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Technology & Houghton Mifflin Components

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Technology & Houghton Mifflin Components. How to use the technology included with the new reading series. Online Assessment System. Easy for your higher students to use and provides them with more of a challenge Exposes students to test taking “digitally”

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technology houghton mifflin components

Technology &Houghton Mifflin Components

How to use the technology included with the new reading series

online assessment system
Online Assessment System
  • Easy for your higher students to use and provides them with more of a challenge
  • Exposes students to test taking “digitally”
  • Grades the multiple choice portion of the tests
  • Provides rubric when grading the short and extended response while grading
  • Multiple tests can be assigned
  • Prescriptive tasks can be assigned to students based on performance
using the online assessment system
Using the Online Assessment System
  • Click here since we are cluster 1:
  • Your username is your 8 digit employee number (with the zeroes)
  • Your password is your RC number (3242) plus the final four digits of your employee number
  • The next slide is what you will see:
using the online assessment system2
Using the Online Assessment System
  • Click on Manage Class Roster:
  • You will then select add a class.
  • Your name should already be in the system.
using the online assessment system3
Using the Online Assessment System
  • Be sure to fill out everything!
  • This includes grade level, school year, term, product, subject, teacher (s) for the class, and make up a class name.
  • Select “Save Profile”
using the online assessment system4
Using the Online Assessment System
  • You can then build your roster then or do it later.
  • If you select to build it then, you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to search for existing students or to create a new students. Most students are already in the database so all you need to do is find them.
  • You can search students by name, grade level, gender, etc.
  • Once your list is generated, simply click the students for your class.
using the online assessment system5
Using the Online Assessment System
  • Once your class is built, you are then able to assign tests.
  • Click on the “Assign a Test” and follow those instructions.
online leveled readers
Online Leveled Readers
  • Click here to visit the leveled readers:
  • Your username is your first name + last name + school number without any spaces
  • The password is teacher
online leveled readers1
Online Leveled Readers
  • Once there, you can create reading groups, browse the library, and much more.
online leveled readers2
Online Leveled Readers
  • You can create a reading group for a student, a group of students, a specific project or for your use only
online leveled readers3
Online Leveled Readers
  • You can name your group whatever you want
  • You may require a password
  • You may allow students to search outside their library
  • You may sort according to DRA Level, Fontas and Pinnell, Reading Recovery, etc.
  • You may put in a message for your students
  • You may browse the leveled library
  • You may search for specific strategies, skills, features, etc.
online leveled readers5
Online Leveled Readers
  • Students may access the leveled readers here:
  • The username for students are teacher first name + teacher last name + class without the spaces
  • The password is “student”
  • Students will be able to go to whatever group you have assigned for them, depending on if you have used a password or not
  • Click here for further training (video) in the leveled readers:
digital lesson plans
Digital Lesson Plans
  • Once you have logged in to Riverdeep, select the red K-5 button which will take you to the screen below
digital lesson plans1
Digital Lesson Plans
  • Select the K-5 Reading Adoption link
  • Scroll down to the digital lesson plan section
  • It will take you to a list of grade levels and themes
  • Select the grade level and theme of your choice
digital lesson plans3
Digital Lesson Plans
  • Once you have selected your grade level and theme, it will take you to a detailed list of your lesson plans
digital lesson plans4
Digital Lesson Plans
  • The lessons are based on a 4 day schedule
  • Lessons include links to the text (which will go live later this year), Destination Success lessons (for whole group use), Supplemental Materials, transparencies, ESOL materials, and much more!
  • Lessons also include links to Writing lessons, skill block activities, standards, etc.
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • The above school district utilizes our series as well
  • Links include posters for strategies, genres, proofreading marks, and more
additional resources1
Additional Resources
  • Click on the link on the left side of the page for “Idea Sharing” based on your grade level
additional resources3
Additional Resources
  • You will find art links
  • Posters relating to the series
  • Vocabulary information
  • Planning info at a glance
  • Student center activities relating to FCRR site
additional resources4
Additional Resources
  • Support for specific themes
  • Parent letters
additional resources5
Additional Resources
  • This site allows you to network with local teachers
  • You can view and share videos
  • You can view and share ideas about what is working with the new series
  • You can check the site from school
  • It is free!