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Rhode Island’s Quarter

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Rhode Island’s Quarter. The Process. U.S. Mint contacts Governor Almond Governor Almond establishes a selection process Selection panel solicits design ideas from Rhode Islanders Panel makes recommendations to Governor Almond Governor sends three to five recommen-dations to the Mint.

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the process
The Process
  • U.S. Mint contacts Governor Almond
  • Governor Almond establishes a selection process
  • Selection panel solicits design ideas from Rhode Islanders
  • Panel makes recommendations to Governor Almond
  • Governor sends three to five recommen-dations to the Mint
the selection panel
The Selection Panel
  • At the Governor’s request, the State Arts Council will convene a seven-member selection panel to review design concepts for the Rhode Island quarter.
members of the selection panel
Members of the Selection Panel
  • Chairman of the State Arts Council
  • President of the Rhode Island School of Design
  • Chairman of the Rhode Island Historical & Preservation Commission
members of the selection panel5
Members of the Selection Panel
  • A Rhode Island numismatist
  • A representative of the Rhode Island design community
  • A representative of the Governor’s Office
  • Senator John Chafee or his designee, in recognition of Senator Chafee’s role in introducing the Commemorative Coin legislation in the United States Senate
coin concepts mint conditions
Coin Concepts -- “Mint Conditions”
  • Designs shall maintain “a dignity befitting the Nation’s coinage”.
  • Designs shall have “a broad appeal” and avoid “controversial subjects or symbols likely to offend”.
  • Suitable subject matter include “State Landmarks”, “landscapes”, “historically significant buildings”, “state icons” and outlines of the state.
coin concepts mint conditions7
Coin Concepts -- “Mint Conditions”
  • “No head and shoulder portrait or bust” may be included.
  • State mottos are acceptable, but other inscriptions should not be included.
  • Priority will be given to designs and concepts that are “enduring representations” of the State, since coins have a commercial lifespan of at least 30 years and are collected for generations.
  • Rhode Island residents of all ages are encouraged to submit coin concepts
  • Deadline for submissions is May 14th, by 4:30pm
  • Each coin concept must be accompanied by a written description, no longer than 100 words in length, which describes the reasons for consideration of the concept.
  • Include the name, address, and daytime telephone number of the individual who submitted the coin concept.
  • Individuals may submit only one coin concept.
  • Coin concepts must be submitted on paper no larger than 8 1/2” x 11”.
  • No slides, film, transparencies or three-dimensional designs or photography will be accepted.
  • Coin concepts must meet the federal design concept parameters.
submission deadline
Submission deadline
  • Coin concepts must actually be received by 4:30pm on May 14, 1999. Concepts post-marked that date but not received will not be accepted.
  • No late entries will be accepted.
what happens then
What Happens Then?
  • The Selection Panel meets in early June.
  • It reviews all the design concepts and sends Governor Almond five recommendations
  • Governor Almond announces the five design concepts to be forwarded to the U.S. Mint
what happens then13
What Happens Then?
  • The U.S. Mint’s design people produce drawings of all the design concepts.
  • The Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee (a federal committee) reviews the drawings and recommends candidate designs.
  • The U.S. Fine Arts Commission (another federal committee) reviews the candidate designs.
what happens then14
What Happens Then?
  • Candidate designs will be presented to the Secretary of the Treasury for review and approval.
  • The Mint will then return approved designs to Governor Almond for selection of the final State design.
final design selection citizen input
Final Design Selection -- Citizen Input
  • Governor Almond will present the finalist designs to the citizens of Rhode Island.
  • At that point, Rhode Islanders will be encouraged to “cast their vote” for the design of the Rhode Island quarter
cast your vote
“Cast Your Vote”
  • Rhode Islanders will cast their vote:
    • Through a special fax line
    • Through an Internet poll over Governor Almond’s web site
    • Via a mail-in form available through the media
  • The highest vote-getter will be Rhode Island’s choice for the Rhode Island quarter.
contribute your design concept
Contribute Your Design Concept
  • By fax: 222-2055
  • By email: [email protected]
  • Via the Web: http://www.risca.state.ri.us/coin.html
  • Also, information on this project can be found on the Governor’s web site (www.gov.state.ri.us) and the State Arts Council web site (www.risca.state.ri.us)