montana withdrew from FWR for 2 years

    • Cost

    • Results

  • Returning now on a team-by-team basis

What s different now
What’s different now?

  • Previously there was only 1 state cup

    • Winner had to go to FWR - even if they didn’t want to – or face a massive fine.

  • Now, 2 state cups

    • 1 to go to FWR and Pres. Cup (RQT)

    • 1 for teams who do not want to go to FWR and Pres. Cup (MYSA State Cup)

  • State Champion: ???

What does it take to succeed at fwr pres cup
What Does it Take to Succeed at FWR/Pres. Cup?

  • Depth

    • All 18 players need to have the following:

  • Skill: Extremely technical

  • Fast: Individually and speed of play

  • Vision/Chemistry: Knowing what is going to happen before it happens

  • Adaptability: Major tactical adjustments on the fly

General info
General Info

  • RQT League played on Sundays

  • Top 4 in League play RQT Tournament

  • RQT Tournament is Mem. Day weekend

  • Winner goes to FWR in NM

  • 2nd Place goes to Far West Pres. Cup in CA

  • 3rd/4th play in MYSA State Cup

Mysa league options
MYSA League Options

  • RQT League (Intended Top level)

  • MYSA Select League (2nd level)

  • Classic League (3rd level)

What are we committing to
What Are We Committing to?

  • Travel to:

    • RQT League

    • RQT

    • FWR/President’s Cup

    • National Championships/President’s Cup Nationals.

  • Goal: Winning a USYS Nat’l Championship or President’s Cup Nat’l Championship.

What are we really committing to
What Are We Really Committing To?

  • 2-3x weekly practice

    • Additional speed/agility work on own

    • Additional technical work on own

  • Additional coach and/or coaching fees

  • 2 games every weekend April-mid June

    • Including RQT and tourns, 25-30 game season

  • Soccer as a long-term, year-round priority

  • Financial Commitment

Rqt entry fees
RQT Entry Fees

  • $1,500 team fee ($800-850 covered by HYSA)

    • Includes RQT League, RQT, Select League on non-RQT League weekends, MYSA State Cup for all teams but RQT finalists

  • $2,500 bond to be returned upon successful participation in RQT, RQT, and FWR/Pres. Cup if you qualify

    • Four-figure fine for qualifying and not going to FWR/Pres. Cup.

  • What does 4 000 buy me
    What does $4,000 buy me?

    • RQT League

    • MYSA Select League (when not paying RQT League)

    • RQT

    • MYSA State Cup for all but top 2

    • $2,500 refund when complete (not sure if deposited or not)

    Personal expenses
    Personal Expenses

    • About $80 additional in team fees.

    • Travel Expenses

      • Airfare

      • Lodging

      • Food

      • Rental Cars

    Ways to deal with the expenses
    Ways to Deal with the Expenses

    • Fundraising

    • Chaperone parents

      • Instead of the entire all parents traveling, the entire team divides the expenses of the coaches and a few parents to make the expenses more manageable

      • Each parent is responsible for a group of players

    Will this really work
    Will This Really Work?

    • Yes, if:

      • The kids are having fun

      • They get along well with each other as a group

      • They enjoy learning for the sake of learning

      • They’re free and creative thinkers

      • Soccer is everyone’s top priority

      • Coaches and parents are fully invested

      • Kids and parents buy into coaching philosophy and trust the coach to take the kids to the next level

      • Parents offer positive support

    In short
    In Short

    • RQT really needs to be something that is a common goal amongst the entire age group.

    • Unlikely to work without the support of parents, peers, neighbors, dogs, cats, coaches, teachers, etc.

    In short cont d
    In short (cont’d)

    • Players from all over the country dedicate themselves completely for a chance to win a state championship and represent their team at Regionals.

    • Unfair to all, including other players from around the country, to have a group less dedicated and committed getting their shot at a regional championship.

    Team formation
    Team Formation

    • RQT Commitment will impact team formation if the playing ability of ‘yes’ players allows for a team to be formed that HYSA feels will be able to compete at a high level within that age group.

    • Saying ‘No’ does not automatically exclude someone from a Premier team, but understand that it may.

    Team formation cont d
    Team Formation (cont’d)

    • Is there a priority in team formation: ability or RQT?

      • No. HYSA Coaching Committee will look at all factors and make appropriate decision.

      • HYSA’s responsibility to look out for the best interests of our member families.

    Why does hysa have a say at all
    Why Does HYSA Have a Say At All?

    • It is HYSA’s responsibility to look out for the best interest of our players and families.

    • FWR and Pres. Cup are extremely high levels of play.

    • Very discouraging for individual families looking for a higher level of play if the team were to be significantly outplayed at a higher-level tournament and may impact how families participate in the future.


    • If 12 of top 18 players say ‘yes’ and 6 say ‘no’ a team will not do RQT.

    • If 16 of top 18 players say ‘yes’ and 2 say ‘no’, we’ll look at the ability of the next two highly-rated players and determine if the difference in ability will significantly impact the team’s potential to compete at a high level.

    • If all top 18 say ‘yes’, now a team decision if they do RQT or other regional-level tournaments.

    Player options
    Player Options

    • Arsenal team (Helena only)

    • RQT Arsenal team (Helena)

    • RQT team from another town AND Arsenal (Helena & out of town)

    • Other RQT team (out of town)

    • Other team (out of town)

    • HYSA Recreational League (non-Arsenal)

    Player options cont d
    Player Options (cont’d)

    • Montana ODP

      • Tryouts November 9-10 in Helena

    • Montana United

    • Rocky Mountain FC

      • High school players allowed to try out next Sunday after MHSA state tournament.

      • Tryouts/training next weekend in Helena