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JEOPARDY Geography Explorers Colonial Life American Revolution Creating A New Nation The Nation Expands Play Double Jeopardy $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500

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Colonial Life




A New


The Nation


Play Double Jeopardy































Geography 100 the name given to the ocean located along the eastern coast of north america l.jpg
GEOGRAPHY$100The name given to the ocean located along the eastern coast of North America.


Slide4 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHY$200Because it could be used to move west toward the Mississippi River it was known as “The Gateway to the West.”

Ohio River

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GEOGRAPHY$300In order to travel to Mexico and other parts of America, this is the body of water you would probably choose for entering North America.

Gulf of


Geography 400 the pueblo not the inuit would be found to live in this geographical region l.jpg
GEOGRAPHY$400The Pueblo, not the Inuit, would be found to live in this geographical region.

Basin and Range

Slide7 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHY$500Traveling up the Mississippi River for France, LaSalle found this region to be great for his trading posts.



Explorers 100 he explored quebec for france l.jpg
EXPLORERS $100He explored Quebec for France.

Samuel de Champlain

Slide9 l.jpg

EXPLORERS $200Francisco Coronado took the Pueblo as slaves, but it was this that caused most of the Native Americans to die, not abuse from the Spanish.

European Disease

Explorers 300 it was samuel de champlain that established this settlement for france not john cabot l.jpg
EXPLORERS $300It was Samuel De Champlain that established this settlement for France, not John Cabot.


Explorers 400 these three countries made discoveries throughout north america l.jpg
EXPLORERS $400These three countries made discoveries throughout North America.

England, France, Spain

Slide12 l.jpg
EXPLORERS $500The Spanish were in search of gold, but the French found that when you traded this it was worth its weight in gold.


Colonial life 100 the lost colony was last seen at this settlement l.jpg
COLONIAL LIFE$100The “Lost Colony” was last seen at this settlement.

Roanoke Island

Slide14 l.jpg
COLONIAL LIFE$200Religious reformers had to endure harsh winters because they established their settlements in this colonial region.

New England

Slide15 l.jpg
COLONIAL LIFE$300If you had settled in Georgia, you would have been coming from this type of establishment in England.

Debtor's Prison

Slide16 l.jpg

COLONIAL LIFE$400Indentured servants can be found doing the labor in any of the colonial regions, but slaves were seen strictly in this colonial region.


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COLONIAL LIFE$500One of the reasons for the American Revolution was taxation without representation. Without the taxes, then the King could not afford to pay for this event that took place between 1754 and 1763.

French and Indian War

Slide18 l.jpg

AMERICAN REVOLUTION $100Thomas Jefferson may have been the one to write it, but it was the voice of every American colonist when declaring their separation from England.

Declaration of


American revolution 200 prior to this event the cause for independence seemed to be a lost cause l.jpg
AMERICAN REVOLUTION $200Prior to this event the cause for independence seemed to be a lost cause.

Battle of


Slide20 l.jpg

AMERICAN REVOLUTION $300As an African American that once was a slave, she used her personal experience in her poetry in order to inspire independence throughout the colonies.

Phyllis Wheatley

American revolution 400 this tax led the colonists to act out in the harbor l.jpg
AMERICAN REVOLUTION $400This tax, led the colonists to “Act” out in the harbor.

Boston Tea Party

Slide22 l.jpg

AMERICAON REVOLUTION $500The colonies could not have surrounded Yorktown, forcing Cornwallis to surrender, if this country’s navy had not blockaded the York River.


Slide23 l.jpg
CREATING A NEW NATION$100This president was known for warning European nations to not interfere with the western hemisphere.

James Monroe

Slide24 l.jpg
CREATING A NEW NATION$200The Bill of Rights were written in order to allow for everyone to have these.

Individual Rights

Slide25 l.jpg
CREATING A NEW NATION$300He was not only a President of the United States, but he wrote the Bill of Rights into the U.S. Constitution.

James Madison

Slide26 l.jpg
CREATING A NEW NATION$400It was the only branch of government provided by the Articles of Confederation.


Slide27 l.jpg
CREATING A NEW NATION$500This new type of government divides power between the national and state governments.


Slide28 l.jpg
THE NATION EXPANDS$100These two explorers were sent to make discoveries west of the Mississippi River in the Louisian Purchase.

Lewis and Clark

The nation expands 200 we will remember this spanish mission found in the heart of texas l.jpg
THE NATION EXPANDS$200We will “remember” this Spanish mission found in the heart of Texas.


The nation expands 300 this smart investment doubled the size of the united states in 1803 l.jpg
THE NATION EXPANDS$300This smart investment doubled the size of the United States in 1803.

Louisiana Purchase

Slide31 l.jpg

THE NATION EXPANDS$400McCormick can be found on the spice isle in the grocery store . But it was the invention of this that he is best known for.

Mechanical Reaper

Slide32 l.jpg
THE NATION EXPANDS$500If gold is what I am looking for, I would move to this new territory and try my luck at panning.


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Slide34 l.jpg









Play Final Jeopardy































Slide35 l.jpg

FIRST AMERICANS$200You might want to bring a tool to cut the ice in order for you to start fishing for your dinner if you were a part of this Native American tribe.


Slide36 l.jpg

FIRST AMERICANS$400If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that I saw this Native American tribe wearing tree bark and plants for clothes.


Slide37 l.jpg

FIRST AMERICANS$600I would hate to be a historian for the Kwakiutl tribe. It would be impossible for me to carry around this form for recording their family history.

Totem Poles

Slide38 l.jpg

FIRST AMERICANS$800This Native American tribe would have been the one to teach new farming techniques to the English, given where they lived in North America.


Slide39 l.jpg
FIRST AMERICANS$1000It is safe to say that this Native American tribe’s environment was exactly opposite of the Inuit’s environment.


Slide40 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS $200The Ohio River, Mississippi River, and Missouri River all meet up in this geographical region.

Interior Lowland

Slide41 l.jpg

GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS $400If it wasn’t for the 135 degree heat in places like Death Valley, this geographical region would be a great vacation spot.

Basin and Range

Slide42 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS $600Because of weathering, this geographical region is said to be the oldest mountain range in North America.

Appalachian Highlands

Slide43 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS $800This vast region is where the nomadic Souix traveled following the herds of buffalo.

Great Plains

Slide44 l.jpg
GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS $1000Just because it is shaped like a horseshoe does not mean it is lucky for all the Canadians that live there.

Canadian Shield

Vocabulary 200 the belief that one s country to supreme l.jpg
VOCABULARY$200The belief that one’s country to supreme.


Vocabulary 400 trade gold and natural resources l.jpg
VOCABULARY$400Trade, Gold, and Natural Resources


Vocabulary 600 law making body l.jpg
VOCABULARY $600Law-making body


Vocabulary 800 rights that can not be taken away l.jpg
VOCABULARY $800Rights that can not be taken away.


Vocabulary 1000 having enough ie supplies l.jpg
VOCABULARY $1000Having enough (ie. Supplies)


Documents 200 was approved on july 4 1776 l.jpg
DOCUMENTS $200Was approved on July 4, 1776

Declaration of


Slide51 l.jpg
DOCUMENTS $400This was the first attempt at creating a new government but had more weaknesses then strengths.

Articles of


Slide52 l.jpg
DOCUMENTS $600“… all men created equal.” in this document did not include slaves or women at the time it was written.

Declaration of


Slide53 l.jpg

DOCUMENTS $800Even though Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown it was not until this document was signed that England recognized the colonies’ independence.

Treaty of Paris

Slide54 l.jpg
DOCUMENTS $1000This document establish the nation’s system of federalism because its predecessor created too weak a national government.

U.S. Constitution

Slide55 l.jpg
PRESIDENTS$200After defeating the British, this colonial general became the first president under the U.S. Constitution.

George Washington

Slide56 l.jpg

PRESIDENTS$400If the United States had not won the War of 1812, then this President elected after the war could not warn Europe in his doctrine.

James Monroe

Slide57 l.jpg

PRESIDENTS$600Political parties were created during George Washington’s presidency, but it was not until this president’s administration that there was created a two-party system in our government.

John Adams

Slide58 l.jpg

PRESIDENTS$800Lewis and Clark followed this President’s orders and explored the Louisiana territory after he purchased it from the French.

Thomas Jefferson

Slide59 l.jpg

PRESIDENTS$1000This founding father wrote the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, and whose presidency was later tested during the War of 1812.

James Madison

Potpourri 200 these people were the main source of labor in the southern colonies l.jpg
POTPOURRI$200These people were the main source of labor in the southern colonies.


Slide61 l.jpg

POTPOURRI$400The environment and climate effected the way in which these basic needs of the Native Americans were met as a means to survive.

Food, Shelter,


Potpourri 600 this body of water was explored by explorers such as francisco coronado l.jpg
POTPOURRI$600This body of water was explored by explorers such as Francisco Coronado.

Colorado River

Slide63 l.jpg

POTPOURRI$800Water is scarce in the Basin and Range, unlike this geographical region where there are harbors filled with water for boats to drop anchor.

Coastal Plain

Slide64 l.jpg
POTPOURRI$1000Prince Henry began a profitable trade route on his way to India involving these three civilizations (societies).

Ghana, Mali,


Slide65 l.jpg



Slide67 l.jpg

Dissatisfaction arose at the end of the

French and Indian War due to King George

establishing this line, in order to keep the colonists from moving west past the Appalachian Highlands to ease the strained relationship with the Native American tribes.