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Benefits of PCC Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of your Postal Customer Council Benefits of PCC Membership Joy Franckowiak – Valpak Nancy Fryrear - USPS Topics: Goal of the PCC Network Value of Mail PCC Programs & Initiatives Q&A Benefits of PCC Membership Goal of the PCC Network:

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Benefits of pcc membership l.jpg
Benefits of PCC Membership

Joy Franckowiak – Valpak

Nancy Fryrear - USPS


  • Goal of the PCC Network

  • Value of Mail

  • PCC Programs & Initiatives

  • Q&A

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Benefits of PCC Membership

Goal of the PCC Network:

A premier network for customer education and training, to facilitate growth for PCC members, their companies, and the Postal Service.

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Why is mail so important?

  • Customers spend 30 minutes per day sorting, viewing and acting on mail

  • 98% households bring in their mail daily

  • 77% sort through their mail daily

  • Customers use mail to:

    • Make choices

    • Shop smarter

    • Keep connections

    • Manage bills and payments

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The “Mail Moment”

There is a mail “CEO”

  • Mail helps people make decisions:

    • Browsing for new consumption

    • Managing the home

    • Overseeing finances

      Collecting the mail is one of the most fundamental habits of home life

  • First thing done when getting home at the end of the day

  • Allows consumers to read it where they like to spend their time

  • Is private, secure and personal

    Mail is an opportunity for marketers because the Mail Moment is when shopping decisions take shape.

Daily media exposure l.jpg
Daily Media Exposure

On any given day, the average customer will be exposed to 2,904 media messages, will pay attention to 52 and will positively remember 4.

Think Customers, Not Campaigns, Four Best Practices in Relationship Marketing

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Multi-Channel Direct Mail Study

Catalogs drive sales for all household income groups

  • Nearly 60% of online shoppers enjoy receiving catalogs

  • 57% of online shoppers said even though they buy online, they would still like to have a catalog on-hand

    Catalogs are business builders

  • Catalogs were found to discourage comparison shopping – by more than 10%

  • Those with a catalog were more likely to shop for holiday gifts at the Web site than non-catalog recipients

    When shoppers receive catalogs, they buy more!

  • Revenue is more than two times greater from sending catalogs compared to sending only online communication

  • Average purchase is $88 with catalog vs. $69 without a catalog

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Online shoppers want more shipping choices

  • 60% of consumers and 72% of business owners want to choose their shipper when making an online purchase

  • Approximately 50% of consumers will choose USPS as their online shipper when given a choice

    Limiting shipping options can be very limiting to sales

  • 43% of online buyers cancelled their order at checkout over the month the study was conducted

  • The primary reason for cancellation was “shipping was too expensive”

    Online buyers go for shippers with easy returns

  • Offering free shipping can boost your favorability among customers by 13%

  • Three quarters of online buyers would favor companies if prepaid returns were offered

Www usps com l.jpg

  • 24/7 access to the Postal Service

  • One stop for all your mailing needs

    • order free shipping supplies

    • schedule a free pick-up

    • pay for postage on-line with Click-n-Ship

    • on-line mailing services

    • look up a Zip code, put your mail on hold

  • Save time and money visit

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Benefits of PCC Membership

PCC Programs:

  • Education

  • Communication

  • Networking

  • Resources & Support

  • National PCC Events

  • Recognition Programs

  • Mail Service Provider’s (MSP) Program

Pcc education l.jpg

Educational Workshops

Timely & Content Rich

Posted on National PCC Web site at

PCC Postal Speakers Bureau

Postal Service HQ Executives

Postal Service HQ Officers

PCC Industry Speakers Bureau

Industry experts from a variety of backgrounds


Distributed Quarterly

15 – 25 Minutes

Key USPS Officers & Executives

PCC – Education

Pcc education12 l.jpg
PCC Education

Professional Certificate Program

  • Customized programs providing a certificate of completion

    Certification Training Programs

    Executive Mail Center Manager Program (EMCM)

  • Comprehensive training for developing mail center management skills

  • Five-day residency program at NCED

  • Arranged in your city through local PCC

Pcc education13 l.jpg
PCC Education

Certification Training Programs

Mail Design Professional (MDP)

  • Helps mailers design mail to be compatible with automated equipment

  • Coaches mailers on how to achieve lower postage rates through automation

    Mailpiece Quality Control (MQC)

  • Provides enhanced knowledge of the requirements associated with mailpiece design

  • Self-paced training program

Pcc education14 l.jpg
PCC Education

PCC Small Business

Resource Guide

  • Provides valuable information on USPS Products and Services

  • Tailored for small and medium sized businesses

Pcc communication l.jpg
PCC Communication

Register @

  • Monthly Electronic Newsletter

  • 15th of each month

  • PCC, Postal Service, Mailing Industry

  • Special editions with breaking news

Pcc communication16 l.jpg
PCC Communication

National PCC Web site

  • Primary communication for

    all things PCC

  • Intuitive and easy to navigate

  • Five main headings

    • About the PCC

    • PCC Education

    • Leadership Programs & Best


    • Postal News & Communications

    • Mail Service Provider (MSP)


Pcc networking l.jpg
PCC Networking


  • Connect with other small to medium size businesses

    • Attend local PCC meetings and events

    • Participate on the local PCC Executive Board

    • Attend educational workshops

  • Network with Postal Executives and Representatives

    • Get your questions answered

    • Better understand the mailing industry

Pcc resources support l.jpg
PCC Resources & Support

Resources & Support

  • PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC)

    • Postal & Industry Representatives

    • Interpret PCC Policies and Rules

    • Oversee PCC Program

  • Revised PCC Publication 286

    • Sets forth the critical policies and rules of operation for the PCCs

National pcc events l.jpg

National Postal Forum – Premier Spring Event

  • Four day event with more than 140 educational workshops and networking opportunities

  • Attended byPMG, Executives and Officers

  • Expansive Vendor Hall

  • Earn certificates by attending workshops, leadership

    tracks and symposiums


    National PCC Day – Fall Industry Event

  • 3rd Wednesday in September

  • Nation-wide live broadcast with PMG and Executives

  • Nationwide PCC Events

  • Providing up-to-date USPS information, education and networking opportunities

  • Recognition of top performing PCCs

National PCC Events

Recognition programs l.jpg

Premier PCC Program

  • Benchmark for PCC excellence

  • Performance Levels: Bronze, Silver and gold

    Leadership Awards

  • Announced during NationalPCC Day Broadcast

  • Seven award categories

    • PCC Industry Member of the Year (1)

    • PCC USPS Member of the Year (1)

    • District Manager of the Year (1)

    • PCC of the Year (1)

    • PCC of the Year <500K population & Level 24 or below (1)

    • Communication Program Excellence Award (3)

    • Education Program Excellence Award (3)

Recognition Programs

Mail service provider msp program l.jpg
Mail Service Provider (MSP) Program


  • Listed on with company contact information

  • Connect customers to mail-related service providers

  • Provides mail preparation and address list support

  • Access to mail equipment and supplier contacts

  • Companies can enroll as a local or national provider

  • Opportunity to grow your business while helping other companies to grow their business

  • Learn more and find an MSP visit

What our members say l.jpg
What our members say…

  • Mailers:

    • “Direct mail is our primary method of communicating with our subscribers, and keeping on the cutting edge of USPS policy changes is crucial.”

    • “Networking and USPS relationships.”

What our members say23 l.jpg
What our members say…

  • USPS:

    • “The benefit to the Postal Service is the close working relationship gained from the interaction with PCC members.  Participation facilitates, better and faster communication allowing for information sharing regarding company and policy changes, faster response time to questions and problem resolutions.  It enables a cross section of the mailing industry (both Postal and Industry) to network and share ideas, concerns, experiences for the overall betterment of the Mailing Industry.”

What our members say24 l.jpg
What our members say…

  • Vendors:

    • “As a sales rep in a specific vertical the PCC helps educate me on the industry as a whole and provides valuable tools to share so I can be a better business resource for my clients and prospects.”

    • “Also I have new clients from working with the PCC, building relationships with other business people through out meetings and seminars.”

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  • Tampa PCC Initiatives:

    • “Ask the PCC” web page

    • PCC List serve

    • “Going Green” Seminar


Benefits of the pcc l.jpg
Benefits of the PCC

Participate in PCC events to benefit from educational, communication and networking opportunities to help you grow your business.