Ten stages of empowerment how to have it
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Ten stages of Empowerment How to have it?. For forecasting and assessing business - I must be able to comprehend through a panoramic view of the working environment. This is the first stage of empowerment. OPDI facilitates to Comprehend through Business Systems.

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For forecasting and assessing business - I must be able to comprehend through a panoramic view of the working environment.This is the first stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitates toComprehendthrough Business Systems.

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For recording of facts and evidences based on happenings and outcomes of business – I must be able to have inside and outside details of the organization in an easy-to-understand format. This is the second stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitates to Documentthrough Functions and Processes.

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For relating business outcomes and its consequential effects – I must be able to arrive at a framework without loose ends in the working of the organization.This is the third stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoInter-relatethrough Process Integration.

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For thinking process leading to decision process – I must be able to depict clear by the flow of work in the text process.This is the fourth stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoDepict through Workflow.

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For evolving and deriving result-oriented approaches – I must be able to ignite my imagination.This is the fifth stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoConceptualize through Basic Case Analysis.

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For seeking alternative approaches and arriving at a concrete working base – I must be able to have well-documented standardized working details to act as a comparable base.This is the sixth stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitates toStandardizethrough Process Re-engineering.

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For transferring ideas into practice – I must be well prepared to effect transition.This is the seventh stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoTransitthrough Functional Business Cases.

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For welcoming newer ideas towards betterment – I must be able to go beyond the current issues, think above them, and look for change.This is the eight stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoPerceivethrough Change Management Systems and Methodologies.

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For saving on spending – I must be able to draw new plans for more outcomes on the same spending.This is the ninth stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitates toExplorethrough Productivity Cases.

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For encountering new situations– I must be able to visualize things, based on day to day affairs and crises.This is the tenth stage of empowerment.OPDI facilitatestoPrepare through Dynamic Business Cases.