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Deep Dive into Software Assurance Feature Enhancements & Key Customer Benefits Desktop Software Assurance Enhancements Home Use Program eLearning CTEC Training Vouchers Employee Purchase Plan Enterprise Source Licensing Program - ESLP Home Use Program Benefits

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Deep Dive into Software Assurance

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Deep dive into software assurance l.jpg

Deep Dive into SoftwareAssurance

Feature Enhancements & Key Customer Benefits

Desktop software assurance enhancements l.jpg

Desktop Software Assurance Enhancements

  • Home Use Program

  • eLearning

  • CTEC Training Vouchers

  • Employee Purchase Plan

  • Enterprise Source Licensing Program - ESLP

Home use program benefits l.jpg

Home Use Program Benefits

A simple way to enable your employees to work withand learn more about the Microsoft Office System at home,at no additional cost to you

Simple forEmployers

Easy forEmployees


Maximize Valueof your OfficeSystem Investment

  • No additional cost

  • No compliance requirements

  • No liability issues

  • No technical support necessary

  • Quick online ordering

  • Nominal fulfillment fee

  • Allowed to keep using as long as employed

  • Setup and installation support included

  • No extra restrictions on personal use of software

  • Ensure compatibility between work and home computers

  • Flexibility to work at home

  • Employees can learn Office System at their own pace, in their own homes

  • Extend Office System investment into the home

  • Deliver end-user online training at no additional cost

  • Increase employee productivity at no additional cost

  • Capture employee interest in working at home

Home use program details l.jpg

Home Use Program Details

  • Volume licensing customers* who acquire desktop licenses with Software Assurance can extend home use rights to employees during the term of the agreement

  • Eligible applications include Office, stand-alone Office applications, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote, FrontPage, Project (Standard), Visio (Standard and Professional), and Software Assurance Office eLearning

  • Current and previous versions offered

  • Employees order through Microsoft for a nominal fee, and receive perpetual bits with HUP-specific EULA. Limited setup and install support

* Extension of Home Use Program to Open/Select ad-hoc

Home use program fulfillment employee l.jpg

Home Use Program Fulfillment: Employee


Employee logs on to order site with corporate e-mail address and Program Code

Program code and email domain authenticated

Eligibility Notification

From Benefits


Microsoft Order


e-mail or


Employee receives verification e-mail at valid corporate e-mail account

Employee receives

notification with

Program Code



Employee logs back on to Microsoft Order Site

Employee presented with products offered under the enrollment, places order

Employee receives media from Microsoft fulfillment vendor

Microsoft Order


  • Employees limited to a single order of each product offered (one order per credit card, one order per e-mail address)

  • As orders placed, number of remaining Home Use Program licenses orderable decremented

  • When consumed, desktop application is no longer offered under the enrollment

  • Warning issued to Benefits Administrator as desktop application nears consumption limit

Promo code authenticated and product offering created


  • Employees of ad-hoc customers receive media direct from employer

Elearning benefits l.jpg

eLearning Benefits

Effective, easy–to-deploy software training solution to help customers

receive maximum benefit from their Microsoft software investment

Easy to deploy

and maintain

Engaging, effective

training and

reference materials

Maximizes Microsoft

software investment

* Powerful tools

provide a

customized solution

  • No proprietary software required

  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

  • Configurable to unique desktop environments

  • Support tools

  • Engaging simulations

  • Powerful end- user features

  • Authoritative source

  • More titles

  • Support for all users including Technology staff

  • Reduced end- user help desk demands

  • Increased user productivity and satisfaction

  • Up-to-date training

  • Customization editor*

  • Reporting tools*

  • Cost reduction

(*) Desktop eLearning only

Elearning details l.jpg

eLearning Details

  • Interactive training modules for Information Workers and IT Professionals for use at any time on the desktop

  • Supports traditional training and just-in-time learning scenarios

  • Customized learning path with pre- and post-assessments

  • Prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and MCSE/MCSA certification

  • Same interface

  • Different content source for Desktop and Server offerings

Elearning details desktop elearning offering l.jpg

Windows = 6 Courses

For Information Workers

Core Training for Windows XP Professional

Core Training for Windows 2000 Professional

What’s New: Windows 2000 to Windows XP

For IT Professionals

Deploying Windows XP

Pre-installing and Deploying Windows 2000

Implementing and Supporting Windows XP

Office = 19 Courses

For Information Workers

Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage 2000

Office XP

Excel (2), Word (2), PowerPoint, Outlook (2), Access 2002

FrontPage, Visio, Project 2002

For IT Professionals

Deploying Office XP

eLearning Details Desktop eLearning Offering

Release Update twice a year with courses covering new products: E.g., Office 11, Longhorn, …

Elearning details server offering l.jpg

eLearning Details Server Offering

  • The electronic version of best-selling MOC Training courses (Microsoft Official Curriculum)

  • 18 courses covering 8 server products

    • Windows 2000 ServerBizTalk Server

    • Windows Server 2003Project Server

    • SQL ServerSharePoint Portal Server

    • Exchange Server Internet Security & Acceleration Server

  • Equivalent to 167 hours of training

  • Server Software Assurance uses multimedia to bridge gap left by taking training out of the classroom: Animations, simulations, demonstrations

  • Pre-assessment used to focus training need

  • Assessments used to reinforce learning and evaluate readiness

  • Alternative instructor-led training course

    • Average $1,500 per course

Fulfillment of e learning benefit business provisions l.jpg

Fulfillment of e-Learning BenefitBusiness Provisions

  • One set of full server training library per qualifying Server Software Assurance license.

  • Fulfillment media can be downloaded from the MVLS download center or media kits purchased through regional fulfillment centers.

  • Receive a perpetual license for eLearning but no content updates upon license expiration.

  • May make additional copies of media as needed in order to install eLearning courses on licensed machines.

  • Customers may order a different language version of the training library than they elected in the agreement if it’s available, and pay the associated media costs.

Training voucher benefits l.jpg

Training Voucher Benefits

  • Question: What is the Benefit to the Software Assurance Customer?

  • Answer: Training at Microsoft’s Certified Technical Education Centers (CTEC)

  • Free Instructor-Led Training at

  • Microsoft CTEC Training Facilities

  • VIEW Training & participating CTECS at:


  • Average Value $300-$400 USD/day

  • Initially 29 Courses focused on

    • Getting Maximum Value out of Office/Windows

Training voucher benefits chart l.jpg

Training Voucher Benefits Chart

Buy SAM/EA/OLV Licenses with Software Assurance& get Training Days22

  • Maximum of 10 days for application OLV and 5 days for system OLV

  • Eligible products include all products available with SA component

Redeeming a training voucher l.jpg

Redeeming a Training Voucher

  • Customer creates a voucher on MVLS

  • Trainee receives e-mail.

  • See Training Voucher Detail E-mail for the full text of the e-mail.

  • Trainee looks up course and/or MS CTECs at

  • Trainee calls MS CTEC and reserves a seat in the course.

  • MS CTEC reserves the course and updates the voucher status to Reserved. (Go to the Training Voucher Detail window to view the reservation details.)

  • Trainee attends course.

  • MS CTEC updates voucher to Redeemed status. (Go to the Training Voucher Detail window to view the voucher details.)

  • MS CTEC receives payment for the voucher and sets the status to Paid. (Go to the Training Voucher Detail window to view the voucher details.)

Employee purchase program l.jpg

More Value


More Assistance

Employee Purchase Program

Employee Purchase Programs for Microsoft products helps increase employee productivity and flexibility by giving them to use the same software at business and home

Employee purchase program benefits l.jpg

Employee Purchase Program Benefits

  • Same software at home and work provides flexibility and increases productivity

  • Employee discounts up to 30% off estimated retail price on dozens of Microsoft products

  • Employees can conveniently order directly through a secure Microsoft-hosted Web site

  • Increase employee satisfaction

Redeeming employee purchase benefits l.jpg

Redeeming Employee Purchase Benefits

  • Enroll through MVLS and receive a Program Code

  • Go to and insert the following program code <Insert Program Code here>

  • Note: this program code is assigned to our organization for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside our organization.

  • Choose your preferred country and language

  • Enter your corporate email address, company name and program code

  • Place your order on-line and it will be shipped to you

Employee purchase program details l.jpg

Employee Purchase Program Details

  • The Microsoft Employee Purchase Program offers exclusive Microsoft software, hardware, and Microsoft Press discounts to eligible customer employees

  • Most major Microsoft retail products available – including software, hardware, and MS Press titles

  • All offers are for full packaged product identical to that found in retail outlets including Microsoft installation support

  • Members save a minimum of 30% off estimated retail price

  • Employees can shop and purchase discounted products at

  • All product sales come with a 30-day money back guarantee

Enterprise source licensing program l.jpg

Enterprise Source Licensing Program

  • ESLP provides eligible enterprise customers access to Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support purposes

  • Microsoft offers source code for the following products

    • Microsoft Windows 2002

    • Microsoft Windows XP

    • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

    • .NET C#/CLI Implementation

    • .NET Passport Manager

    • Visual Studio .NET Academic Tools

Enterprise source licensing program benefits l.jpg

Enterprise Source Licensing Program Benefits

  • Benefits to customers using Microsoft's source code through ESLP are numerous and include…

    • Ability to perform security audits and maintain the security of their computing environments

    • Promoting performance tuning; enabling customers to adjust and perfect their systems and related applications

    • Improving debugging processes; making it faster and easier for customers to rectify, and protect against, viruses and other computer hazards

    • Improving customer feedback mechanisms; creating better Microsoft solutions and tools for the future

    • Improving pre-deployment engineering; enabling IT professionals and developers to do better testing and design work

Enterprise source licensing program details l.jpg

Enterprise Source Licensing Program Details

  • The ESLP is available to Software Assurance Members that have licensed 1,500 or more desktops in the Systems pool

  • Reside in an eligible country

  • Sign the Master Source Code Agreement and License Form

Server software assurance enhancements 200 level benefits details l.jpg

Server Software Assurance Enhancements200-Level Benefits /Details

  • Corporate Error Reporting

  • TechNet Plus

  • Problem Resolution Support

  • Extended Life Cycle Support – Patches / Fixes

Corporate error reporting l.jpg

More Value


More Assistance

Corporate Error Reporting

CER gives IT professionals a clear and easy way to monitor and review error information so they can control deployment of fixes and resolutions; It provides the ability for applications and the operating system to collect and report on crashes in the system

Corporate error reporting benefits l.jpg

Corporate Error Reporting Benefits

  • Gives Customers control over what data is sent to Microsoft

  • Provides a clear and easy to use view of their error data

  • Maps solutions to crashes

    • Identify which systems are failing and why

    • Connect to up-to-date knowledge and fixes

    • Actionable information when escalation is required

  • For in-house developers

    • Collects rich data on problems for debugging

Corporate error reporting benefits24 l.jpg

Corporate Error Reporting Benefits

  • IT professionals want…

    • To prevent desktops and servers from sending information directly to Microsoft

    • The ability to monitor and review error information

    • To choose the error information that will be sent to Microsoft

    • To control deployment of any fixes and resolutions

Corporate error reporting benefits details l.jpg

Corporate Error Reporting BenefitsDetails

  • CER provides the ability for applications and the operating system to collect and report on crashes in the system

  • CER closes the feedback loop by providing information on resolutions for errors

  • To use the WinPE or Corporate Error Reporting benefit, follow the instructions in the enrollment e-mail and download the tools. In addition, a media shipment will be sent to the designated benefit contact upon benefit activation.

Note: The Corporate Error Reporting tool will be available in late 2003.

Technet plus for software assurance l.jpg

More Value


More Assistance

TechNet Plus For Software Assurance

TechNet for Software Assurance makes it easy for members of your team to find the technical information you need quickly, conveniently, anytime

Technet for software assurance benefits positioning l.jpg

TechNet For Software Assurance Benefits & Positioning

  • TechNet for Software Assurance Benefits

    • Reduces technical support costs

    • Increases system reliability and user uptime

    • Increases confidence in implementing migrations and deployments

    • Reduces the time spent researching and resolving technical issues

    • Provides portable access to quality technical information 24/7

  • TechNet for Software Assurance positioning

    • The TechNet program offers access to resources that help IT professionals efficiently plan, deploy, maintain, and support Microsoft technologies

Customer evidence from the Accenture, Business Value Case Studies – TechNet Subscription

Redeeming technet for software assurance l.jpg

Redeeming TechNet for Software Assurance

  • Customer activates the TechNet Online Concierge, TechNet Plus, or TechNet Plus Subscription Media on MVLS

  • Customer assigns employees who can call on behalf of customer.

  • Access to the TechNet SA benefits website is granted once an employee is assigned by the benefit administrator.

Server support benefits top level positioning l.jpg

More Assistance

Ability to contact Microsoft support (PSS) to troubleshoot and resolve problems (Senior IT, implementer)

Smaller customers: Typically go to partner first; go direct to Microsoft for self-help & “just-in-case” support

Larger customers: Want to know they’re covered for support issues

Provides extended lifecycle “hotfix” coverage without upfront commitment

Makes budgets more predictable (Senior IT, procurement)

More Predictability

More Value

Customer Satisfaction


Server Support Benefits Top-Level Positioning

Server support offering overview l.jpg

Server Support Offering – Overview

  • Problem Resolution Support

    • Reactive, problem identification & resolution support, aka “break/fix” (excludes advisory services and any proactive, managed support services)

      • Service Definition: “Microsoft Problem Resolution Services provide assistance for problems with specific symptoms encountered while using a Microsoft product, where there is a reasonable expectation that the problem is caused by the Microsoft product.”

    • Can submit problem resolution requests via phone or web depending upon product edition – phone problem resolution requests are business hours only

    • Support available ww in all languages currently offered as of launch

  • Extended Lifecycle Support

    • SA covered servers are eligible for 2-year “extended” support period under MS Support Lifecycle policy at no additional upfront fee

    • Each hotfix delivered during period will be charged same as today

Server software assurance support eligible product families l.jpg

Application Center

BackOffice Server

BackOffice Server w/BackOffice CAL

BizTalk FinServ Enterprise

BizTalk FinServ Standard

BizTalk HIPPA Enterprise

BizTalk HIPPA Standard

BizTalk MQSeries Enterprise

BizTalk RosettaNet Enterprise

BizTalk RosettaNet Standard

BizTalk SAP Enterprise

BizTalk Server Enterprise

BizTalk Server Standard

Commerce Server Enterprise

Commerce Server Standard

Content Mgmt Server Enterprise Edition

Exchange Conferencing Server

Exchange Server – Enterprise

Exchange Server- Standard

Host Integration Server

ISA Server

ISA Server Enterprise Edition

MOM Application Mgmt Pack

MOM Operations Manager

Project Server

Proxy Server

SharePoint Portal Server

SQL Server Enterprise Edition

SQL Server Standard Edition

System Mgmt Server

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Windows 2000 Server

Windows NT Server

Windows NT Server- Enterprise

Windows NT Server- Terminal

Windows Server Enterprise

Windows Server Standard

Server Software Assurance Support Eligible Product Families

Redeeming server software assurance support benefit l.jpg

Redeeming Server Software Assurance Support Benefit

  • Web Support

    • When a designated benefit contact (authorized support user) needs web support on an eligible product, they should go to for more information on how to enter their incident. When entering the support request, they will be asked for the SA Access ID. This was provided in the subscriber e-mail.

    • Note: The benefit contact (authorized support user) will need a Microsoft Passport to enter a web support incident.

  • Phone Support

    • When a designated benefit contact (authorized support user) needs phone support on an eligible product, they should call their normal PSS support phone number to open a problem resolution request. For more information on where to call, go to When the call is answered, they will be asked for the SA Access ID. This was provided in the subscriber e-mail.

Customer can activate this benefit on MVLS and assign the authorized support user(s).

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