Welcome to physical fitness health and wellness map attack
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Welcome to Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness Map attack PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness Map attack. Risk Assessment: Smoking. Created by Joe Steiner. Teachers Guide.

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Welcome to Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness Map attack

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Welcome to Physical Fitness, Health and WellnessMap attack

Risk Assessment:




Joe Steiner

Teachers Guide

This presentation is set up to help study for Map testing and provide questions and answers in the areas of health and wellness. The content coincides with the areas that will be covered for map testing on the 5th grade level. The following page will help you organize and present the information to your class.

Teacher preparation

  • Go over sections that coincide with what you are teaching and incorporate presentation

  • Look through the presentation to become familiar with the content

  • Use buttons to advance screens and to go back to previous screens

  • Have students keep a notebook

  • Encourage student participation and enjoy the lessons, having fun is a must


In what forms do people use tobacco?

(click for answers)

  • Snuff and chewing tobacco are forms of smokeless tobacco

  • Tobacco is smoked in cigars , cigarettes, and pipes.

Cigarettes are the most dangerous form of tobacco. People breathe the smoke that contains over 200 poisonous substances that enter their circulatory system and are carried to the body’s cells

Name the 3 harmful substances in cigarette smoke(click for answers)

1. Carbon Monoxide

2. Nicotine

3. Tar

Smoking has many bad side effects. How many can you name?

Write down as many as you are able to think of in your notebook

  • Smoking Can Cause:

  • Lung Cancer

  • Chronic Bronchitis

  • Emphysema

  • Yellow Teeth

  • Bad Breath

In your notebook write down 3 reasons why people begin to smoke.

Then write down 3 reasons why you shouldn’t smoke.

Racing toward good health

What steps can you take to refuse offers to use tobacco?

Write down in your notebook what you can do to avoid smoking if offered the opportunity.

No Thank You

  • If someone asks you to try cigarettes, say “No, thank you.” Always be polite. If a person keeps asking you, you can say “No way,” in a convincing manner.

  • Another way is to tell the person you have something else to do.

  • Know the facts about tobacco. If someone asks you to smoke say, “No, thanks. I know smoking can make a person my age very sick.”

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