Environmental Education in TVET
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Environmental Education in TVET. Presented by: ELMER K. TALAVERA. Executive Director, TESDA-NITVET. What is TESDA? Our commitment to Environmental Protection. EDUCATION COMMISSION.

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Environmental Education in TVET

Presented by:


Executive Director, TESDA-NITVET

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In 1990, Congress passed Joint Resolution No.2 creating the Education Commission. The EDCOM was co-chaired by Senator Edgardo Angara in the Senate and Congressman Carlos Padilla in the House

The main objective of EDCOM was to study the state of Philippine education


    • Education was under financed

    • Education was mismanaged

    • There was a mismatch between industry needs and supply of trained manpower

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  • Trifocalization of the management of the three levels of education, namely:

    • Basic Education - DECS

    • Post-Secondary Non-Degree - TESDA (middle-level manpower)

    • Higher Education - CHED

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Bureau of Technical

Vocational Education

formal school-based


Technical Education

and Skills Development


focused on the development of MIDDLE-LEVEL MANPOWER


National Manpower

and Youth Council

non-formal center and



RA 7796 - Technical Education and Skill Development Act of 1994 created TESDA and merged all modes of training delivery middle-level manpower under one agency

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Section 2 of RA 7796 specifically declared the State policy to provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education and skills development in support of the development of high quality Filipino middle-level manpower responsive to and in accordance with Philippine development goals and priorities.

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TESDA is a leading partner and catalyst in the development of the Filipino workforce with world-class competence and positive work values

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TESDA provides direction, policies, programs and standards towards quality technical education and skills development

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Training Centers

  • RTESD Centers (15)

  • PTESD Centers (47)

  • Private TCs, ATI, DTI, Other Gov’t TCs

  • Satellite TCs

  • TESDA Schools (60)

  • Private Tech-voc Schools (1,500)

  • Other Projects

  • (HEIs, DECS)

  • Industry Training Centers

  • Workplace-based Training Projects

Educated and



  • CTECs

  • NGOs/POs

  • LGUs

  • Government Agency Projects





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The Competency Assessment and Certification System

Development of Competency Standards


  • Industry Experts

  • Industry Association

Development of Competency Assessment Instruments



  • Industry Experts

  • Academe

Conduct of Competency Assessment

Approval of the TESDA Board

  • Demonstration

  • Questioning

    • Oral

    • Written

    • Interview

  • Portfolio

  • Observation


  • Technical Committee on Quality

  • TESDA Board

Accreditation of Assessors and Assessment Centers

  • Guidelines prepared by CO

  • RO, POs train assessors

  • ROs,POs accredit assessors and assessment centers

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NITVET Mandate

  • Research and development arm for TVET

  • Development of Curricula and Program Standard for TVET areas

  • Capability Building for Trainers in the TVET sector

  • Institutional Capability Building for TVET sector

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II. TESDA’s commitment to Environmental Protection

  • National CFC Phase-out Plan

  • Motor Vehicle Emission Control

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TESDA’s commitment to Environmental Protection (NCPP)

Focal Person: Manuel P. Azucena

  • Conduct assessment of RAC and MAC technicians

  • Development of training curriculum and modules for CFC Phase out Plan

  • Develop Competency Requirement for Technician Certification

  • Conduct “Train the Trainers Program”

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TESDA’s commitment …

  • Provide accreditation to Regional/Provincial Training Centers for RAC/MAC

  • Support DENR-EMB-POD in public awareness and outreach program

  • Assist DENR-EMB-POD in the formulation and development of guidelines on Code of Practice in RAC/MAC

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Developed Competency Based Curriculum

  • Recovery/Recycling of Refrigerants

  • Recover and recycle refrigerants for re-use

  • Retrofitting of RAC and MAC System

  • Conversion of CFC RAC and MAC system to Non-CFC RAC and MAC systems using Ozone-friendly refrigerants

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  • To train 300 MAC and MAC trainers from different Technical Vocational Institutions; CHED Institutions and Industries ( Trained 121 as of Nov.25, 2003)

  • To train 300 Accredited Assessors for NCPP by year 2004

  • To certify 5,000 Technicians nationwide by year 2005

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Formulation of Code of Practice on the use of CFC’s in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System

-Standard Operating Procedures for all HVAC/R practitioners

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Bureau of Customs Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System

Conducts training in partnership with DENR – EMB – POD on Ozone Depleting Substances identification and monitoring of other controlled substances.( 200 BOC personnel trained nationwide)

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2. TESDA’s commitment to Environmental Protection (MVECT)

  • Assessors Course for Motor Vehicle Emission Control Technician III (MVECT III)

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Number of Motor Vehicle Emission Control Technician Certified

Total = 624

  • Adapted by MMDA Anti Smoke Belching Unit as a competency

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Orientation Program Certified

For Land Transportation Office personnel and inspectors in the identification of CFC in Motor Vehicles ( Nov. 28, 2003)

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CertifiedAng kalikasan

ay hiram na yaman,

na dapat isauli sa

mga kabataan.”

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Thank You... Certified