Going hollywood
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Going Hollywood! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Going Hollywood!. How it all began. Created By: Amanda Woodruff CS-138. GOING. How it all Works. America’s talent. Alex Park’s Desire to Help others. Team of experts. Going Hollywood!. Transforming the Business. Alex park wants to transform the Entertainment industry by helping

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Going Hollywood!

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Going hollywood

Going Hollywood!

How it all began

Created By:

Amanda Woodruff


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How it all works

How it all Works



Alex Park’s

Desire to

Help others

Team of




Transforming the business

Transforming the Business

Alex park wants to transform the

Entertainment industry by helping

Talented Americans get noticed by

Big companies. One of the ways

Plans on making such a difference

Is by using an internet based

Database system. This will allow for

Much easier access to resumes for

Actors. It will also be more organized

And comprehensive than the old

Version of file folders and cabinets.

Jump for joy

Jump for Joy

This is how happy people

Get when they realize that

How much Going Hollywood

Can help them!

Our primary goal

Our Primary Goal

Going Hollywood

wants to find people

with extraordinary

talent and showcase

that to the



Main focus

Main Focus

Alex wants to take you

Out of the group and

Help you stand out to

the biggest

Production companies

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Design Manager:

Amanda Woodruff

Alex Park


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