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New Form 470 Step-by-Step - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Rate FY2011. New Form 470 Step-by-Step. The Purpose of the Form 470. The Form 470: Announces a school’s intent to participate in the E-Rate program and lists the services desired: Telecommunication - Internet Access Internal Connections - Basic Maintenance Acts as an RFP

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New Form 470 Step-by-Step

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E-Rate FY2011

New Form 470


The Purpose of the Form 470

The Form 470:

Announces a school’s intent to participate in the E-Rate program and lists the services desired:

Telecommunication- Internet Access

Internal Connections - Basic Maintenance

Acts as an RFP

Begins the mandatory 28 day competitive bidding process

If a service is not listed on a Form 470, you cannot request it on a Form 471

Form 470

Schools must apply for E-Rate funding each year

The only time you don’t need to file a Form 470 is in the second (or later) year of a multi-year contract which was established in a previous year’s Form 470.

Note: This applies only to the services you are receiving in a multi-year contract.

You must still file a 470 for everything else!

Before Beginning Your Form 470

When the online 470 application gives you an application number – write it down or print the page. If you don’t have the code – you can’t get back in, and will be forced to start over

Before You Begin Your Form 470

Use Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Other browsers may cause errors.

Always enable “Pop-Ups” in your browser – otherwise you will miss things you really need to see.

Clear your Internet cache and your temporary Internet files before you begin. If you will be submitting multiple forms, clear your Internet cache after each form.

So that you don’t loose any of your work - remember to use the SLD’s navigational buttons – NOT the buttons in your browser.

Let’s Begin The

Form 470

On-Line Filing Process


Start by Clicking “Apply Online”

Click on “Create Form 470”

Note: The order has changed for the “Create” and “Interview” options

Enter Zip Code or Entity No. and Click on Next

If correct, click on Next

Top Portion of Block 1

The “Form Identifier” is user created

The system will assign the application number

Select Funding Year

Choose the Applicant Type

and Recipients of Services

Enter the number of Eligible Entities

Bottom Portion of Block 1

Enter the Contact Person’s Name

If the address is the same as listed in 4a, click here, otherwise, fill in 6b

Choose your preferred method of contact

If application is prepared by a consultant, enter the Registration Number or Search

Click on Next to continue

*Important – Print this page before continuing, then click Next

Select the kinds of service you are seeking. Only the chosen options will be presented to you.

Click on Next

Note: If you do not choose a category of service on a Form 470, you can not request the service on a Form 471

Select if you will have an RFP and where it will be located, otherwise, choose No

*You can no longer choose your preference to receive funding. You must arrange with your Service Provider

Describe the Service, and Quantity or Capacity

Click on Next

In the Quantity/Capacity description, use terms like “a minimum of” or “or greater”. If you don’t, you will not be able to increase on the Form 471 or you upgrade later in the funding year.

Complete if you are applying for Internet Access

List cell phones with Internet Access here to receive funding for the data service

Click Next to Continue

Complete if you are applying for Internal Connections

The “Two in Five” rule applies to Internal Connection equipment

Click Next to Continue

Complete if you are applying for Basic Maint. Of Internal Connections

Basic Maint. can be requested yearly

Click Next to Continue

List an Optional Contact if you will not be available

Check this box if there are “No” bidding requirement


Click Next

You are presented with this screen a second time if you need to add additional services or make changes.

You will receive a Pop-up if de-select a service

Search for Billed Entity by Zip Code or Entity No.

Click on District Name and Add

Click Next

Read and Check each Certification

Check second option in 17 if applying for Priority 1 requests only

If a consultant has been given the authority to make certification, check here

Provide information of the person authorized to certify the application. Can be different than the contact person in Block 1

Click Next

If you check the second option in Item 17 stating no technology plan required and are requesting Priority 2 services, will you receive an error message.

Support from eTech Ohio

eTech Ohio e-Rate Support and Information

Lorrie Germann: 614-485-6050

Mike Edwards: 614-485-6462

E-mail: e-rate@etech.ohio.gov

To subscribe to the E-Rate list, send an email with no message to join-erate@list.em.ohio.gov.

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