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Welcome Form 90 Processing & Routing PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Form 90 Processing & Routing. Thank You …for all of your hard work throughout the year on behalf of our fellowship recipients!. Email to [email protected] Graduate School Fellowships Christal Musser (42598) Ted Daniels (47056) Other Fellowships Christal Musser (42598)

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Welcome Form 90 Processing & Routing

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Welcome form 90 processing routing l.jpg

WelcomeForm 90 Processing & Routing

Slide2 l.jpg

Thank You

…for all of your hard work throughout the year

on behalf of our fellowship recipients!

Form 90 first contacts l.jpg

Email to [email protected]

Graduate School Fellowships

Christal Musser (42598)

Ted Daniels (47056)

Other Fellowships

Christal Musser (42598)

Amaka Anaza (44856)

Form 90 First Contacts

Fellowship insurance first contacts l.jpg


Debi Olson (63998)

Angela Provo (63998)

Joyce Roosz

Graduate School

Christal Musser (42598)

Fellowship Insurance First Contacts

Form 90 training objectives l.jpg

Update on new processes

Changes to the Form 90

Focus Areas

Form 90 Training Objectives

Reference material l.jpg

Graduate School Fellowship Resource Webpage


Fellowship Manual

Form 90 (PDF)

Graduate School Fellowship/Assistantship Quick Facts

Fellowship Offer Letter Template

Graduate Tuition and Fee Assignment Procedures

Administration of Tuition and Fee Scholarships and use of COPA

Reference Material

Slide7 l.jpg

June 5, 2007

4:30 p.m.

at the

Graduate School Fellowship Office

New Form 90 web address:


(Forms approved by the due date are guaranteed to be submitted to the Bursar before fees are billed to students.)

DUE DATE for GS Form 90

Changes to the process l.jpg

Online enrollment for fellowship insurance

Changes to the Process

Form 90 sections a b l.jpg

Department/Program name and number of the Student (One Purdue updates)

Indicate Fellowship or Assistantship

Implication of fellowship vs. assistantship (Financial Aid)

Form 90 : Sections A & B

Form 90 section c l.jpg


Graduate School Fellowship/Assistantship Quick Facts sheet (green sheet)

Graduate Tuition Scholarship Chapter of Fellowship Manual

Form 90 : Section C

Form 90 section c11 l.jpg

Account number – One Purdue

enter Acct 1 or Acct 2

Removed GS as a payment option

Form 90 : Section C

Form 90 section d l.jpg

Removed “Handle through PAIS” and “From other Fund Center”– One Purdue

check box and enter amount

Added Benefits and Insurance line (account set-up)

Insurance – Use $916.00 as the new rate

Form 90 : Section D

Form 90 box d l.jpg

Stipend Calculations

Manually enter total sponsor stipend

Supplement line is populated from D 1

Fringe benefits line calculates on its own if it is marked as an assistantship on D2

Insurance populates from D 2

Form 90: Box D

Form 90 box d continued l.jpg

Total annual stipend automatically calculates

Manually enter total months paid

Tab through to calculate “Total Monthly Stipend” to finish Box D

Partial Year Calculations

use new amount and current months

Form 90: Box D, continued

Form 90: Box D, continued

Form 90 section e l.jpg

Account set-up information

Enter Sponsor, Fellowship Start and End Date (effective period), and PI name.

Enter Existing or New Account number

Total SPS award automatically populates from Box D

Special Instructions

Form 90 : Section E

Form 90 section f l.jpg

Approvals indicated by appropriate signaturesPlease include a phone number

Always route Form 90 to the Graduate School

Form 90 : Section F

Fellowship pa form l.jpg

The 10-F is being replaced by the Fellowship PA Form

Follow the procedures presented last week in the HR Implementation Sessions


Fellowship PA Form

Fellowship administered as an assistantship l.jpg

Fellowship Administered as an Assistantship

Fellowship with additional appt l.jpg

Fellowship with additional appt.

Slide20 l.jpg

Comments from the Departments

Example 1 external fellowship l.jpg

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Year 2 of 3

Annual Stipend $30,000

COPA $10,500

Determine Award type

In this case it would be provided Graduate Tuition Scholarships

Example #1 – External Fellowship

Example 2 gs recruitment fellowship with an additional assistantship l.jpg

Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship with an additional assistantship in the fall only

Year 1 of 2

Annual Salary provided by Graduate School $14,772

School supplement $4000

On hold for the summer while student is on an internship

Each semester’s tuition and fees are able to be addressed separately

Example #2 – GS Recruitment Fellowship with an Additional Assistantship

Example 3 gs endowed fellowship l.jpg

Bilsland Strategic Initiatives Fellowship

Year 1 of 1

Annual Stipend provided by Graduate School $18,000

Insurance $916

Domestic Student

Example #3 – GS Endowed Fellowship

Example 4 institutional commitment l.jpg


Year 1 of 2

Annual Stipend – Paid directly to student by sponsor

Insurance – Paid for by sponsor

Tuition and fees paid by sponsor (third party billing)

Technology Fee not assessed

Example #4 – Institutional Commitment

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