the history of english

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What does OE sound like?. . Some Examples. Se man is god

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the history of english

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1. The History of English maps and materials

7. What does OE sound like?

8. Some Examples Se man is god ‘the man is good’ Ne drincst Þu win? “not drinkest thou wine? Ne habbað we cyning “not have we a king” We eow can. “We y’all know’ Heo hine lærde “She him advised’ Hi hæfdon hire mete geboht. “ They had their food brought’ He geseah Þone mann “ he saw the man”

9. OE Morphology OE inflects for Case (subject, object, ind.Obj, poss.) Gender (masculine, feminine, neuter) Number (singular, plural)

11. Middle English (1100-1500) in 1066 England was invaded (for the last time) by William the Conquerer of Normandy. William: unites the kingdom. replaces traditional gov’t with a new system and his own appointments. replaces the English nobility with Normans. replaces the Church leadership with Normans

12. Some ME loans from French Law and government attorney, bailiff, chancellor, chattel, country, court, crime, defendent, evidence, government, jail, judge, jury, larceny, noble, parliament, plaintiff, plea, prison, revenue, state, tax, verdict Church abbot, chaplain, chapter, clergy, friar, prayer, preach, priest, religion, sacrament, saint, sermon Nobility baron, baroness; count, countess; duke, duchess; marquis, marquess; prince, princess; viscount, viscountess; noble, royal (contrast native words: king, queen, earl, lord, lady, knight, kingly, queenly) Military army, artillery, battle, captain, company, corporal, defense,enemy,marine, navy, sergeant, soldier, volunteer Cooking beef, boil, broil, butcher, dine, fry, mutton, pork, poultry, roast, salmon, stew, veal Culture and luxury goods art, bracelet, claret, clarinet, dance, diamond, fashion, fur, jewel, oboe, painting, pendant, satin, ruby, sculpture Other adventure, change, charge, chart, courage, devout, dignity, enamor, feign, fruit, letter, literature, magic, male, female, mirror, pilgrimage, proud, question, regard, special

13. latinate vs. germanic vocabulary

14. Two systems of word formation Germanic Compounding German: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz [[[Rind]fleisch][[etikettier[ungs]][[[über]wach[ungs]][[[auf]gaben][[[über]trag[ungs]][gesetz]]]]]]] beef meat label ing over watch ing task over give ing law "Beef labeling oversight transfer law"

15. Compounds in English English: Dining room table third base umpire upstaris bed room Nouns can be freely compunded. The meaning of new words is only partially transparent: Snowman vs. trashman

16. Latinate word formation

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