The Science Behind the Fun of Mentos and Diet Coke.

The Science Behind the Fun of Mentos and Diet Coke. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Science Behind the Fun of Mentos and Diet Coke.

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1. The Science Behind the Fun of Mentos and Diet Coke. 7th Grade Science Solutions Unit

2. Boom!!! So, what is more fun than making things explode?!? For years, school teachers have been using ‘mint’ candies and carbonized soda to stimulate their students.

3. How did it become so popular? In the late 90’s, Lee Marek, a retired Chicago high-school chemistry teacher, who brought some kid scientists to New York in the late-'90s to perform the experiment on Late Night with David Letterman using LifeSavers.

4. Then, Steve Spangler performed the experiment with Mentos on a Denver newscast in 2005, drenching one of the anchors. That night he put the video clip of the appearance on his weblog. "The blog entry was `News Anchor Gets Soaked.' We linked it to the streaming video, and that piece we believe is what caused the Mentos thing to go viral. Within weeks (the clip) was on VH1." Eight months later, YouTube, an Internet site that lets people post and view video clips, had more than 800 Mentos videos. "YouTube was right there at the right time," says Spangler. "Kids could duplicate things they thought were funny."

5. Why do we care? There are lots of different solutions here!!! The solvent in this reaction with Mentos is Diet Coke. Diet Coke itself is a solution. How so? One of the main solutions found in Diet Coke that we need to focus on is a liquid-gas type of solution. What could it be?

6. The Carbon Dioxide Compound Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injected into Water is the reason why beverages have their “fizz.” Their Carbonation. This high pressured technique causes the molecules inside of the container to be very packed together! As we learned earlier, CO2 is one of the compounds required to create Carbonic Acid (H2CO3), which is also found naturally in our rainwater. (Remember our Acid Rain discussion!)

7. Let’s see it… Let’s tease you a little…

8. How does it do that? Really, this can be found under debate throughout the scientific community. Like most things, a search on the internet will find more than one theory. We will discuss two. Then, …………more reactions!!

9. Nucleation Sites The following link gives us one explanation for what goes on at the surface of the Mentos candy shell. When we review this document visualize a golf ball covered in divots.

10. Carbonic Acid in Solution As previously mentioned, there is high pressure created inside of the pop bottle. This pressure can further create more Carbonic Acid. This theory states that once that pressure is released, that newly formed Carbonic Acid converts back to CO2 and H2O. What that means is more gas! More gas = More Fun. (No I’m not talking about Magic Beans.)

11. Anti-Occam’s Razor Can the solution really be more complex that just two different, but possibly connected theories?

12. Showtime!!!

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