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Total Turnkey Wedding Management Solutions

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A long journey starts with one small step - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Total Turnkey Wedding Management Solutions. By:. Wedding - a marriage not just of two individuals, but also an amalgamation of two souls, unification of two hearts & innumerable dreams. It is to this sentiment and momentous

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Wedding - a marriage not just of two individuals, but also an

amalgamation of two souls, unification of two hearts &

innumerable dreams. It is to this sentiment and momentous

occasion in life that we at Progressive Event Management are devoted to make it all the more memorable and unforgettable, not only for the family but also for each and every guest.

‘Aatithya’ forms an integral aspect of the nuptials, which needs

concerted & concentrated efforts, to deliver the best experience

to our guests. That’s why even our scriptures say -

He who comes to us as a guest...

“Atithinev Abhyagat Niveditam”

The Soul Behind Indian weddings

a long journey starts with one small step
‘A long journey starts with one small step’

Making a successful and memorable wedding happen takes

initiating, deliberating and affecting over 148 areas of


Various services and issues that needs minute detailing and

attention. Surely, a long journey starting with one small step!

we offer
We Offer

To achieve seamless integration and successful implementation

of these vast array of job areas we have classified them under 5

broad areas:

  • Developing and implementing effective wedding communication
  • Hospitality solutions
  • Sets & Décor
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Designer cuisine
the 1 st step building weaving a perfect concept
The 1st Step - Building & Weaving a Perfect Concept

Progressive Event Management tints the entire wedding experience in hues of a concept.

A storyboard that will unfold a new chapter with each

passing event.

Numerous facets but one theme.

building weaving a perfect concept the process
Building & Weaving a Perfect ConceptThe Process

Conceptualizing a wedding theme can be generated based

on the following :

  • Enhancing imagery and inclinations of a family.
  • Actualizing dreams and aspirations.
  • Appending interest to designs and events.
building weaving a perfect concept the perfect example
Building & Weaving a Perfect ConceptThe Perfect Example
  • ‘Panch Tatva’
  • Roman Theme
  • Royal wedding with a contemporary glow
the wedding insignia
The Wedding Insignia

The concept is actualized in form of an insignia, giving the wedding an identity separate from the usual ‘Adam Weds Eve’

An artistic and creative wedding insignia using the initials of the bride and the groom is designed.


The Wedding Communication

The entire wedding communication is then developed under this

theme of the leitmotif. Maintaining the omnipresence of the host

family is the essence of these small, yet essential inputs.

  • Invite 
  • Baggage Tags
  • Porter signage
  • Car Stickers
  • A personalized welcome letter
  • The Itinerary Folder
  • Complete timelines of all the wedding related events

The Wedding Communication

  • Important numbers
  • Help desk no. / ext
  • Places of interest
  • Letterhead leaflets
  • Valet Tags
  • Gift bags
  • Good-night Cards
  • Thank you Notes
  • and…………
the wedding communication
The Wedding Communication

Baggage Stickers

the wedding communication2
The Wedding Communication

Welcome Tent card


the wedding communication3
The Wedding Communication

Carry Bag

Shagun Envelopes

the wedding communication4
The Wedding Communication

Itinerary Folder

Good Night Cards

the wedding communication5
The Wedding Communication

Working Laminates

Car Stickers

gifts accompaniments
Gifts & Accompaniments

The aesthetic inputs are also carried onto the gifts as well, with the leitmotif being carried on each and every element of the wedding.

From Sandookchi boxes to traditional rajasthani chests to kurta-pajama sets for foreign guests, etc could be placed in all rooms as takeaways.

The return gifts can also be given in a thematic gift bag with the insignia.

hospitality solutions
Hospitality Solutions
  • Placement of the various communication items encompassing the required information about the wedding.
  • Co-ordination with the Hotel for the airport pick-up & drop facility.
  • Complete management of the entire arrivals and departure flow.
  • Liaison with the Airport Authorities for all necessary arrangements.
  • Welcome desk & help lines at the Airport.
  • Hospitality desk set up at the Hotel lobbies
hospitality solutions1
Hospitality Solutions
  • Organizing and Coordination of Guest reception / farewell at the airport & the Hotel.
  • Coordinate the site seeing tour and excursions.
  • Exclusive shopping trip for the guests.
  • India touring programs for the guests e.g. a trip to Agra / Jaipur etc.
  • In bound ticketing, chartering the aircrafts / trains like Palace On Wheels, Fairy Queen etc.
  • Organizing local / ground transport.
  • Special honeymoon packages
sets d cor
Sets & Décor
  • Décor is an essential and the most visible, tangible and delightful aspect of the wedding. It provides:
  • Larger than life perspective
  • Visual appeal
  • Actualization of dreams
wedding ceremonies that require decorative treatment in form of set ups
Wedding ceremonies that require decorative treatment in form of set ups
  • Ganesh Pooja
  • Mata Ki Chowki
  • Misri (Engagement)
  • Sagri
  • Ghari
  • God Bharai
  • Teeka
  • Sangeet
  • Mehndi
  • Sehrabandhi
  • Ghudchadi
  • Jaimala
  • Pheras
  • Vidai
  • Reception
interactive entertainment
Interactive Entertainment

Marriage is a time to relive the joyous moments with friends and relatives.

We make occasions memorable by putting forth a wide selection of artistes to suit the specific occasions. Entertainment performances enliven the atmosphere and mark the celebrations with a distinct flavor, which will be reminiscent for years to come.

Each event is treated with special attention according to the needs and moods of the family. All songs & acts are synchronized and weaved together to generate a dynamic and interactive entertainment atmosphere. The same is complemented by a thematic script .


Interactive Entertainment

Interactive Entertainment

food and beverages
Food and beverages
  • We can provide you with the best of food connoisseurs of the country. In the past we have formulated several thematic designer cuisines and complementing catering services, like:
  • Culinary Gems of the World
  • The Crescent of Kebabs
  • Street side Food Festival
  • Coastal Foods of India
  • Kashmiri Wazwaan
  • We use several theme enhancing add-ons like thematic food legends, describing the heritage behind each cuisine/ Dish were adding to the flavor and interest.
flair bartending
Flair bartending

The bartenders dressed in thematic costumes divulge into thrilling jigs like flambé, juggling of bottles etc. to captivate the attention of the guests.

The entire act put on show by them is a visual delight to reckon with.


Thank You for your attention. Greatly looking forward to handle this special event.

Progressive Event Management

B-117 ( G.F),Jawahar Park, Khanpure,

New Delhi-110062

Contact :9810433810/9910141861

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