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Leadership Teaming Communication Employee Support Strategic Thinking Organizational Climate Ground Systems Industrial Enterprise Transforming the Industrial Base T ank-automotive & A rmaments COM mand Outline GSIE overview, capabilities, and intent

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Employee Support

Strategic Thinking

Organizational Climate

Ground Systems Industrial Enterprise

Transforming the Industrial Base

Tank-automotive & Armaments COMmand

Outline l.jpg

  • GSIE overview, capabilities, and intent

  • Initiatives to date

  • Legislative reform

  • Financial reform

  • Lean initiatives

  • Workforce revitalization

  • Infrastructure reduction

  • Summary

Gsie overview l.jpg
GSIE Overview

  • Combines the capabilities of Anniston, Red River, and Sierra Army Depots, Rock Island and Watervliet Arsenals, and the Lima Army Tank Plant into a single Enterprise

  • Designed to leverage the capabilities of the ground systems industrial base

  • Goal is to continuously improve support to soldiers while reducing the cost of products and services to a level comparable with industry without the need for subsidies

Gsie capabilities l.jpg
GSIE Capabilities

  • Engineering and Prototyping

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance and Overhaul

  • Field Services

Slide5 l.jpg

Engineering and Prototyping

  • Product Design and Development

    • Rapid Prototyping

    • System/Component Simulation

    • CAD/CAM/CIM (Unigraphics/ProE/Autocad)

    • Dynamic/Stress Analysis

  • Material Testing

    • Chemical Analysis

    • Oil and Lubrication

    • Metallurgical/Rubber

  • Manufacturing Support

    • Product Redesign/Improvement

    • Lean/Six Sigma/ABC

Slide6 l.jpg


  • Precision Machining

    • 7-axis Machining Centers

    • CNC/Automated Cellular/Flexible Machining

  • Fabrication/Assembly

    • Welding (Robotic, Submerged, Orbital, etc.)

    • Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Composites, Rubber, and Titanium

  • Casting/Forging

    • Cannon Tubes

    • Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Titanium

  • Heat Treatment/Plating/Finishes

    • Cylinder/Cannon Tube Chrome Plating

    • Chemical Agent Resistive Coating (CARC) Painting

  • Tool, Die, and Gage

Slide7 l.jpg

Maintenance and Overhaul

  • Systems/Subsystems Support

    • Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles

    • Self-Propelled and Towed Artillery

    • Small Arms and Mortars

    • Major Subsystems (engines, transmissions, etc.)

  • Optics/Electronics

    • Night Vision

    • Radiological

    • Circuit Cards

  • Unique Processes

    • Robotic Metal Spray

    • Rubber Denuding

  • Testing

    • Gymnastication/Live-Fire/Test Track

    • Engine/Transmission/Hydraulic Component Test Facilities

Slide8 l.jpg

Field Support

  • Forward Repair Facilities/Teams

    • Modifications/Upgrades

    • Failure Analysis

    • Testing (laboratory and simulation)

  • Spare/Repair Parts

    • Reverse Engineering

    • Rapid Prototyping

  • Receipt, Storage, and Issue of Equipment

    • Manual and Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems

    • Open-air and Enclosed Facilities

    • Environmentally Controlled and High Desert Storage

Capabilities summary l.jpg
Capabilities Summary

  • Cradle to grave capability

    • Full range of processes and materials

    • Current, interim, and future systems

    • Leading edge of new technologies

  • Partnerships to meet the Warfighter’s needs

    • Private industry

    • Win-win for government and industry

  • Flexible infrastructure

    • Ability to meet any requirement

Gsie intent l.jpg
GSIE Intent

  • To grow the workload at each installation, not rearrange existing workload

  • To clarify and simplify the rules under which we operate

  • To make the rules applicable to all

  • To advance public/private partnerships

  • To increase efficiency

  • To reduce capital expenditures

Initiatives to date l.jpg
Initiatives to Date

  • Established organization 7 October 2002

  • Formed Corporate Board of Directors and Leadership Council

  • Approved as Business Initiatives Council (BIC) initiative (legislative and financial reform)

  • Implementing lean and other efficiencies

  • Revitalizing the workforce

  • Focusing on quality

  • Integrating engineering and production

  • Pursuing additional workload

  • Looking at footprint reductions

Legislative reform l.jpg
Legislative Reform

  • 11 statutes currently affect business, 3 prominently

  • Introduced by different Congressmen for different reasons

  • All offer benefits for some installations, but not all

  • Variance causes confusion, uncertainty, and program delays

  • New legislation being offered that combines the best of each into a single statute

  • Clarifies the rules and applies them to everyone

  • Intended to facilitate more public/private partnerships

    • Firm fixed prices, multi-year contracts, variable costing

Financial reform l.jpg
Financial Reform

14 Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) Business Initiatives Council (BIC) reforms

  • Examples

    • Return of financial gain

    • Capital investment authority

    • Depreciation rules

    • Capacity measurement

    • Removal of material costs from rates

    • Metrics

Slide14 l.jpg

Sample of Lean Projects





  • Eliminating excess handling and eliminating non-value added movement of materials

  • Cost avoidance: $4.2M

  • Turn-around Time: 62 days down to 36 days

  • Labor efficiency: 33% Improvement

  • Now, AVDS 1790 is part of entire reciprocating engine process, exporting gains to 6V53, M903, 8V71, and APU.



  • Travel distance reduced by 35%

  • Labor efficiency: 14% Improvement





  • Cost avoidance: T-53 and 81mm Mortar with a savings of $330K.

  • Weapon System Lead Time process will use 120mm M256 Cannon as pilot project to reduce weapon system lead times

  • Cost avoidance: $4.3M

  • Monthly output up 30%

  • Labor hours per engine: 34% reduction

Staffing initiatives and workforce revitalization efforts l.jpg
Staffing Initiatives andWorkforce Revitalization Efforts

  • LEAN staffing process

    • Reviewing each vacancy at command level

    • Reallocating or reengineering as required

    • Targeting 2 for 3 direct replacements and 1 for 3 indirect

  • Workforce revitalization

    • Apprentice program

    • Co-op program

    • Student employment program

    • Worker trainees

    • Temporary hires and terms employees to enhance flexibility

  • Efforts and results

    • Working toward 75/25 percent direct/indirect ratio

    • Reducing average age of employees

    • Reducing average length of service

  • Trends going in right direction

Examples of infrastructure reductions l.jpg
Examples of Infrastructure Reductions

  • Watervliet Arsenal

    • 290,000 square feet of floor space

    • 525 pieces of industrial plant equipment

    • Potential for more

  • Rock Island Arsenal

    • 700,000 square feet of floor space

    • 683 pieces of industrial plant equipment

Summary l.jpg

  • Leverages the government-owned industrial capability

  • Grows the workload at each installation

  • Reduces unit prices to customer

  • Eliminates the need for any subsidy

  • Revitalizes the workforce

  • Fosters more public/private partnerships