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UNIT I. How’s the Weather ?. Listen your teacher. Seasons. Dry . Rainy. Cloudy. Sunny. Windy. Stormy. Foggy. Snowy. Indonesia has two seasons. /’ si:zns /. It’s hot in dry season. /’h ɒt /. It’s cold in rainy season. /’k əʊld /. It is cloudy. /’k laʊdɪ /. It is rainy.

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How’s the Weather ?

Listen your teacher










Indonesia has two seasons


It’s hot in dry season

  • /’hɒt/

It’s cold in rainy season

  • /’kəʊld/

It is cloudy

  • /’klaʊdɪ/

It is rainy

  • /’reɪni/

It is sunny

  • /’sʌni/

It is windy

  • /’wɪndi/

It is stormy

  • /’stɔ:mi /

It is foggy

  • /’fɒgi/

It is snowy

  • /’snəʊi/


Ni Made Pravina Tri Suci Lestari


Seasons In Indonesia

Indonesia has two seasons

They are rainy season and dry season.

The rainy season from November to April

The rains most everyday .

The weather is cold and wet.

You need to bring a raincoat or an umbrella.

The dry season is from May to October.

The sun shines brightly everyday.

The weather is hot and dry

You need to put on cap or hat

Answer the question.

  • How many seasons are there?

  • When is the rainy season?

  • When is the dry season?

  • How is the weather in the rainy season?

  • How is the weather in the dry season?

  • On the rainy season, what do we need to bring?

  • What season is in your town now?


  • Michael: Hello, Nina ! This is Michael.

  • Nina: Hi, Michael ! it’s nice to hear you again. How are you?

  • Michael: Fine, Thanks. And you?

  • Nina: I’m fine too. Are You calling from London?

  • Michael:Yes. I’m calling from London

  • Nina: How’s the weather in London ? Is it hot?

  • Michael: No, It is warm. It’s sunny here

  • Nina: Sounds great. Have a good time, Michael.

  • Michael: Thanks, Nina. I’ll call you again. See you.

  • Nina: see you.

Choose one place and practice the dialogue

  • You: Hello,…………! This is …………

  • Your friend: Hi, ………! it’s nice to hear you again. How are you?

  • You:………………... And you?

  • Your friend: ………………….. Are You calling from…………?

  • You:Yes. ……………………

  • Your friend: How’s the weather in ……………..? Is it y?

  • You: No, It’s……………………………………..

  • Your friend: Sounds great. Have a good time in……

  • You: I’ll call you again. See you.

  • Your friend: see you.





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