Taipei american school mission statement
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Taipei american school mission statement

Taipei American School is an innovative 21st century learning community. Our mission is to inspire each student to be a confident, creative, caring and moral individual prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in a rapidly changing world. We provide an American-based education with a global perspective that results in a love of learning, academic excellence, a balanced life, and service to others.

Counselor: Donna Crewe


Donna Crewe

[email protected]

Counselor’s Role

  • Counselors work directly with students helping them make both personal and academic choices. Concerns include:

  • Registration

  • Adjustment to school

  • Relationship issues

  • Peer pressure

  • Concerns with class performance

  • Identifying support within school, family, and community

  • Stress management

  • High school transitioning

Counselor’s Role

Counselors consult and collaborate with staff members, parents, and community members regarding concerns relating to students.

Parents are encouraged to contact school counselors with any questions or concerns.

US Counseling Office

Counselor’s Role

  • At TAS counselors work closely with Peer Support to

  • Help new students feel welcome Help all students feel supported

  • Provide a positive leadership and

  • community service opportunities

  • Provide mentoring opportunity

  • through Big Brothers/Big Sisters

US Counseling Office

Grade 9

A Period of Change and Transition

“Everything Counts!”

  • More choices with classes, school-related activities, more freedom/privileges on campus

  • Less holding hands, less structure, harder to socialize during school

  • Newcomers: more changes and transitions

US Counseling Office

Portrait of a 9th grader

  • Physical and Cognitive Growth Girls are slightly ahead of guys Lots of hormones and sexual energy flowing Shift between concrete and formal thinking Need to develop new study habits

  • Friendship and social development Want acceptanceWork to find a social nicheAware of the party scene

US Counseling Office

  • Family changesMove toward independence Feel the need for more freedom and independence,

  • but still dependent

  • Focus on self-identityWant to fit in and feel lonely at the same time

  • Identity not complete; does not fully accept a label

  • Self-conscious

US Counseling Office

Athletic Director

Mr. Aaron Gray

[email protected]

Athletic Director

Ms. Kathy Cutler

[email protected]

Student handbook
Student Handbook

Has all the rules and regulations…..

Expectation for students and parents

Tas may contact parents abou t
TAS may contact parents about


Dress Code


Irresponsibility with laptops

Emotional, social concerns

Parent gate pass library card

Parent Gate Pass/Library Card

If you have not already done so, please visit 2B82 to have your picture taken while on campus OR submit a digital photo (minimum file size of 60KB) by email to [email protected]

Website parent user name and password
Website: Parent User Name and Password

  • You should have received an E-Notice from the Advancement Office with your user name and password to access the parent portal of the school website.

  • The Parent and Student Directory is available in this private section as well as many other resources for parents.

  • If you need assistance signing-in or have questions, please contact our webmaster for assistance at [email protected]