A E-date with Charles Manson

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Overview. IntroductionBackgroundThe ControversyEthical ResponseFederal Government and The InternetConclusion. Introduction. Story About JennyDefinition of E-datingprocess of contact, courtship, and subsequent emotional, psychological, or spiritual bonding/exchange at any level between persons

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A E-date with Charles Manson

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1. A E-date with Charles Manson An Ethical Perspective of Government Effects on The E-dating Industry

2. Overview Introduction Background The Controversy Ethical Response Federal Government and The Internet Conclusion

3. Introduction Story About Jenny Definition of E-dating process of contact, courtship, and subsequent emotional, psychological, or spiritual bonding/exchange at any level between persons via a singles, matchmaking, or online dating website/chatroom Computer Crime or Old Crime w/ Cyber Twist E-dating is Old Form Dating with a Cyber Twist Controversy Online Dating Act True Exclusive Contracts What Are Your Views on the Controversy?

4. Introduction Explanation of Companies and People Involved True is an E-dating Web Site Herb Vest is CEO of True Ethical Analysis of True's Business Model Positives and Negatives of Bill

5. Background of Online Dating and True History of E-dating Comparison to Normal Dating Expands Geographic Location General Public Skeptical Trends of New Security True True is Safer, Savvy, and the Leading Scientifically Based, Online Relationship Service Whose Mission is to Help Singles Find Long-Lasting and Fulfilling Relationships

6. Background of Online Dating and True True Devoted to Safety Website Promotes Safety http://www.true.com Herb Vest CEO of True His Father Died When he was Very Young Quotes From Herb Vest's Book How to Get It and How to Keep It “Accomplish your objectives before the competition can react. If you plan the exploitation phase carefully and direct your focus to the competitions most vulnerable point, you will quickly dominate the small market”

7. More Quotes More Quotes “Use regulatory restraints to your advantage.” “Tie up suppliers with exclusivity contracts.” “The reporter is the revolutionary’s best friend. Dramatic and controversial events sell newspapers... little guys who do dramatic and controversial things quickly gain media attention.”

8. The Controversy Exclusive Contract with www.rapsheets.com Background Checks Flawed Example 15 or 67 Counties in FL. Report their Felons to Databases Circumvent with Fake Identity Only Database Significant in Size to be Used to Not Have to Advertise the Uncertainty of Safety

9. The Controversy Online Dating Safety Act and Variations Requires Internet Dating Service Providers to Disclose the Fact that they do not Perform Background Searches, or, if They do Perform Them, Disclose the Fallibility of Such Searches and the Additional Safety Precautions a Single Person Should Take to Decrease Dating Risk Advertisements and Banner Must Have 14 pt. Red Font saying “You may be at risk, We do not perform background checks” Act Does Nothing to Offline Dating Websites

10. Pros of Online Dating Act Pros Some Criminals May be Filtered Out and Not Able to Contact Other E-daters. Customers May Feel Safer

11. Cons of Online Dating Act Creates a Potential False Sense of Security Criminals Will Still Be Able To Get Through Creates Government Regulation Where it Isn't Needed. Costs of Online Dating Will Rise For Users Some Smaller or Niche Services May not Survive States will Have Different Criminal Policies No Consistency

12. In True's Defense Are They Saving Lives 67.5% of Felons Out of Prison Will Return 94% of Felons in US are in the Database 218 Sex Offenders or Felons Have been Blocked

13. Ethical Response Kantianism First Categorical Imperitive One Should Always Attempt to Help Protect People Shouldn't Exploit Companies Threw Bad Business Practices Shouldn't Gimp Competition Using Regulatory Powers Unethical

14. Ethical Response Kantainism Second Categorical Imperative States Targeted contain dating sites like Match.com, Yahoo Personals, Spring Street Networks, craigslist, Eharmony. Chance to Downsize for your own gain for an unjust cause is using them as a means to an end More restrictive Internet is using everyone that wants to make the Internet as free as possible as a means to an end. Unethical

15. Ethical Response Act Utilitarianism If the Internet is made more restrictive today, it may have negative effects on our futures – bad Leaves users with less choice - bad Wastes people's time – bad Background checks are Flawed, so they are making the Internet more restrictive, hurting other companies, wasting peoples time, taking away people preference for no real gain in happiness except True. Unethical

16. Ethical Response Rule Utilitarianism There is no rule that will fit what True is attempting to do to make it ethical, or have a greater increase in happiness in the future. Unethical

17. Ethical Response Social Contract Theory Moral people likes to have rules that govern them that are necessary. Since moral people can make there own decisions, they probably would like to choose their own safety level. Moral people would also agree that down-sizing companies with unnecessary laws is immoral Unethical

18. Federal Government & The Internet Control? The Government is Suppose to Uphold and Protect Against Such Divergent Issues as speech, Competition, Privacy, Access, Public Safety, Property, Contract Rights, National Security, Reputation, and Morality. Issues of Control and the Internet Expansion Comes from the Decentralization CANSPAM Act Online Casinos International Effort

19. Conclusion Things Covered E-dating and True Controversies Positives and Negatives Ethical Response Government and The Internet

20. Conclusion Online Guides to Safety http://www.match.com/help/safetytips.aspx?lid=4

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