Innovative Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle Manufacturing Company
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Innovative Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle Manufacturing Company. 1 Million Cups Presentation by Brian Uitdenbogerd. August 27, 2014. There are three parts to the presentation 1. Who is Brian Uitdenbogerd? 2. What is AirTrain and why we need it? 3. Questions and Answer Period.

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Innovative Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle Manufacturing Company

1 Million Cups Presentation


Brian Uitdenbogerd

August 27, 2014

There are three parts to the presentation Manufacturing Company

1. Who is Brian Uitdenbogerd?

2. What is AirTrain and why we need it?

3. Questions and Answer Period


Born in Korea 1964 Manufacturing Company

Came to the United States when I was 12

Who am I?

Korean War Manufacturing Company


American Dream

Why did I come to the USA?

Graduated Rosemount, MN,Junior & High School Manufacturing Company

University of Wisconsin River Falls, BS, Education

U.S Military Leadership Class

Motor Transport School

Amphibious Warfare Distance Education

Commercial Pilot, multi engine with instrument and Citation Type


Family Manufacturing Company

1994 Family Picture

United States Marine Officer Manufacturing Company

Self Employed (Security and Construction)

Published Author, We are all one!, Social Psychology

Past Careers

Now Manufacturing Company

Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle

Questions for the audience Manufacturing Company

  • Highway, cars and light trucks, Railway, Air transport, and ships

  • Are you satisfied with the current transportation systems?

  • Which transportation methods do we prefer the most and use?

  • What problems do you find with the current transportations systems?

  • Do we need another form of Transportation system? Answer is Yes, I will show you why

U s transportation emissions
U.S. transportation Manufacturing Companyemissions

In the usa cars trucks and buses total emission 79
In the USA, Cars + Trucks and Buses total emission = 79% Manufacturing Company

We all know and feel the global climate changes more and more each day as the demand for the cars, trucks and buses are catching up to the United States in other countries

Global climate change will get worse cause and effect
Global Climate Change will get worse, cause and effect! Manufacturing Company

The Best Transportation Method Manufacturing Company

  • Rail System

  • Most favorable and the most effective way

  • Low emission

  • Can carry large load

  • However

  • Too expensive to build and maintain

  • Speed limitations

  • A good example: high speed rail project using electricity and magnets to power between Anaheim and Las Vegas 60 billion dollar project. Unfortunately, this is far risky because no guarantee for success. Furthermore, once it is built, one has to spend billions more trying to up keep it

The Rails System in the U.S Manufacturing Company

For the United States, trying to catch up to the rest of the world will break the backs of the US tax payers

Innovative mass transit for the future is this possible
Innovative Mass Transit For The Future. Is this possible? Manufacturing Company

No wheels, rails or electricity at all

Safe and go faster than any existing speed trains in our world today

Save your tax money,100s of Billions on building infrastructures maintenance cost

Airtrain can save us money relieve climate change thus airtrain we must build
AirTrain Can save us money, relieve climate change, thus AirTrain, we must build

Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle

All we need to build is AirTrain, no rails, wheels and electricity

New transportation in the future AirTrain, we must build

  • What is AirTrian

  • A Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV)

  • TYPE III, can perform in Ground Effect but also can fly like airplane

  • Can carry passengers 500 plus at speed of 125 to 500 mph.

  • Utilizing fluid dynamics, ground effect

  • Flying closer to the surface, water, sand, snow, ice and concrete

  • Using board computer systems to control

  • Using retired planes, recycle older airliners

  • Model of AirTrain below: US Patent Pending Designs

Groud effect AirTrain, we must build

Below is the picture for the ground effect:

T AirTrain, we must buildhe past Ground Effect Vehicles


US. Boeing Pelican, this ground effect vehicle (GEV), never made it to the public. It would have a wingspan of 150 meters and be able to carry up to 1,400 tons of cargo maximum take off, 747 is 735,000 pounds (333,400 kg)

Russian, Caspian Monster, bigger than 747 in ground effect flying over the water in the 70s

AirTrain, 100% confident it can be made! AirTrain, we must build

  • Features and benefits: Land Based take off and landing

  • We have the new technology we have now that we did not have in the 70s

  • Using proven modern airliner technology

  • Can be made and operational in just a few years, not like the other speed rails systems that takes years to build and to maintain.

General company description
General Company Description AirTrain, we must build

  • Mission Statement

    “We will create and manufacture the world’s safe, fast and environmental friendly mass commercial ground effect vehicle using airliners and airliner parts.”

Environmental Benefits AirTrain, we must build

  • Environmental Benefits are too great to ignore

  • In the end, this will reduce 20-25% of the 79% of the emissions from cars and trucks here in the US and other parts of the world


E AirTrain, we must buildeconomic Benefits

  • Economic Benefits are too many to mention

  • Our goal is to supplement existing commercial transport systems

  • Easy access, speed of an airliner, safe but cheap as an Gray Hound bus tickets

  • Haul more goods faster, efficiently and effectively than trucks

  • Create jobs in the US, the first mass commercial transport manufacturing, the first speed manufacturing here in the United States.

    AirTrain can do all of the above!

Management and Organization AirTrain, we must build

Need your assistance in filling in these positions below:


SUPPORT for Research and development of AirTrains

Street Address:

1516 Tropicana Suite 290

Las Vegas, NV, 89119

Telephone: (702) 830-0077

Fax: (702) 558-4298

E-Mail: [email protected]

Resources AirTrain, we must build






    YouTube Video






Thank You AirTrain, we must build


Telephone: (702) 830-0077

Fax: (702) 558-4298

E-Mail: [email protected]