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Korlym - trusted for pregnancy terminaton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Pregnancy pressures can be solved with Korlum intake. Users who wish to cut the pregnancy at its early stage of 7 weeks, can make use of Korlym for effective usage and easy ending. There is no involvement of surgical pressures as the medicine is to be consumed by oral method.

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Korlym - trusted for pregnancy terminaton

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  • Korlym is a 300 mg of mifepristone, which is to be used in mixture with a subsidiary drug specifically misoprostol, to make happen an abortion or MTP (medical termination of pregnancy).

  • This medication should be used by women who are under 9 weeks or 63 days of gestation period.

  • This is an easy and appropriate way of doing a medical abortion and a large number of women around the globe have been successful in aborting their early pregnancies by this method.


  • Korlym is anti-progesterone that is consumed for the medical ending of pregnancy within the first 7-9 weeks of getting pregnancy.

  • It works by stopping over the hormonal supply essential to maintain the uterine lining. Due to the same, the uterus is not able to support the pregnancy and thus the embryo is removed or flushed.

  • The mifepristone medication can also be used to control high blood sugar levels. It can be used both orally and vaginally. The pill’s effectiveness decreases as the length of pregnancy increases.

Korlym- Working

  • Korlym should be chosen only for early pregnancy (up to 7-9 weeks).

  • Also, it is advantageous to take the Korlym medication under some medical assistance and after discussing one’s medical history with a doctor.

  • If one wants to complete the abortion process in one’s private space (sitting at home), it is recommended to read and follow the pill directions and guidelines carefully.

Korlym- Dosage format

  • The pill should be used only within the recommended time-period (7-9 weeks). The use of this pill completes the process of abortion when used with a secondary pill known as ‘Misoprostool’.

  • Although this process too has some after-effects like any other abortion process, yet is very simple and convenient to use.

  • One may experience cramping and bleeding, which is common ill-effect of medical abortion as well as surgical abortion.

  • Breastfeeding women must also avoid Korlym. Heart and Kidney patients must also avoid Korlym. It must be taken by only those women who are 18 years and above of age.

Korlym- Precautions / Warnings

  • Korlym is seem to have moderate side-effects like: improperly placed IUD, chances of having an ectopic pregnancy, drug interactions with any other ongoing medicines. Take immediate medical help when side – effects do not disappear soon and cause trouble.

Korlym- Side-effects

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