an overview of vph 2010

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Points for discussion. Independent Meat inspectionCondemnations at abattoirs and Ports of EntryResidue monitoring programUniform safety audit system/NARSAmendments to the ActHygiene Management SystemAuditing team at DAFFGame Scheme. Independent Meat Inspection ITCA Approval for Assignee. Assignee structureIndependent Meat Inspection ForumIndependent Financial Collecting BodyThe Way forward.

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an overview of vph 2010

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1. An overview of VPH 2010 Dr. Tertius Bergh Acting Director: Veterinary Public Health Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

3. Independent Meat Inspection ITCA Approval for Assignee Assignee structure Independent Meat Inspection Forum Independent Financial Collecting Body The Way forward

4. Independent Meat Inspection Forum 4

5. Mandate of the Independent Meat Inspection Forum All matters arising pertaining to meat inspection service delivery. Consider and draft duties and functions of the assignee. Draft and amend the Memorandum of Understanding between the NEO and assignee as required. Draft and amend the Memorandum of Understanding between the NEO and the financial collecting body (MSMS- Meat Statutory Measure Services) on an annual basis or as required. Arbitrate disputes between assignee and Provinces. Arbitrate disputes between abattoirs/ assignee. Arbitrate appeals by Province/Assignee/Industry. Consider and amend fees payable by abattoirs for services delivered by assignee. Condone closure/stop slaughter directives of abattoirs not complying with payment of fees.

6. Assignee Structure

7. Independent payment and service delivery

8. Way forward Ministerial Approval Work shopping with industries Application to Forum for vetting of assignee and fees structure for different industries Request to the minister for approval of assignee and fees. Publication of fees for broader comment Implementation

9. Condemnations at abattoirs and ports of entry NEMA Act Compromises the current methods under the Meat Safety Regulations Call to reduce the amount of condemnations Salmonella at PoE Irradiation of meat to kill Salmonella Current possibilities to handle condemnations Alkaline hydrolysis Composting Rendering Irradiation Conditionally approved substandard meat

10. Residues Two systems: National monitoring/Export control Challenges Available budget Act changes to change national monitoring to control program Sample taking to ensure effective testing Options Current industry programs converted to independent programs with accreditation of labs to do residue testing Change in Act 36 to require industry selling products to ensure that slaughter stock has no residues

11. Uniform safety auditing system Complaints about different audits from retailers resulting in excessive payments for auditing bodies Few qualified registered auditors for primary meat systems (Abattoirs and cutting plants) Current drive from Consumer Forum-Pick and Pay checklist NARS-verification of HAS evaluation by provinces to be used as the norm for retailers

12. Act amendments Application to do the changes to the Act current waiting for DEXCO permission Legal assistance from the industry Changes to again ensure promulgation of game and crocodile regulations. Changes to assist in the import/export registration of plant Independent meat inspection

13. HMS/ Audit team at DAFF/ Game scheme HMS Generic system by RMAA Process to evaluate generic HMS of the RMAA to give opinion and guidance to provinces. Could give assistance to ensure that all abattoirs implement an approved system Auditing- Personnel appointments to be completed by January - Training program for auditing to be implemented in next financial year Game scheme- In process of final vetting by Legal services and presenting to the minister for approval

14. End

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