Profitable Cattle are the product of   Correct Genetic Design

Profitable Cattle are the product of Correct Genetic Design PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Favorite Quotes.

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Profitable Cattle are the product of Correct Genetic Design

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1. Profitable Cattle are the product of Correct Genetic Design Focused on Your Real Profit

2. Favorite Quotes “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, however, most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” Winston Churchill “If we could apply a force equal to that of our human nature’s resistance to change – there would be nothing we would not accomplish.” Unknown

3. Favorite Quotes “ Most people believe they are thinking when in fact all they are doing is re arranging their prejudices.” Eleanor Roosevelt “Consumers love to be dazzled with incomprehensible and meaningful scientific jargon.” A writer for The Australian Newspaper

4. Favorite Quotes "Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."   Mark Twain “Doing what you have always done and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity” Albert Einstein  

5. Where Have I Come From? Over 40 years active involvement and accurate observation in all aspects of the cattle industry and – recently - 3 years of intensive research - of both the dairy and beef industries - leads me to the following conclusion:

6. Greatest Threat The greatest threat our bovine production systems face is the fact the seed stock industry is continually supplying the commercial industry with non commercial genetics. The compounding effect of this is now very evident in the problems of the modern dairy cow.

7. Another Conclusion The only thing Computer Generated Breeding Values may - reasonably accurately - identify is the individuals which will respond best in ideal nutritional environments.

8. Accurate Observation Accurate observation; based on the firm foundations of know how; generated from hands on experience; is the only true research.

9. Mission To identify, select, breed and make available to the commercial industry; functionally efficient bovine strains for the production of high quality products in grass based production systems. Sustainable genetics for sustainable farming. Genetics with longevity for farming/farmer longevity.

10. What’s The Target Maximum kilograms per hectare farmed Minimum Cost of Production (COP) Maximum Real Profit Generation

11. Your Real Profit Your real profit is heavily tied to your COP. The only major part of the your real profit equation you have any control over is COP. Today the term profit is incorrectly used in promotion – potential gross income is what should be stated. Potential gross income has little reflection on real profit.

12. Your Real Profit Your real profit is tied to how efficiently your animals can convert available resources to a saleable product. This is heavily tied to your herd’s phenotype. Phenotype/body type/conformation – when correct - leads to constitution and ability to function and produce economically under all nutritional conditions.

13. Constitution If their was one word which encompasses what our modern bovine strains lack - it is CONSTITUTION - due to frailty – tall - narrow – lean = hard doing = frailty. An animal’s constitution – which is directly related to its body conformation (phenotype) – dictates its responses to nutritional fluctuations. Our modern animals’ phenotypes have changed to taller and narrower – lacking constitution.

14. Modern Beef and Dairy Seed stock Multiplying Criteria Figures Feed - non commercial environments Fashionable genetics Use of computer generated breeding values which have incorrect weightings and assumptions as ‘profit’ indicators Confusion/ignorance in the understanding between potential gross income and real profit It is all about Promotion (theirs) vs Profit (yours)

15. Seed Stock Industry Are our industry perceived leading seed stock producers: Only better feeders? Only better promoters? Only better number multipliers?

16. Today’s Dairy Industry Dairy industry ‘experts’ boast they are using the World’s leading edge technology to identify superior individuals. The fact - the industry is taking 1 step forwards and 2 backwards never seems to enter their heads. Multiplying animals with great figures is easy – breeding great animals is a never ending task. From behind a desk all one can see is figures.

17. Selection Criteria of the Dairy Industry over the last decade Continual flooding of the AI industry with fashionable genetics produced by ET from high profile cows which would/could not rebreed – because of poor fertility Continual assistance at birth of seed stock animals Continual propagation of unproven young, early high producing genetics and ignoring (selecting against) ‘older’ genetics with true longevity

18. Selection Criteria of the Dairy Industry Selecting body types for show ring appeal rather than functionality; added to this focus on individual production - with no consideration to efficiency of production Selection on production with little or no consideration to quality of product ( components)

19. Result of this relentless selection criteria The greatest problems the breed has are: Infertility Dystocia Poor longevity High maintenance requirements and inefficiency of production Low milk solids leading to volume charges

20. How Smart Have We Been? How could the result be anything else? Children at Kindergarten would say this was fairly dumb if we explained to them our selection criteria and that we are not happy with the outcomes. Now we are tailoring the industry around the problems (at an incredible cost) instead of actually addressing the problems.

21. The Problem The design of the modern cow is the problem. It is incorrectly designed. Farmers are spending huge dollars on feed and other supplements with no economical gain. Attempting to create an environment (at great cost) where this cow will function. Designing the system around an incorrectly designed cow is unsustainable and unprofitable farming. More feed for more production with no efficiency of production will not work.

22. Check the Statistics Dairy Australia In Focus 2008 reports in 1999-00 National average production/cow was 4,996 litres; 2006-07 5,182 litres. Average price received around $0.30. An increase of 186 litres at $.30/ltr equals a gross increase over a 7 year period of $55.80/cow. At $250/ton - farmers feeding 0.5 ton more grain/cow in 2006-07 than 1999-00 equals $125 in extra feed costs for an extra $55.80 gross return! Where is the genetic gain and increased productivity farmers are continually investing hard earned dollars in? Statistics verify no gain only financial pain.

23. The Constant Cost Our ‘modern’ dairy cow is a very poor converter of available resources. Whilst she has the propensity to produce 10 - 14,000 litres – in the main - she is only producing 6-7,000 litres. The problem is that all the maintenance requirements of the 10-14,000 litre ‘engine’ are present – no matter what her production is. Like having a 5 litre V8 as a courier vehicle in the city – on the odd long run you will win - HOWEVER - the constant cost of the big engine - sitting at the lights - will make you financially uncompetitive.

24. Modern Dairy Cow All milk and no body

25. The Old & The New

26. Old fashioned Cows

27. Worldwide Commercial producers have spent Millions of $$$$ on (supposed) superior black & white genetics and now they are advised to fix (what was sold to them as better) with cross breeding? Experts are advocating 3 way cross breeding – we had Brindle cows 40 years ago – why have you spent all this money?

28. Our Beef Industry Our beef industry is headed down the same path. Seed stock operations are openly using feed wagons and bragging about their feeding regimes. What environment will the animal’s which ‘float to the top’ in these environments require? And they are supplying the commercial industry with genetics which have been in 5 star accommodation since conception?

29. Modern Angus Sires Multiplied (termed bred) for Numbers These are trait leading beef Bulls Where is the Beef?

30. Sale Topping ‘modern’ Sire after 12 months in the real (commercial) World

31. Modern Angus Cow Beef Cow – where is the Beef?

32. Modern Angus Females

33. Unfashionable Angus Sires

34. Unfashionable Angus Females

35. Hereford Sire Born in the 1970s

36. Whose Milk EBV Here?

37. The Main Problem Height and narrowness (lack of capacity) are the ‘killers’. Change the phenotype of a breed to that of another and that is how it will function. The phenotype dictates how the animals responds. Research conducted in the US found there was a 35% difference in the maintenance requirements of Angus cows of the same live weight.

38. When making your genetic selections consider the following: Are the breeding decisions your seed stock supplier is making focused on your profits or theirs? Can you afford to create a similar environment? Are they supplying you with great genetics or genetics with great numbers? Are your genetic selection decisions introducing Profitable or Promoteable genetics into your herd? Will these animals work for you or will you have to work for them?

39. Always Look what is happening in front of you Do not be deluded by the promotion Understand that things do not happen in isolation When an animal does not look good to you it is NO GOOD – regardless of what the paper says

40. How Do I Intend to Identify and Make Available? Continually searching for seed stock programs which have a commercial focus. Looking for consistent functional individuals within these programs. Validating that these animals will function efficiently in commercial environments.

41. What Is Happening Now? Currently have Angus, Hereford, Jersey & Friesian & Brangus semen available. There are some bulls available carrying these bloodlines. Currently exporting embryos and semen to North America. Am interested in all species.

42. Contact Details John O’Brien +61 410 273 887 Email: Web:

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