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New Orleans Homeland Security Initiatives – Katrina and the Lessons Learned PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Orleans Homeland Security Initiatives – Katrina and the Lessons Learned. Planning Factors. Situation A. City location/GEO factors B. Population base/Entergy Heartland C. Hospitals/Assisted living homes D. Warning Time. Hurricane “PAM” A. 20,000 Deaths B. Intense Flooding

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New Orleans Homeland Security Initiatives – Katrina and the Lessons Learned

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Presentation Transcript

New Orleans Homeland Security

Initiatives –

Katrina and the Lessons Learned

Planning Factors

  • Situation

    • A. City location/GEO factors

    • B. Population base/Entergy Heartland

    • C. Hospitals/Assisted living homes

    • D. Warning Time

  • Hurricane “PAM”

    • A. 20,000 Deaths

    • B. Intense Flooding

    • C. Evacuation Predictions

  • Plan Development

    A. Evacuation

    • 1. Multi-state/Parish

    • 2. Three phase 50/40/30 hours

    • 3. Coordinated through state

      B. Shelter of Last Resort

    • 1. Define

    • 2. After Curfew

    • 3. Transportation

    • 4. Security & Supplies

    • 5. Known Second Evacuation

Pre Storm

1. State & Federal Coordination

  • Begin Friday 26 August

  • Storm Shift Friday Night

  • Mandatory Evacuation/Success

  • Curfew

  • Open Refuge of last Resort

  • Storm

    • Early Morning Monday 29 August

    • Mid Day aware of levee issues

    • Search and Rescue

    • Initial Federal contact


    • FEMA

    • State/National Guard

    • Title 10 Military

    • Evacuation

      • Superdome

      • Convention Center


    • Response Time

    • Use of Title 10 Military

    • Communications/Common Operating Picture

    • Command and Control

    • Logistics Movement Center/Push vs Pull

    Required Improvements

    • Mission vs Compliance

      • Use of Title 10

  • Clear Command and Control

  • National Rail and Shelter plan

  • Prepackaged “Push” Supplies

  • Evacuation Improvements (City Assisted Evacuation Plan)

  • Goal 1~Create and maintain an environment where the decision to evacuate becomes more desirable than remaining behind~

    • In conjunction with state officials, enhance the sheltering plan to make it more “user friendly”

    • Provide more information early in the season to enable citizens to better formulate their own evacuation plans

    Goal 2~Provide greater support to citizens who need special assistance~

    • Medical “special needs” citizens.

    • Elderly, hospital cases

    • No self evacuation transportation available

    Goal 3~Implement measures to greatly enhance the security of city resources~

    • To include:

      • Accounting for and providing safety measures to city employees

      • Comprehensive plans to protect vehicles and other equipment items

      • Anti-looting plan

    New Orleans City Assisted Evacuation Plan Model Timeline

    Buses with last passengers leave city

    Launch CAEP; Dispatch buses and Security

    AMTRAK leans forward with railcars

    City Hunkers Down

    Amtrak continues operations

    RTA begins Airport runs from 2 Staging Centers

    TSA/USDOT lean forward with packages

    TS Winds Reach Coastal LA

    Last Amtrak Train leaves City

    RTA begins pickups at 13 locations

    RTA ends pickups at 15 locations
















    Make Ready

    State Phase 1: Evacuation of areas outside of any levee protection system

    State Phase 3: Evacuation of areas north/east of the Mississippi River and south of Interstate 12; State implements Contraflow; Mayor orders Mandatory Evacuation

    NOPD, LSP, LANG, OPCS lean forward w/ security

    ~12 hrs prior to hurricane landfall

    State Phase 2: Evacuation of areas north of Intracoastal Canal & south/west of Interstate 10 and Mississippi River

    RTA, MSY, NOMCVB activating hurricane plans

    MSY Shuts Down

    State/Feds lean forward with Evacuation buses

    Note: This is only to be used as a guideline. It is thought to be a reasonable timeline; however, in practice, there may be more or less time available depending on the circumstances of the actual event.

    City Assisted Evacuation Plan

    Shelters will be opened in anticipation of receiving evacuees

    Evacuee Processing Center


    Processing teams will be sent in for registration

    Union Passenger Terminal


    Processing Center

    (CERT Registration)

    Hospitals and care centers will evacuate by pre-arranged transportation. DHH is managing this activity

    Belle Chasse

    Hotel Staging Center 1

    Center 2

    Center 3

    Hospitals & Care Centers


    The Morial Convention Center will be opened as an Evacuee Processing Center


    Pick-up Locations


    State or

    Regional Shelter

    Morial C.C.

    People will relocate to the convention center from various RTA Pick-up locations throughout the city


    EVAC Bus

    POV/CAB/Drop Off

    Homeland Security Command Cell will be activated


    Needs Medical Resources




    Nat. Guard

    Medical Unit

    Ambulance or Transport

    Security and Medical will be put in place prior to registration operations


    Senior Citizens Rail Cars


    EVAC Bus

    Senior Centers

    Special Needs Screening

    AMTRAK will prepare to evacuate senior citizens and people with special needs



    Special Needs Rail Cars


    Hotel guests will self-evacuate. Any remaining visitors will be processed through one of three Hotel Staging Centers and shuttled to airport.

    EVAC Bus

    Other City Airport Hub



    Louis Armstrong Airport

    (Confirmed Flights)

    Hotel Shuttle, Bus, Cab, Limo

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