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Discus training for the hs thrower
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Discus Training for the HS Thrower. Tim Russell University of South Dakota Track & Field. Dynamic Stretches & Mobility Exercises. Warm-ups that are structured around sport specific movement better prepare for activity while preventing injury

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Discus Training for the HS Thrower

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Discus training for the hs thrower

Discus Training for the HS Thrower

Tim Russell

University of South Dakota

Track & Field

Dynamic stretches mobility exercises

Dynamic Stretches & Mobility Exercises

  • Warm-ups that are structured around sport specific movement better prepare for activity while preventing injury

  • During all stretching breath easily while performing

Joint rotations

Joint Rotations

  • Start Simple

    • Fingers, Wrists, Elbows (flex, extend, rotate)

    • Neck: lateral flexion (left ear-left shoulder, etc. also clockwise, counter clockwise rotations)

    • Shoulders (follow circular path both ways)

Get good base stretch

Get good Base Stretch

  • Partner Stretching

    • Quads

    • Hamstrings

    • Chest

  • Hurdler Stretch

  • Butterfly

  • Back (knee over look backs)

Joint rotations hip torso

Joint RotationsHIP/TORSO!!

  • Side Bends (trunk to side, push away from hips)

  • Trunk Twists (simulating wind in throw, both ways)

  • Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Laying on Back, Dynamic Cross-over's



  • All Done Explosively!

  • High Knees

  • Butt-kicks (heal to butt, quad stretch)

  • Athletic Shuffle w/ arm swing (loosens legs/shoulders)

  • Carioca's (work on hard outside leg drive that emulates hard right discus leg)

  • Walking Lunges, make sure torso also faces which leg is moving. *may also use in workouts with plate in weight room*

Throwing principles

Throwing Principles

  • Speed, Angle, Height of Release

  • The goal of the thrower is to exert the forces of the entire body over the greatest distance possible, and for the longest period of time.

  • Summation of forces (all movts contribute)

  • general rule: there is more horizontal drive than lift in the preliminary movements; in the delivery there is more lift than drive. The athlete has to master a balance between the two while applying forces in the proper direction.

The grip

The Grip

  • 1st half of discus in front of index finger

  • The centrifugal force during the rotation will keep the implement in your had *drive this point in to younger throwers*



  • Stand throws

  • Stand throws-with step in

  • Wheels

  • Modified-South African

  • Full Throw

Stand throws power throws

Stand Throws/Power Throws

  • No Reverse!!

  • Beginning thrower: work on release of disc, remember tighter the spin the farther the implement will fly

Stand throw with step in

Stand Throw with Step In

  • Similar to standing throw

  • Right foot moves as body weight switches to left foot.

  • Stay on Right as long as possible, don’t have athlete just switch, make them feel the weight shift



  • PARAMOUNT! This is the part of throw where the throw is made, creating velocity to discus.

  • Right foot @ 3 o’clock, shoulders facing sector, weight on right

  • Quick left step brings you into throw

  • Key for athlete: “Set discus up on shelf, and quick linear movement of left”

Modified south african

Modified South African

  • 1/4th turn, (keep wide right), light step to right foot

  • Here athlete is in South African Position

  • Drive/Sprint to Middle to attack power position

Full throw

Full Throw

  • Incorporate all sectional phases into one seamless throw from front to back.

In back of ring

In Back of Ring

  • Thrower Must Be Comfortable!!!

  • Relax

  • POSITION & CONTROL…. Not Speed!

    • Slow enough Coach? NO go slower in the back!

    • Right Head- looking right, keeping focal point to not lead with left shoulder or head

Back of ring mac wilkins wolfgang schmidt

Back of Ring (Mac Wilkins, Wolfgang Schmidt)

Middle of ring

Middle of Ring

  • Most Important

  • Ties whole throw together

  • Keep right foot moving, never on heal

  • Think- “Squash the bug”

  • A slow choppy middle will ruin a great throw

  • Keep Discus up reaching “High point”

Front of ring

Front of Ring

  • Big Chest

  • Don’t pull off with left head shoulder

  • Don’t break, keep right hip “popped up”

  • Right hip and legs should lead thrower to this position.

Key points

Key Points

  • Rhythm

    • Slow to Fast, Long to short (oonnnne, two three)

  • Young throwers= One wind

  • Stay on Balls of Feet

  • Gradually Progress Thrower

    • (Work from front to back, locking in positions)

  • Target Throwing

    • (middle to left sector)

  • Athleticism-

    • (sprints, plyo’s, cone/hurdle drills, med ball)

    • Great to develop quickness, mobility, power, coordination)

  • Quality Practice Vs. Quantity Practice

More key points

More Key points

  • Get off the left in back of ring

  • Wide Right, to sprint (cut circle)

  • Lead inside right leg

  • Keep discus back

    • Creates LONG pull

Casey malone speed in back

Casey Malone- Speed in back?



  • Thrower falling out left side of ring- (most common)– throws go out to right

    • Left arm/head pull, center of gravity not over left and vertical axis tilted to 3 o'clock

    • Work on balance on left, (360’s, 7’s) get feel

  • Throwing from “bucket”

    • Over rotating, staying on left too long

    • Keep right moving to keep from opening

Thanks throw far

Thanks… & Throw Far!


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