the sport of football
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The sport of Football

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The sport of Football - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The sport of Football Jean-Francois Charette and Madeleine Gagnon Target Audience This presentation is part of a lesson outline aimed for a grade 6 Phys Ed and Health class. The subject is on international soccer.

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the sport of football

The sport of Football

Jean-Francois Charette and

Madeleine Gagnon

target audience
Target Audience
  • This presentation is part of a lesson outline aimed for a grade 6 Phys Ed and Health class. The subject is on international soccer.
  • Use of technology: during classroom phys ed teaching, power point presentations is an original way to present a subject. Students can also use technology (internet) to browse for information.
lesson plan
Lesson Plan
  • Students will be able to:

-Learn the origins, laws and key

players of the game

-Problem solving as a group

-Discover the possibilities that soccer offers

origins of the sport
Origins of the sport
  • Soccer was invented in 1863 in England with official rules.
  • Before official rules were invented, people were playing a game were they would kick a ball with their feet. This was in China in 300 B.C.
laws of the game
Laws of the game
  • 2 teams try to score in the opponent\'s goal by passing it over the goal line in between the goal posts.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands* (EXCEPT the goaltender)
equipment needed
Equipment needed
  • Playing soccer is pretty simple, you need:
    • A playing area
    • A ball
    • 2 goals
    • Players
significance for other countries
Significance for other countries
  • In many countries of Europe and South America, soccer (or football) is the national pass time.
  • In 2004, when Greece won the Euro Cup, the entire Greek community of Montreal was celebrating in the streets with their flags proudly showing their colors.
attendance in europe
Attendance in Europe
  • During a soccer game between Arsenal and Real Madrid, ……… fans show up to cheer for their team.

A) 10 000

B) 50 000

C) 80 000

D) 120 000

attendance in canada
Attendance in Canada
  • During a soccer game between Vancouver White Caps against Montreal Impact, ……… fans show up to cheer for their team.

A) 5 000

B) 10 000

C) 15 000

D) 20 000

multiple choice
Multiple Choice
  • Manchester United soccer team is nicknamed ………

A) The Kings

B) The Red Devils

C) The Habs

D) The Rich Cherries.

true or false
True or False?
  • Manchester United fans are also know as Hooligans.
  • The Euro Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world.
  • Spain has won the most World Cup tournaments since it began in 1930.
  • TRUE: Manchester United fans are also know as Hooligans
  • FALSE: The biggest soccer tournament in the world is the World Cup. It takes place every 4 years, just like the Olympic Games. The Euro Cup includes European countries exclusively.
  • FALSE: Brazil has won five world cups which is the most any team has won. Spain has never won the World Cup
  • Member of the Gold Medal winning U.S. Women\'s National Team at the 1996
  • The youngest member of the 1991 women\'s world championship team, at the age of 19
answer mia hamm
Answer: Mia Hamm
  • She was once a two-time national collegiate player of the year for the University of North Carolina.
  • She was on the 1996 and 2004 Olympic gold medal winning U.S. team as well as the 1999 World Cup team.
? ? ? ?
  • Was born in Portugal and plays for the national team.
  • Plays for Real Madrid during the regular season
  • Is known for his great ball control and scoring abilities.
problem solving
Problem Solving
  • Name 3 benefits of playing the sport of soccer and justify them.
  • In groups of 3
possible answers
Possible answers
  • Cardiovascular fitness: a soccer player runs an average of 3 miles per game. This is very good for the heart!
  • Agility: Agility is important for balancing your body and your hand-eye coordination. When is this useful to you?
possible answers20
Possible Answers
  • Socializing: soccer players are respectful to their opponents and display sportsmanship in every game situation (ex: end of game t-shirt exchange)
  • Available to all: even the most disadvantaged countries can make up a soccer ball and two goals to play with. This makes soccer the most widely played sport on the planet.