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Patient Safety: Librarian as Advocate Holly Ann Burt , MLIS, MDiv. MLA Midwest/Midcontinental Chapter Joint Meeting October 14, 2007. Librarians are Key. Dr. Robert Wachter:

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patient safety librarian as advocate http nnlm gov training patientsafety advocacy html

Patient Safety: Librarian as Advocate

Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, MDiv

MLA Midwest/Midcontinental Chapter Joint Meeting

October 14, 2007

librarians are key
Librarians are Key
  • Dr. Robert Wachter:

So, a medical school librarian set off the modern patient safety movement?

  • Lucian Leape, MD:

Ergo, there we go.

Wachter R. In conversation with Lucian Leape, MD. WebM&M. 2006(Aug): Perspectives on Safety.

patient safety ongoing problem
Patient Safety: Ongoing Problem
  • “I would give great praise to the physician whose mistakes are small, for perfect accuracy is seldom seen… .”Hippocrates, trans. by Francis Adams. On Ancient Medicine, Part 9; c. 400 BCE.
  • Traditional Errors in Surgery. Levis RJ. Presidential Address, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania on June 6, 1888. JAMA. 1888 (Jun 23);10(25):790-791.
  • To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System.Kohn LT, Corrigan JM, Donaldson MS. Washington, DC: National Academy Press; 2000.
sources of patient safety concepts
Sources of Patient Safety Concepts
  • Aviation Industry
    • Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)
      • Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) – 1975
      • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) – 2000
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
      • NASA Safety Reporting System (NSRS) – 1987
    • Department of Defense (DOD)
      • Patient Safety Center (Armed Forces Institute Pathology) – 2001
sources of patient safety concepts5
Sources of Patient Safety Concepts
  • Transportation Industry
    • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) – 1966
    • UK Railway Industry
      • Confidential Incident Reporting & Analysis System (CIRAS) – 1996
    • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)
      • Confidential Marine Reporting Scheme (CMRS) – 2004
    • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
      • Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS) – 2005
sources of patient safety concepts6
Sources of Patient Safety Concepts
  • Nuclear Energy Industry
    • US Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) – 1974
    • Computerized Accident Incident Reporting and Recordkeeping System (CAIRS) -1975
  • Manufacturing Industry
    • Toyota Production System – 1977
    • Alcoa Aluminum: Safety Culture – 1987
    • General Electric: Six Sigma - 1995
How is Your Library

Involved in Patient Safety

(or how will it be)?

library leadership
Library Leadership
  • With Literature Searches
    • Stat for Emergency Room
    • Nursing Education Department
    • Monthly Infection Control Reports
    • Drug Use and Clinical Adverse Events
    • Patient/Family Questions
    • Specifics Adverse Events, FMEAs, RCAs
    • Research Studies
library leadership9
Library Leadership
  • In Training & Education
    • Student Curriculum development
    • CME/CNE/CE requirements assistance
    • Including patient safety when focusing on computer skills, EMB, searching, etc.
    • During orientation classes and introductions
    • On-line tutorials and resources preparation
    • In reference services, e.g. with patients and families, health professionals
library leadership10
Library Leadership
  • Participation
    • On Patient Safety committees, teams and boards
    • Attending related M&Ms, councils, committees and meetings
    • (Hospitals:) On Rounds, providing RCA support
  • Connect and Educate
    • Safety Officers, Advocates and Directors
    • Executives: CEO, CNO, CME and others
    • Institutional leaders: Directors, Lawyers, Liaisons
library leadership11
Library Leadership
  • Creating & Sharing Information
    • Through Alert Services
      • Recalls, Tables of Contents, Clinical Alerts, Drug Updates, Diseases and Treatments
    • Supporting Institutional Resources and Needs
      • Balanced Score Card, Indicators, Legislation
      • Magnet Status, Joint Commission preparations
      • Policies, Procedures, Employee Handbooks
library leadership12
Library Leadership
  • Creating & Sharing Information
    • For Patient Education
      • Brochures, Flyers, Surveys
      • Supporting nurses and patient educators
    • In Telling Stories
      • Of library involvement, institutional successes, individual joys or concerns
      • In Newsletters, on Blogs, with Articles, through the Intra- or Internet
library leadership13
Library Leadership
  • On the Website
    • Information Pages
      • On library contributions to patient safety
      • For patients and families
      • For advocates and liaisons
      • For health professionals and first responders
      • For students and researchers
      • For institutional leadership - executives, directors, managers, officers, and others
      • For those involved with legislation issues
library leadership14
Library Leadership
  • On the Website
    • Current News
      • Evidence Based & Benchmarking information
      • Alerts – Clinical, Drug, Consumer, etc.
      • How the Institution is involved in patient safety; Institutional progress in specific areas
      • Patient Safety Campaigns
      • Legislation affecting the institution
      • (Hospitals:) Good Catch
      • Librarians making a difference
library leadership15
Library Leadership
  • And MORE:
    • Health Fairs
      • Mishap Mansion/Room of Horrors
      • Patient Safety Awareness Week
    • In the community
      • Assist at community affairs department projects
      • Partner with other libraries
      • Serve as Community Liaison to professional advisory committees
library leadership17
Library Leadership

In Summary:

All of the roles of the library ultimately support Patient Safety

- Michelle Eberle, 2007

holly ann burt mlis mdiv

Patient Safety: Librarian as Advocate

Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, MDiv