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ELECTRICAL SAFETY AUDIT for XYZ Gujarat. Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd. Chennai www.cholarisk.com. October 4 to 6, 2004. Cholamandalam Risk Services Ltd. A JV between Murugappa Group & MS Insurance, Japan

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Electrical safety audit for xyz gujarat l.jpg


Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd.



October 4 to 6, 2004

Cholamandalam risk services ltd l.jpg
Cholamandalam Risk Services Ltd.

  • A JV between Murugappa Group & MS Insurance, Japan

  • Executed RM services for various clients- India & rest of Asia

Electrical safety services clients l.jpg

  • MRPL Refinery, Mangalore

  • Shasun Chemicals, Cuddalore

  • Ahmedabad Electricity Company, Ahmedabad

  • Orchid Pharmaceutical Company, Chennai

  • EID Parry Biochemicals, Tamil Nadu

  • BPCL, Manmad

  • Vikram Cements, Madhya Pradesh

  • Chambal Fertilizers, Rajasthan

  • TI Diamond Chain, TN

  • HLL, Haldia

  • Visaka Cements, Andhra Pradesh

  • Bombay Dyeing, Patalganga

  • GMR Power plant, Mangalore

  • CP Aqua Culture, TN

  • Surat Electricity Company, Surat

  • Aditya Cements, Rajasthan

Close out presentation l.jpg
Close Out Presentation

  • ESA –approach, methodology & coverage

  • XYZ- High Priority Areas

  • XYZ-ESA- observations & recommendations

Esa scope of work l.jpg
ESA- Scope of work

  • Compliance to IER

  • Electrical hazard identification:

    • Shock, fire

    • Lightning Protection

    • HAC

    • Earthing

    • Static electricity issues

    • EPM

    • Accidents

    • Review of All records & documents

    • Training

    • Electrical Protection

  • Sample tests

    • Temperature

    • Current

    • Earth Resistance

Esa methodology l.jpg
ESA Methodology

  • Opening Meeting -Familiarization

  • Discussion with Head-Electrical, review of key SLD

  • ESA

    • Physical inspections

    • Sample Testing

    • Document & records review

    • Meeting –various departments

    • Close-Out meeting

  • Interim Report

  • Final report submission

Audit schedule 4 6 october 2004 l.jpg
AUDIT SCHEDULE(4 – 6 October 2004)

  • 4 October - opening meeting, electrical system briefing, Main SLD review, switchyard visit, SS A,B, C, DG House, manufacturing blocks

  • 5 Oct - Auditing of balance manufacturing areas completed

  • 6 Oct – ER tests,Review of records & close out meeting+ discussion with relevant departments (safety, R&D, health centre, instrumentation, documentation, contractors, contract department, purchase, etc.)

Audit coverage l.jpg

66 KV S/Y

DG House

All Sub Stations (A, B, C, E)

Transformers-various areas

CNC Shop

HT Motor Building

VPI Area

IMB Area

DT Area

Transformer Manufacturing Area, SS E

Admin Building

Relay Building

Auxiliary I & II building

Electroplating/ Anodizing

Audit Coverage

  • Turbocharger Area

  • HV Disconnector Area

  • Fuel Tanks (HSD, Solvent, Transformer oil)

  • LTB Area

  • Health Centre

  • Workers’ Canteen

Esa standards codes l.jpg
ESA -Standards & Codes

  • BIS Publications

  • NFPA Codes

  • OISD Standards

  • Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

  • British Standards

  • Best Engineering Practices

Slide12 l.jpg

Limitations l.jpg






Xyz high priority areas l.jpg
XYZ -High Priority Areas

  • PTPT Area- 1.5 MVA transformer, overloaded electrical panel

  • CNC Shop floor- bay lightning panel

  • Earthing issues

  • SS- E, PTPT areas – responsibility to be defined

  • Electrical hotspots at terminations – potential fire hazard

  • Electrical Panels – requires due attention

  • Fire Hydrant system to be installed

  • DGs in another plant area

Transformers l.jpg

  • Silica gel in several transformers- to be re-activated

  • Neutral & body earth pits are not identified

  • Oil soak pit for transformers with oil capacity above 2, 275 L (IER- 64- iv), eg. 4 MVA

  • Oil draining arrangement for transformers above 9 KL capacity (Transformer EHV testing yard, 30 MVA transformer)- IER 64 v

  • Annunciation for 7 MVA transformer not operational

Electrical injuries l.jpg
Electrical Injuries

  • Use HRC fuse pullers to remove fuses

  • 30 mA ELCBs used in DBs, extension boards

  • Insist on using PPEs while working on live lines

  • Battery rooms-cover battery terminals

  • Identification of feeders / panels / circuits - missing

  • Use of live U/G cable locator before excavation

  • Maintain U/G cablelay out for reference

  • No resuscitation chart displayed

Slide17 l.jpg

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

  • 250,000 deaths every year due to sudden cardiac arrest

  • AEDs - to be part of Emergency Medical Kit

  • For every minute that passes w/o defibrillation, the chances of survival decreases by 10%

  • Has a voice prompt, cost USD 3000/-

  • UK - not a legal requirement, but a Statutory requirement in US

  • No legal liability for deaths involving the use of AEDs

Fire detection protection l.jpg
Fire Detection & Protection

  • Install smoke detection in:

    • Un manned sub stations

    • Review the Fire Alarm panel maintenance (discharged batteries)

  • Heavy grass growth noted in outdoor switch yard and SS E transformer yard

  • Review smoke detector adequacy and installations in buildings as perTAC FA rules

  • Review Portable Fire Extinguisher installation based on IS 2190 (Turbocharger area) DG MCC room- install smoke detection

  • Install Passive Fire Protection (PFP) measures in DG house, SS, various cable passes

  • Include electrical fire scenarios in EMP

Fire protection l.jpg
Fire Protection

  • XYZ to consider installation of fire protection system

  • Review PFE installation in various manufacturing blocks

  • Consider HVWS system for 30 MVA transformer

Electrical systems procedures l.jpg
Electrical Systems & Procedures

  • Electrical WPs / Electrical isolation Procedure:

    • To be defined

    • At present, only for contractors, include for XYZ employees also

    • LOTO / Tag Out with fuse removal recommended

  • Electrical Change Control Procedure (ECCP) to be incorporated in all equipment modifications /additions (overloading issues in PTPT –MDP 1)

  • Display updated & approved SLDs in all SSs (no SLDs available for MDPs, SDPs) for ready reference

  • Include electrical fire scenarios (SS, transformers) in Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

Earthing l.jpg

  • Earth resistance tests to be done for individual pits too.

  • Earthing lay out to be updated

  • Earth pits may be provided with identification marks

  • Single earthing for 415 V equipment –several areas

  • Structures to be earthed (PTPT Area- solvent tanks, etc.)

  • 4.5 Ohms noted in PTPT area

  • Ensure supervision while ER measurement

  • 66 KV SY fence to be earthed

Earth leakage tester l.jpg
Earth Leakage Tester

  • The earth resistance from the equipment to the earth pit can be measured

  • Non-Contact measurement

  • Continuity loop test

  • No electrodes required

  • Cannot be used on flat conductors

Electrical preventive maintenance l.jpg
Electrical Preventive Maintenance

  • Sky wire maintenance may be taken up annually to check up its physical condition /replace with vertical rods

  • Bucholtz relay to be simulated for operation for transformers

  • Install surge counters and leakage meters in S/Y

  • Gravel to be put in yards (66 KV, SS E transformers)

  • 66 KV SW /Y -SF6 cubicle – not maintained, relay not calibrated, PS setting

Electrical maintenance l.jpg
Electrical Maintenance….

  • SS A- battery charger power comes from another plant through a COS

  • SS log – to be reviewed by electrical maintenance in charge on a daily basis

  • DGs- diesel oil level also needs to be monitored

  • Electrical Protection co-ordination study to be done (various load additions, HT motor test, etc.)

  • DGs- include trip and alarm settings in the log book

Slide25 l.jpg

  • Non-standard electrical rubber mat used in several places

  • DGs installed in another plant premises:

    • BC II (between XYZ DGs & another plant DG)to be locked in off condition

    • Approval from CEIG?

Slide26 l.jpg

  • Series earthing for equipment

  • Non-qualified electrical contractor electricians also are available

    • Large lug for termination

    • Loose terminations

    • No cable glands

  • Cable trenches behind electrical panels- require periodic cleaning- fire hazard

Slide27 l.jpg

  • Consider SRVs for 5 MVA indoor transformer (4050 L oil) at HT Motor test bay

    • Consider oil soak pit

  • Extension boards not fitted with RCCBs

  • CNC SHOP Main Electrical Panel:

    • Oil soaked rubber mat

    • Saw dust

    • Oil barrels kept close to the panel

  • Aluminum lugs used on copper bus bars

  • CNC lighting bay distribution panel- requires immediate attention

Slide28 l.jpg

  • Electricians & test personnel to be given electrically tested safety shoes

  • Use DI portable tools, instead of metallic tools

  • No reference drawings for SDP / MDPs

  • Re-wirable fuses used in SDP A2 Fuse DB – IMB Area

  • Electrical isolation – to be defined as part of the electrical work procedure

Slide29 l.jpg

  • Store room in DT building – install master control switch outside the room

  • List of C- license holders may be displayed in main SS

  • SS- E electrical maintenance- requires immediate attention:

    • 1.5 MVA transformers- low oil level, yard full of grass, all alarms on

    • Overloading in one of the DPs

    • Compressors- identification and load distribution requires review

Slide30 l.jpg

  • SS E – Compressors- series earthing followed

  • HSD, solvent pipelines – flanges may be bonded to avert static discharges leading to fires, install FLP on-off push buttons

  • Now almost all mobile equipment has cable ends w/o plugs, install power receptacles wherever needed

  • Keep all transformer yards locked ( SS E)

  • All feeders may be identified (Electroplating section)

Slide31 l.jpg

  • Turbocharger electrical panels – no access, broken switch handles

  • ER tests:

    • No updated L/O drawing

    • High ER value PTPT area: 4 ohms plus

    • Electrical maintenance to supervise ER tests

  • SS C- identify both rear and front panels with the same identification marks

  • EPM- not complete, panels not included, not based on standards- re-align EPM based on NFPA 70 B

Slide32 l.jpg

  • SS B- 25 KVA UPS panel & batteries installed on wooden boards, temporary manner

  • MCC / MDP / SDP maintenance:

    • Cob webs

    • Dust

    • Open cable openings

  • Keep panel keys at every sub station

  • Keep HRC fuse pullers in sub stations- now pliers / bare hands are used.

  • Use fully insulated fuse pullers / tools as required

Slide33 l.jpg

  • Heavy oil leak at radiator flange- SS B transformer 1.5 MVA

  • Critical loads- consider redundant cable from another feeder, follow another route

  • Single isolator used for multiple loads (HT Motor MDB 1, VPI DP 3)

  • Almost all spare feeders got used- consider revamp of electrical system, considering load additions for 10 years

  • U/G cable installation – to be done as per IS 1255

    • Use live U/G cable locator before digging

    • Use U/G cable lay out for reference / install route markers

Oisd 137 electrical equipment inspection l.jpg
OISD 137-Electrical Equipment Inspection

  • Polarization Index Test

    • PI = R10m /R1 m

      • 2.5 –Excellent /Good

      • 1-2-Questionable

      • Relative value, shows IR deterioration trend

  • Moisture Absorption Test

    • K = R1m / R15s

      • 1-damp insulation

      • 1.3 or greater-dry

Electrical maintenance35 l.jpg
Electrical Maintenance

  • Transformer OLTC counter reading- OEM recommended maintenance to be carried out

  • Consider using NFPA 70 B or OISD 137 for electrical preventive maintenance

  • XYZ to consider hotspot detection and Thermography surveys as part of predictive maintenance

  • XYZ to define AMC jobs as per standard practices (battery maintenance, etc.)

Slide36 l.jpg

  • OLTC counter based EPM – not done, including oil test for diverter compartment

  • Load currents of various loads taken:

    • PTPT building- MDP 1- overloaded

    • Final report will have more details, based on details sought

  • Hotspot Detection:

    • MDP 1, PTPT- 150 Degree C

    • LTB Area– A4, Bay IV DP – 110 Degree C

    • DT Area, Main Panel, 2 F2 DB Panel 2 – 77 Degree C

Slide37 l.jpg

Infra-Red Hotspot Detector

  • Used as part of effective EPM

  • Hotspot surveys on critical, high capacity motor terminations, measurement of continuously running critical motors

  • Uses infra-red technology, with laser sighting

  • Very effective as a predictive maintenance tool

  • Interpretation of readings - very critical

Slide38 l.jpg

Thermography Surveys

  • Part of E-RBM Programme

  • Identification of potential survey points / equipment and interpretation - very crucial

  • NFPA 70 E recommends Thermographic surveys

Ultrasonic detectors l.jpg
Ultrasonic Detectors

  • Detects fault conditions from sounds due to tracking, corona, arcing

  • Portable instrument, can be used on outdoor switchgear, panels, etc.

  • Non-Contact type

Lightning protection l.jpg
Lightning Protection

  • Number of thunderstorm days, Baroda: 8

  • LP not as per IS 2309 / NFPA 780- identify critical plants / areas and install LP for critical plants / buildings

    • Buildings

    • EHV test stations

Surge protection l.jpg

Most modern electronic systems are at risk:

  • computers

  • data communication networks

  • building management systems

  • PABX telephone exchanges

  • CCTV equipment

  • fire and burglar alarms

  • telecom base stations

  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

  • programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • plant sensors

  • telemetry and data acquisition equipment.

Surge Protection

Ensure surge protection for your EPBAX, DoT lines, UPS & Communication equipment

Slide44 l.jpg

More ES Products

  • Non-Contact type voltage detector (magnetic field)

  • Plug-In Wiring Checker (detects 14 wiring defects, ideal for testing sockets, BS 1363, faulty N, missing E, reverse P& N)

  • Videoscanner, Metalliscanner (detects metallic pipes, conduits, rebar, within 15” concrete)

Slide45 l.jpg

Automatic Fire D&E System

  • Fire Trace - local flooding application inside electrical switch gears / power panels- detects heat and the heat -sensitive tube punctures, letting out Ozone-friendly fire extinguishing gas

Slide46 l.jpg

Linear Heat Sensing Cables

  • * Advantageous than detectors, more effective

  • Consists of two cores separated by heat sensitive insulation

  • LHSC applications:

    • Cable trays in cable galleries

    • Transformers

    • Switch gears

Slide47 l.jpg


  • Arcs - temperatures up to 20,000 degree C, Sun’s outer temperature- 5000 degree C

  • No material on earth can withstand arc temperature

  • RCCBs cannot detect arcing faults

  • AFCIs - the innovative ES device after RCCBs

  • AFCIs detects arcing waveforms and trips

  • AFCIs - mandatory in all US homes from 2002 January onwards

Slide48 l.jpg

Arcing Waveforms

A loose wire at one terminal of a light bulb.

Arcing generated by a loose wire at a screw terminal.

Slide49 l.jpg


Cholamandalam Risk Services Ltd.