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LEED-like Building: Rhodes College and Barret Library. C. Ekstrom ACS Summit 2/11/05. Paul Barret Jr. Library started 2/03 - completed 8/05. Planning Principles . Reinforcing, invigorating, and transforming the physical center of the campus to be the intellectual heart of Rhodes.

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Paul barret jr library started 2 03 completed 8 05
Paul Barret Jr. Librarystarted 2/03 - completed 8/05

Planning principles
Planning Principles

  • Reinforcing, invigorating, and transforming the physical center of the campus to be the intellectual heart of Rhodes.

  • Encouraging student and faculty interaction through building space design.

  • Enhancing the pedestrian experience by removing asphalt and parking from the inner campus.

  • Enriching the architectural experience by honoring our historic commitment to gothic design, Oxonian quadrangles, enhanced landscape and open space.

  • Designing a building flexible enough to meet the needs of future generations of students, capable of adapting readily to rapid changes in technology, the ways students learn and pedagogy.

  • Sustaining a building for the ages by the selection of environmentally sensitive building materials and construction practices thereby promoting efficiency in energy, resource use and maintenance.

Sustainable practices officer
Sustainable Practices Officer

  • Brian Foshee, Facilities Fellow 2003

  • Position established by the Rhodes Planning Cooperative.

  • Joined the U.S. Green Building Council

  • Worked with Council to develop Energy and Environmental standards

  • Frequent tours

Duties of sustainable practices officer
Duties of Sustainable Practices Officer

  • Meet architects and contractors at every meeting to champion sustainability issues.

  • Negotiate the implementation of sustainable construction practices & environmental sensitive material.

  • Communicator

  • Collaborate with RPC to resolve conflicts sustainable practices vs costs


  • Reuse of excavated fill for landscaping and backfill

  • Erosion & sedimentation control plan

  • Attempt to use wood from cleared trees

  • Minimal site disturbance


  • Abundant windows

  • Automatic sensors for lighting

  • High efficiency light fixtures

  • Minimum exterior lighting

  • Barret's apse ceiling will be painted to represent the arrangement of stars on the first day of Rhodes' first year, in January 1849, when the Lynx constellation ruled the sky.


  • Computer modeling for maximum efficiency of HVAC

  • Electronic monitoring to provide optimal energy and water utilization

  • Electronic monitoring for temperature and humidity


  • Location of water heaters close to use areas

  • High efficiency irrigation technology

  • High efficiency toilet room fixtures

  • Net reduction in storm water runoff due to increased green space


  • Systems do not use HCFCs or Halon

  • Enhance indoor air quality through ventilation system design

  • Use of low VOC in carpets & paints

  • C02 monitoring in return air ducts

  • UV light source in each air handler

Building supplies
Building Supplies

  • Recycled products:

    • cork floors

    • carpeting has some recycled fiber

  • Stone flooring in parts

  • Exterior stone from nearby source – Arkansas quarry (325 million years old)