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TEXT. By Jessica 2013. Paragraph I. ∆ human nature EX. 追求刺激是年輕人的天性因為他們充滿熱情與活力。 It is human nature that young people tend to pursue thrill because they are full of passion and energy. ∆ physical attractiveness Ex. 整形手術可以增進你的身體魅力,卻無法改善你內在的性格。

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By Jessica 2013

Paragraph i
Paragraph I

∆ human nature

EX. 追求刺激是年輕人的天性因為他們充滿熱情與活力。

It is human nature that young people tend to pursue thrill because they are full of passion and energy.

physical attractiveness

Ex. 整形手術可以增進你的身體魅力,卻無法改善你內在的性格。

Cosmetic surgery can enhance your physical attractiveness, but can’t improve your inner personality.

go to extremes = take a radical and irrational way

Ex. The gambler, who used to capitulate to his gambling impulse, went extremes by cutting down his thumb to assure his parents that he would turn over a new leaf.

deprivethemselvesoffood= starve themselves either by throwing up what they have eaten after a meal or by eating little

EX. The heavy rain deprived the villagers of everything, including their houses, farms, and even family members.

--- have stomach surgery to restrict the food intake that can be consumed in a short period of time.

► have/ undergo ---- surgery

►the food intake/ consumption

►that can be consumed/

taken in ---

►intake (N) / take in (V)

malnutrition = poor/ wrong nutrition

Ex. According to research, tens of thousands of children die from malnutrition in Africa per year.

∆ fatal/ lethal / deadly side effects

Ex. The abuse of antibiotics will

cause fatal side effects because

bacteria’s resistance to the drug

will grow to a point where the strain

will become “invincible.”

count for nothing = isn’t important

at all

►count (V) be important

EX. 對高三生而言目前最重要的事情


What counts most to senior students

is that they can pass APE with

flying colors.

Paragraph ii
Paragraph II

∆ In addition to N

► Apart from N

► On top of N

∆ typical response = such

response is very common

Ex. Students’ typical response to do volunteering differ from person to person; some are glad to help others while some are reluctant.

shoes with high heels

► high heels

Ex. Those whose work requires standing for long hours are suggested to wear air-sole shoes instead of high heels.

They will undergo surgery to havetheir legs lengthened

► have N + VR (active)

+ PP (passive)

Ex. Tiring as Rita’s work is, she has the sheets washed every two weeks.

Ex. Because of the hair ban on length, soldiers must have their hair cut often.

They will undergo the surgery tohave their legs lengthened, which is especially remarkable because the whole process ---- and requires spendingup to a year in a wheelchair.

► The surgery is very painful because the recipient of the limb lengthening surgery will be confined to a wheelchair for a year.

The operation involves breaking the legs, drilling holes in them, inserting metal rods in each leg, and, allowing new bones to grow in these gaps.

►New bones and muscles will fill in the gaps and thus allow the legs to become longer.

In spite of the fact that most patients have to --- and that there is no guarantee that the surgery will succeed, hundreds of people have the surgery done every year.

► In spite of the fact that / While S+V

EX. Most people believe that annual checkup will ensure their health whilethere is no guarantee that they can enjoy longevity because life is full of unpredictable factors.

--- many of them endanger/ risk their health as well as their future (only) to become crippled.

► (only) to VR 卻 ----

EX. Many children went home from school

(only) to find their houses sealed and parents


EX. 一接到電話,警察就迅速趕到現場,卻發現


Upon getting the phone call, the police rushed to

the scene as soon as possible only to found the

robber vanished without a trace.

Paragraph iii
Paragraph III

∆ People in the contemporary/modern world are concerned about their appearance. Nevertheless/ Nonetheless, it is not just in modern timesthat(分裂句) people have become obsessed by looking attractive and have risked their health as a result.

► be obsessed by Ving /N 癡迷/迷戀

with N

Ex. He is completely obsessed by computers

and has lost himself in the cyber world.

► obsess (V)

EX. The dream to produce the most

sensational newspaper story obsesses most


► obsession with N 沉迷/著魔/ 不可自拔

EX. Her fear of flying is bordering on obsession.

► obsessive (a) think too much about sth

EX. With the decline in profits, the owner of the

company has become more obsessive about


► obsessive compulsive disorder


► depression


► bi-polar disorder


► hyperactivity


--- dark skin was widely perceived/seen as unattractive

► perceive (V) to notice/ to see

Ex. Little did I perceive his weird

behavior until he uttered some

fragmented phrases.

Ex. The patient was perceived

to have difficulty breathing

after the injection of Penicillin.

--- many ancient Greeks and Romans applied/ wore/ put on certain make-up ---.

∆ it never occurred tothem that S+V 他們從沒想過--

► It occurred tosb that S+V

► It dawned onsbthat S+V

► It strucksb that S+V

► It hitsb that S+V * sb hit uponsth

Ex. 我突然想到今天下午預約好要看牙齒。

It occurred to me that I had an appointment with the dentist this afternoon.

It dawned on me that ----

It struck me that ----

It hit me that ----

* I suddenly hit upon the appointment with the dentist this afternoon.

EX. 當我吃完晚餐要付錢時,我突然想到我把錢包放在家中的餐桌上。

When I was going to paid for the dinner, it occurred to methat my purse was lying on the table at home.

Paragraph iv
Paragraph IV

∆ In contrast to/ By contrast to ancient times, pale

skin is not that appealing to people nowadays.

►People’s aesthetic feeling changes over time.

∆ --- go to tanning salons or take tanning pills to

keep up with this fashion/ trend.

EX. Those who lag behind

have to reexamine their study

methods to keep up with


--- have hazardous/ perilous consequences

∆ artificial tans are achieved with the use of

tanning beds, which have been linked to skin


►Ultraviolet rays are blamed for/

are the contributing

factor for

skin cancer.

Using a tanning bed ---- increases the risk of

contracting/ developing skin cancer by 55


Ex. Premature babies are more likely to contract

diseases because their immune system has not

been well-developed.

tanning pills contain certain kinds of additives

that are actually dangerous, even for short-term


Ex. For the sake of public safety, artificial

additives are unapproved for human consumption.

►addition (N)

EX. The addition of new

bloods will definitely bring

about changes of our club

with their fresh ideas.

Not only do these pills cause an itchy rash to develop all over the skin, but they may also lead to an eye disease.

EX. The girl develops an allergy to

seafood. A bit of seafood will cause

itchy rashes.

It seems that whichever way people choose,

getting artificially tanned will end up costing

them dear.

► whichever --- 有範圍 / whatever ---- 無範圍

► end up prep. N


EX. At first I thought this minor mistake was

fine, but it ended up ruining my business.

EX. Travelling around the world, the man

ended up in Paris.

cost sb dear / cost sb an arm and a leg/ cost sb

a lot of money

Paragraph v
Paragraph V

∆ It’s normal for us to try various ways to enhance/ improve our appearance, as/ because looking good might increase/ boost our confidence and make us happy.

∆ excluding the often perilous methods----, there are still multiple other ones/ many other methods that we can take advantage of/ make good use of/ utilize, such as getting ---- exercise---.

exclude (V)

To loose weight, many people exclude

carbohydrates from their meals. Without enough

carbohydrates, they won’t have enough energy

to stay physically healthy.

► exclusive of N

Ex. Everyone has to take the test,

exclusive of the one who has

heart deficiency.