BA 590 New Product Development

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BA 590. Dr. Keven MalkewitzOffice: 410 Bexell HallE-mail: [email protected] 001Monday 12:00-2:50 PM Bexell 415Office HoursMonday 11:00-11:50 amMonday 5:00-5:50 amWednesday 8:00-8:50 am. Students with Disabilities. Accommodations are Available for Students with DisabilitiesPlease See or Contact Me.

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BA 590 New Product Development

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1. BA 590 New Product Development Overview of BA 590

2. BA 590 Dr. Keven Malkewitz Office: 410 Bexell Hall E-mail: [email protected] Section 001 Monday 12:00-2:50 PM Bexell 415 Office Hours Monday 11:00-11:50 am Monday 5:00-5:50 am Wednesday 8:00-8:50 am

3. Students with Disabilities Accommodations are Available for Students with Disabilities Please See or Contact Me

4. Course Overview Malkewitz Overview Introductory Lecture Why We are Here Materials Principles Schedule/Syllabus Grading Review of Marketing Concepts Marketing Concepts Discussion Overview of Next Week Todays Overview

5. Malkewitz Background Education BA, Hope College Holland, MI Business English PhD, Univ. of Oregon Eugene, OR Marketing (Consumer Behavior) Psychology Coursework

6. Malkewitz Background Employment adidas AG (1983-1997) US, Europe, Global, US Marketing Management Product Management Marketing Research Business Unit Manager Consultant (1996-Present) NC State University (2001-2003) Oregon State University (2003-Present)

7. Malkewitz Expertise Design & Visual Fluency Holistic Design (Journal of Marketing) Wine Packaging (AMS Darden Award) Visual Fluency Degradation Product Design Briefs New Product Development Product Briefs Research Project Technology Uncertainty NPD in Athletic Footwear and Apparel

8. Malkewitz Expertise Strategic Marketing Branding and Positioning Product and Design Making Connections Ideas People International

9. Introductory Lecture Why Are We Here? Required Text and Materials Class Format and Schedule Our Principles Syllabus Details

10. Why Are We Here? Customer Reasons (Needs) Fulfills Grad Credits Interest in Topic My Reasons A Football Tee My Chosen Profession

11. Required Texts & Sources Text: New Products Management (Crawford & Di Benedetto, 9th Edition) Analysis for Marketing Planning (Lehmann & Winer, 7th Edition) All Other Materials Available on Blackboard

12. Required Texts & Sources Selected Text for Breadth Focus on NPD Focus on Marketing Planning

13. Our Principles Open Communication Respectful Environment Share Experiences Accountability and Integrity

14. Our Principles Accessibility Participation and Preparation Struggle for Answers, Enjoyable Learning

15. Principles Please be Respectful of Others Appropriate Sound Level Food and Drink Entering, Exiting, and Moving Appropriate Time for Graded Work

16. Class Schedule Class Dates Assignments for each Date Scheduled Midterm, Project, Presentation Dates

17. Syllabus Course Information Course Description and Objectives, Overview Grading Information Course Policies

18. Grading 2 Midterms (individual) 400 2 Projects (Group) 400 1 Presentation (Group) 200 Total Points 1000

19. Midterms Individual Effort Multiple Choice Questions One Hour In Class

20. Projects 200 Points Each (2), Group Work Project I Opportunity ID Concept Generation Evaluation Project II Development Launch Marketing Planning

21. Grading - Presentation 200 Points All Group Members Participate 15-20 Minutes Addresses Opportunity ID Concept Generation Evaluation Development Launch Marketing Plan

22. Course Policies Changes in Schedule Announced in Class Posted on Web e-mailed to You

23. Assignments Select Groups Five Members Give List of members to Keven For Next Week NPD Chapters 1-3 Group Leader Discusses Possible Product Concepts (3 minutes)

24. BA 590 Break

25. Marketing Modules Basic Marketing Concepts Greatest Hits of All Modules We Will Cover This in Class Modules II V These are Additional Background, Look Them Over, Let Me Know if You Have Questions Customer Needs - II Industry Competition - III Target Markets & Segmentation - IV Product Development and Sales - V

26. Marketing Concepts Discussion Break into Groups, Discuss, and Identify Three Concepts On Which You are Clear (Know Them Well Enough) Three Concepts Where You Would Benefit from Knowing a Little More about Them (Dont Know Them Well Enough)

27. For Next Monday New Products Management Chapters 1-3 Menu New Products Process Opportunity Identification and Selection

28. BA 590 Dr. Keven Malkewitz Office: 410 Bexell Hall E-mail: [email protected] Section 002 Monday 6:00-8:50 PM Bexell 320 Office Hours Monday 11:00-11:50 am Monday 5:00-5:50 am Wednesday 8:00-8:50 am

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