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IEEE SECON 2004. Andres Lagar Cavilla. Sensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks. First edition IEEE Communications Society 4-7 October 2004 Santa Clara, California. Miscellaneous Stats. 68/358 papers accepted (~19%) Two keynote speeches Four Panels Four Tutorials.

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Ieee secon 2004


Andres Lagar Cavilla

Sensor and ad hoc communications and networks
Sensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks

  • First edition

  • IEEE Communications Society

  • 4-7 October 2004

  • Santa Clara, California

Miscellaneous stats
Miscellaneous Stats

  • 68/358 papers accepted (~19%)

  • Two keynote speeches

  • Four Panels

  • Four Tutorials

Overall impresions
Overall Impresions

  • The Industry is hyping about this

  • Sensor nets preferred over Ad hoc nets

    • More tangible right now

  • But the Industry is also waiting

The killer application
The Killer Application

  • A panacea?

  • Everybody is looking for it. No one is risking anything

    • Most of the funding comes from the military

    • No clear guidelines

The chicken egg problem
The chicken & egg problem

  • Standards to support the development of applications are missing

  • Applications to propel (and steer) the development of standards are missing


  • Some startups are taking the first strides

    • Crossbow

    • Sensoria

    • PacketHop

  • Many industry envoys wre “probing” the field during the conference

  • Exponential growth in investment predicted

Three things to think about at home
Three things to think about at home

  • 802.15.4

    • IEEE standard to integrate multiple radio interfaces in a network

  • ZigBee

    • An industry alliance, equivalent to WiFi for sensor networks and 802.15.4

  • Ultra Wide Band

    • No spectrum constraints

    • Quasi-unlimited propagation

A national sensor network
A National Sensor Network

  • John Strand, Oak Ridge National Labs

  • A review of what US army has been doing on sensor networks

  • Total Installation Awareness

  • Scary!!!!

  • But they claim to have it working

Commercial wireless sensor networks




Commercial Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Mike Horton, Crossbow Tech

  • First field for deployment of sensor nets will be on monitoring tasks

  • Last field will be ubiquitous computing

  • Enabling technology is already here

  • Integrating standards in order to provide solutions are missing

  • Everything Crossbow does is Open Source

Greatest technological challenges in deploying manets
Greatest technological challenges in deploying MANETS

  • Multi network roaming

    • Cross layer design between L2/L3

    • Support for hybrid networking interfaces

  • Integration of Internet gateways

  • MANETs are hardly self-managing

    • PacketHop people insisted on this

  • Lack of service discovery

Mesh networks
Mesh networks

  • Provide community broadband access

    • Multihop routing

    • Nodes are neither mobile nor resource constrained

  • Lots of impulse from Microsoft, via Viktor Bahl

  • Skepticism from pretty much everyone else

Paper session applications
Paper session: Applications

  • Controlled Mobility for Sustainable Wireless Sensor Netorks

    • Controlled mobility enhancing sensor network coverage in the wild

  • eBlocks – Electronic Blocks for Basic Sensor-Based Systems

    • Educational: students would try to assemble systems from basic blocks

  • Analysis of the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 for Medical Sensor Body Area Netowrking

Other interesting papers
Other interesting papers

  • The Limits of Localization Using Signal Strength: A Comparative Study

    • A review of localization algorithms, concluding they’re all pretty much the same

  • ATEMU: A Fine-Grained Sensor Network Simulator

    • A HUGE Mica Mote simulator at the CPU instruction level