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© James Davis, China Grove Middle School / 2008 . START. upporting. raining. nd. etaining. eachers. Beth Duncan, Assistant Principal James Davis, Principal Rowan-Salisbury School System. Quick Hits / Housekeeping. Comfortable Style of Approach Questions that you have

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© James Davis, China Grove Middle School / 2008







Beth Duncan, Assistant Principal

James Davis, Principal

Rowan-Salisbury School System

Quick hits housekeeping l.jpg

Quick Hits / Housekeeping

  • Comfortable Style of Approach

  • Questions that you have

  • Handout with Highlights (notes) *

  • Nod YES / SMILE

  • Focus: Simplicity and Action

  • Some items will SPIRAL

  • Teaching to TASK, not to TIME


    ULTIMATE GOAL:Find something that you CAN replicate & thank you for being here…

    *Entire presentation online and available

Why this topic l.jpg

Why this topic?

Why Focus on this Group?

-In NC, 60% of teachers will leave the profession between years 1 and 4 (majority in 3 and 4).

-Nationally, rates range from 20% to 50%, depending upon the operational definition

-75% report that they leave because of a lack of administrative support / realistic assistance

Why Focus on this Group?

-This is where you can your “Greatest Impact”

Background information l.jpg

Background Information

  • The Study Site…


    -student population

    -academic capabilities

    -free and reduced lunch

    -EC population / ELL population

  • What was happening with our beginning teachers…

  • The need for action / Our plan…

Creation of the newest titans l.jpg

Creation of the “NEWEST TITANS”

  • Started with 1st/ 2nd year teachers

  • Picked up by County

  • Expanded to 3rd, and 4th year teachers (teacher request)

Our guiding principles l.jpg

Our Guiding Principles

  • We will protect your time*

  • We will always remain realistic

  • We sharenothing unless we have done it ourselves

  • Unless it is illegal or immoral, we will SAYYES*

  • If you have a NEED, we will meet

    that need

Monthly sessions l.jpg

Monthly Sessions


Student Discipline

Classroom Management

Invitational Classrooms

Parent Conferences / Involvement

An Attitude of Gratitude

Creative Teaching Strategies / Integration

Exceptional Learners / Differentiation

*Allow your group to select some of the topics---ask them what they want…

*Sample presentation to follow

Newest titans january 2008 l.jpg

NEWEST TITANSJanuary, 2008



Quick activity l.jpg

Quick Activity

What is differentiation?

What is it NOT?

Differentiation for ec ell learners l.jpg

Differentiation for EC / ELL learners

  • Strategy One: Mark Out!

  • Strategy Two: Hit the HIGHLIGHTS!

  • Strategy Three: Second Glance!

    *Email Disclaimer

Differentiation for aig learners l.jpg

Differentiation for AIG learners

  • Strategy One: Student Contracts

  • Strategy Two: TIC TAC TOE / RAFT

  • Strategy Three: GROUPING / GRADING

All kids l.jpg


Characteristics of a differentiated classroom l.jpg

Characteristics of a Differentiated Classroom:

  • Instruction stresses understanding or sense making rather than retention and regurgitation of

  • Varied learning options

  • On-going assessment of student readiness and growth are built into curriculum

  • Flexible grouping (alone, pairs, and groups)

  • Students are active explorers while teachers guide the exploration

Strategies for managing a differentiated classroom l.jpg

Strategies for Managing a Differentiated Classroom

  • Use of multiple texts and supplementary materials

  • Interest centers

  • Learning contracts

  • Tasks and products designed with a multiple intelligence orientation

  • Graduated task and product rubrics

  • Group investigation

Index card activity l.jpg


  • Davis, Duncan, and Directions!

Video l.jpg


Closing l.jpg


  • Questions?

  • Comments?

  • Concerns?

  • Needs?

So what s the difference l.jpg

So, what’s the difference?

  • How is your program different?

  • What new strategies do you have?

  • What new incentives have you included?

  • What makes things better?


    Has it worked?

Additional strategies what makes this different l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?


Administrative Presenters

Additional strategies what makes this different20 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?




Additional strategies what makes this different21 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?


Workday Assistance

Additional strategies what makes this different22 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?


Encouraging the Heart Component

Personal Notes

Parent Quotes

Student Quotes


Call home

Additional strategies what makes this different23 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?




Student Enrollment

Room Changes

Additional strategies what makes this different24 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?



Composition Book



Additional strategies what makes this different25 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?



Additional strategies what makes this different26 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?


Restructure Human Resources / Lead Teacher

Front Office





Additional strategies what makes this different27 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?


“Think Outside

the Box”

Housing / Maps


Christmas Dinner

Gift cards (tough times)

Scholarships (PTA)

Matching Days

Additional strategies what makes this different28 l.jpg

Additional Strategies:What Makes this Different?



Off campus

Topic Choice

Arrival Baskets


Pay for lunch

Start Late

End Early

Gift Cards



Motivating and inspiring yourself l.jpg

Motivating and Inspiring Yourself

  • Our Purpose, the Agenda, the Format, My Main “LOSER” Rule, Here we go…

Beginning with the end in mind l.jpg

Beginning with the END in mind…

  • “The Bridge to Wholeness”

  • Circle the qualities you already possess

  • Place a CHECK beside those that you want to improve upon

  • Select THREE to improve upon

  • Place on INDEX CARD

  • Plan: As we discuss, keep those in mind

Tips from james l.jpg



  • Remember the Loser Rule

  • Take Notes as Needed

Tip 1 hall duty l.jpg

Tip #1: Hall Duty

Tip 2 pe l.jpg

Tip #2: PE

Tip 3 doorway greetings l.jpg

Tip #3: Doorway Greetings

Tip 4 the media center l.jpg

Tip #4: The Media Center

Tip 5 technology l.jpg

Tip #5: Technology

Tip 6 watch co workers l.jpg

Tip #6: Watch Co-Workers

Tip 7 keepsake folder l.jpg

Tip #7: Keepsake Folder

Tip 8 to do list l.jpg

Tip #8: TO-DO List

Tip 9 speak up out l.jpg

Tip #9: SPEAK UP / OUT

Tip 10 take a day 2 l.jpg

Tip #10: Take a DAY (2)

James quote l.jpg

James’ Quote

“Don’t talk about it…

BE about it.”

Inspiring yourself l.jpg

Inspiring Yourself

  • Hand out colored folders

  • Allow time to read*

  • Why NO NAMES?*

  • Mentor, Administrator, Several students, a Parent, and someone from another grade level…

Final activity l.jpg

Final Activity

  • “Love and the Cabbie”

  • Importance: Inspiring / Motivating Yourself


Final words l.jpg

Final Words

I think the world of each of you. With that said, for the benefit of students, I would never encourage you to stay in the field of education if I did not think that you had something very valuable to offer. It is mandatory that you do things to motivate and inspire yourself. Be proactive and looks for ways to be a better educator / professional. You deserve to come to a job and be happy every day…more importantly, our kids deserve it. You are great teachers…now go get better and let me know how I can help.

Next up l.jpg

Next Up…

  • How did you pay for this?

  • Who helped?

  • What did the teachers say?

  • Plan on any changes?

  • Any other tips / suggestions?

Budgets year one l.jpg

BUDGETS (year one)

Additional resources l.jpg

Additional Resources

  • PTSO Requests

  • UNCC Partnership

  • Principal’s Budget

  • Parent Email Group

  • GRANTS (local)

  • Directors / Supervisors

  • Priority: Beginning Teachers

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Teacher Feedback

I was glad that we focused on student discipline and creative teaching. This made me realize that one is as necessary as the other. It’s had a real impact on my classroom. -C. Andrews, First Year

My classroom is so much better after the invitational classroom session. Thank you for making that one of our focuses. My room is more inviting and also reflective of my student’s hard work. I love it and the kids actually like being in the room! -K. Dain, First Year

I loved the book study. Thank you for not only having us read it, but also for sharing specific things that you did in your classroom. I walked away with more than 15 strategies that I could implement in my classroom immediately. Great work session! I could never leave this school! Laura High, First Year / Lateral Entry

With more than 20 years of experience, I have never seen a better attempt at supporting beginning teachers. It is practically impossible for a teacher to fail here. Way to go! -Beth Duncan, Mentor / Lead Teacher NCMS

Upcoming changes l.jpg

Upcoming Changes

Tips suggestions l.jpg


  • Solicit help early

  • Better utilize staff members

  • Secure funding early

  • Ask for feedback regularly

Closure l.jpg


  • Questions?

  • Comments?

  • Snide Remarks?


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