The importance of creativity and innovation
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The importance of creativity and innovation. 15 July 2008. A dynamic world. Creative era. ICT & Biotech era. Industry era. Agriculture era. The FUTURISTS’ prediction. “The Creation Edge” (Tony Buzan) “The Decade of Brain” (Steven Pinker)

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A dynamic world

Creative era

ICT & Biotech era

  • Industry era

  • Agriculture era

The FUTURISTS’ prediction

  • “The Creation Edge” (Tony Buzan)

  • “The Decade of Brain” (Steven Pinker)

  • “The Edge of Creativity” (The Nomura Institute of Japan)

  • “The Creative Economy Era” (John Howkins)

  • “The Century of Brain” (Dilip Mukrejea)

  • “The Innovation Era” (Peter F. Drucker)

  • “The Edge of Quality” (Tom Morris)

Hector Ruiz: “The engine of real economic growth is not technology but innovation.”

Edward de Bono: “You cannot look in a new direction by looking harder in the same direction.”

Hang Nadim

Sun Tzu

Muhammad al-Fatih


Big Five of Enid Blyton

Akio Morita

Why? technology but innovation.”

  • Man’s nature; dynamic and variety.

  • Limited resources - problems.

  • Knowledge development.

  • A better product, in the sight of consumer; value for money, quality, satisfaction, branding and after sales service.

  • A ‘better’ world.

COMPLESANT ZONE technology but innovation.”



“Sebatang besi buruk bernilai technology but innovation.”RM5, jika anda mengambil besi buruk tersebut dan hasilkan ladam kuda nilainya akan bertambah RM50.50, dan jika ia digunakan untuk membuat jarum nilainya akan meningkat kepada RM3,285. Jika anda menghasilkan spring jam ia akan bernilai RM250,000. Perbezaan antara RM5 dan RM250,000 adalah KREATIVITI,

REKA CIPTA dan INOVASI”“Ripley’s Believe It or Not”

Bread maker problems.


Hybrid car

Mohd. Azhar, Zulkifli & Ida Idayu (2008): “Four types of problems:

Psychological problem.

Technical problem.

Scientific problem.

Metaphysical problem.”

Ruggiero (2007): “Individuals who possess problem-solving and decision making skills are more flexible than others and therefore (1) less likely to become victims of downsizing and (2) more likely to find satisfactory employment if they are laid off.”