1 work plan for the next period
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1-Work plan for the next period

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1-Work plan for the next period - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1-Work plan for the next period. In the scope of National Coordinators. Activity 1. « Support compliance with provisions international conventions and European legislation regarding maritime safety, security and environmental protection » Assessment of transposition (1.1) has been completed

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1 work plan for the next period

1-Work plan for the next period

In the scope of National Coordinators

activity 1
Activity 1
  • « Support compliance with provisions international conventions and European legislation regarding maritime safety, security and environmental protection »
  • Assessment of transposition (1.1) has been completed
  • Implementation plan will be prepared by Jorgen RASMUSSEN the international expert having performed the assessment. I will help Jorgen as well as Folko the new team leader, and we have 10 days for local experts
activity 1 3
Activity 1.3
  • « Promote accession to VIMSAS »
  • The voluntary Imo Member State Audit Scheme has been a medium success storyin the maritime industry and the IMOAssembly has decided to make it mandatory for all members (expected in 2015)
  • Nevertheless the project requires that we promote and help as far as possible the beneficiary States to ask for the audit
  • The preparation for the audit is ell detail in IMO documents.
  • For that issue, a joint workshop will be organized jointly with Maritime administration organization issue.
  • Country representatives will be asked of their intention to participate to the VIMSAS during the RWG in September in Bruxelles
  • Some expert days will be used for Turkmenistan ASAP
activity 2 1
Activity 2.1
  • « Rationalization of national maritime organizations, structure and procedures to implement relevant regulations »
  • This activity is under progress
  • Missions will be completed from August and is expected to have the final report in October
  • Flako SELLNER and Calin TRELEA are the expert in charge.
  • There are still local experts days available for this activity
activity 2 2
Activity 2.2
  • « Assessment of needs and priorities for the use and operation of VTS systems in major national ports »
  • This activity will start in the beginning of next year
  • This mission will have to prepare a training course
  • We are looking for an international expert
  • Local experts will be cotracted till 25 days
result 3
Result 3
  • « Prepare and implement training modules on relevant maritime issues »
  • This is a big part of the project
  • Training modules have been proposed, the final training plan will be issued soon
  • Any questions on the final training plan must be asked to John Ostergaard
activity 4 1
Activity 4.1
  • Support development of relevant port inspection procedures »
  • An assessment of level of PSC activities has been performed by Ib Matthiesen International expert
  • He has visited all countries except TURKMENISTAN for a question of availability of working days
  • Best practice ports in each country will be defined.
activity 4 2
Activity 4.2
  • « Assessment of wastes handling systems in major ports ».
  • The assessment has been carried out by our international expert Jens Peter Ohlenschlaeger
  • PWM is a MARPOL requirement which has been developped by the EU mainly in the creation of a Port Waste Management Plan.
  • The aim is to define precisely the process of treatment of waste coming from ships and cargoes in order to take into account our environment
  • A model for waste handling system must be proposed to other countries; the port of ODESSA has been chosen
  • A training course will be organized in March next year; the ODESSA PWMP will be presented as a sample
4 3 assessment best practice port for isps implementation
4.3 Assessment & best practice port for ISPS implementation
  • A review of the ISPS code implementationwillbeconducted in order to plan a full compliancewith the code.
  • I have myselfalreadyassessed the ocompliance of ODESSA, ILLICHIEVSK, BATUMI and POTI in a former project + the security of KULEVI and TURKMENBASHI thisyear.
  • The aim of the projectisconformitywith the code and identification of a best practice port
  • Conformitywith the ISPS code concernsonly the security of the terminal especiallyduring a ship’s call
  • The security of the port itselfcanfollow the Europeanregulation (ED 65/2005) or the IMO/ILO recommendations (equivalent) but canfollowalsoonly the national legislation
  • In summarywhen the port securityisalreadyathighlevel, compliancewith the ISPS code willresume in interface with a ship
  • Identification of best practice ports willbequiteeasy for certain countries
activity 5 1
Activity 5.1
  • Support regional working groups on safety and security
  • As you know, national working groups have been proposed and TOR issued
  • For us the national working group is the necessary link between the project and the country.
  • It has been recently decided to create a unique Regional working group which will meet hopefully soon at the same time of the project steering committee in BRUXELLES late september
  • The TOR have been amended accordingly
activity 5 2
Activity 5.2
  • Develop a regional action plan for safety, security and pollution preventioncompliance.
  • In cooperationwith the TRACECA or BAKU initiative, the plan will have to include the existing initiatives in the region.
  • With the help of the national and regionalworking groups, the implementation of the plan willbe the responsibility of the countries with the possible help of the project
  • As youcansee, thisis an important taskwhichwill have to bediscussedsoon.
activity 6
Activity 6
  • « Identification and preparation of maritime projects and financing schemes involving the private sector »
  • Possibilities of privatization under PPP system and BOO arrangements have been identified in a previous project (TRACECA/TENS corridors)
  • Our experts will identify, assess and propose a financial model
  • This activity will be carried out from March next year
activity 7
Activity 7
  • Communication and awareness raising activities on maritime safety, security and environmental protection
  • Olena and Andrei will present the progress in that scope