Denali national park
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Denali National Park. By, Ethan B. Alaska. Denali has 6 million acres of land. The Park has only 90 miles of land, and many plants and animals.

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Denali national park

Denali National Park

By, Ethan B.

Alaska denali has 6 million acres of land
Alaska.Denali has6 million acres of land.

Caribou animals1. Their fur has many colors brown, white, tan, and dark grey2.In the winter gets thicker for the cold3.Their hoofs are very large and work like snowshoes

Wolf animals1.They have packs for extra support2. Packs defend their territory3.These animals can run from 5-45 mph.

Collared Pika animals1.They are highly territorial2.They forage during the short summer and get much food3.They live on ecological edge of survival

Wolverine animals1.These animals are very efficient scavengers2.They have strong teeth3.They also have well developed muscles in the head

Arnica, Lapland Rosebay, Dwarf Fireweed, animalsThese plants survive because scarcity of roads and other developed land


Lapland Rosebay

Dwarf Fireweed

What people like to do at this park is
What people like to do at this park is… doesn’t have many roads.

Climb Mt.McKinley

Watch the northern lights

Watch Sled Races doesn’t have many roads. Picerpic.comNotetwajaxalpenglowDenali.jpgLights2.jpgSled_Dog_Race.jpgMt.Mckinley3.jpgWolverine.jpgDenali2.jpgWolf.jpgPika.jpgArnica.gifRhodlap_th.jpgDwarf_Fireweed.jpg