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CDC Goniometer links! Open each link and take copious notes! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Presentation posted in: General CDC Goniometer links! Open each link and take copious notes!. How is measurement influenced by the following?. Movement /Isolation of the joint Injury Pain. Using the goniometer.

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CDC Goniometer links! Open each link and take copious notes!

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CDC Goniometer links!Open each link and take copious notes!

How is measurement influenced by the following?

  • Movement /Isolation of the joint

  • Injury

  • Pain

Using the goniometer

  • Use large black arrow on the outer scale for:

    Flexion/Extension of the hip, knee, elbow

  • Use the small black triangle on the outer scale for:

    Shoulder Flexion, Elbow pronation and supination

  • Use red arrow and inner red scale for:

    Ankle dorsiflexion, plantar flexion

    Please note that goniometers are different. There are more than one type. Use this as a guideline.

Hip extensionPlease write down and answer all of the questions from each slide.

  • Try to be at the level of the joint being measured

  • Identify the greater trochanter

  • Identify lateral epichondyle

  • Measure and record.

    What might cause a patient to be

    unable to measure hip extension or

    begin at 0 degrees?

Hip flexion

  • Have patient lie on the back (prone or supine?)

  • Use the same landmarks as with extension.

  • How might a patient who had knee surgery prefer assistance with measurement?

Knee Flexion and Extension

  • To begin, is the patient prone or supine?

  • Now identify the body sites in the link and measure. Which sites do you use?

  • What term is used if a patient can extend more than straight?

Shoulder flexion

  • Which position do you place the patient in?

  • What site do you identify for measurement and where is the center part of the goniometer placed?

  • Where is the stationary arm placed?

  • Where is the moving arm of the goniometer placed?

  • Which way should the palm and thumb face?

  • What body common body deviations should you look for?

Elbow flexion and extension

  • Record 4 details of elbow flexion and extension that you would want to teach another student to look for.

Elbow pronation and supination

  • What position should the patient be in?

Radial styloid process

Hip replacement alternatives

  • Birmingham hip resurfacing

  • Conference for hip theory

  • Hip Resurfacing

Hand in your answers/records with the check in sheet.

  • It should include:

  • Hip replacement virtual surgery

  • ROM (it should be with this work)

  • Partner evaluation of ambulation

  • Medical terminology/flash cards

  • Goniometer verbal explanation

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