moves management a primer
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Moves Management: A Primer

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Moves Management: A Primer. What is Moves Management?. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there...” Moves Management - A system, a process and a plan for building a relationship that moves individual prospects to engaged, passionate donors. Major Gifts.

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what is moves management
What is Moves Management?

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there...”

Moves Management- A system, a process and a plan for building a relationship that moves individual prospects to engaged, passionate donors.

connectivity matrix

Major Gifts








Passion for your Organization

Created by Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, Inc. 2005

what is a move
What is a Move?
  • Specifically tailored to the individual – Donor Centered
  • Increases engagement
  • Increases involvement
  • Increases your understanding of the donor
  • Advance your strategies and goals
  • Leads to solicitation
  • Results in gift.
setting criteria for major gifts moves
Setting Criteria for Major Gifts Moves
  • Identify types of moves
  • Contacts- meaningful – has to make progress in relationship
  • Moves add new information
  • Moves help present the case, introduce leadership
  • Moves result in presenting a proposal or making an ask.
how do you measure success
How do you Measure Success?

It must be Quantifiable:

  • Number of solicitations and success rate
  • Amount of money raised towards MGI

As a “trickle down”, you should have:

  • More engaged donors
  • More annual gifts
  • Better attendance at events.
providing guidelines
Providing Guidelines
  • Set dollar goals
  • Determine number of solicitations
  • Guidelines for meaningful contacts monthly
  • Regular staff assessments – what is working?
benchmarks for a good major gifts officer
Benchmarks for a Good Major Gifts Officer
  • Prospect base – up to 150
  • Expectations:
    • One-third in active movement toward solicitation
    • One-third moving from small annual gifts to major gifts
    • One-third “suspects” being qualified and introduced
  • 40-50 solicitations annually.
transforming members into donors
Transforming Members into Donors
  • Requires marketing research on members
  • Requires assigning members donor motivation codes
  • Requires tailoring communications and programs to the psychological profiles of members – not only their membership $$ level.
members believe donors believe
Primary: What’s in it for me?


Primary: Museum positively impacts my community


Upper level donors gain more access to the collections

Members Believe Donors Believe
membership program development program
Event driven – openings, receptions

Benefits include free admission, magazine

Affiliation – “I am a member of”



Broadly Educational

Ask for support for a particular program

Treats donors as motivated beyond benefits

Affiliation with donor group


Transformative gifts towards Vision

Opportunities for personal contact.

Membership Program Development Program
marketing research
Marketing Research
  • How well do you know your members?
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Demographic profiles
    • Psychographic profiles “Looking Glass”
    • Interviews
    • Tracking visits, ticket purchases, events.
wealth and philanthropy screening
Wealth and Philanthropy Screening
  • MaGIC
  • Interviews with volunteers
  • Newspaper articles
  • Google
  • Research staff position
  • Lists of donors to similar organizations.
traditional stewardship models
Traditional Stewardship Models
  • Producer’s Circle
  • Patron Member
  • “your $1000 donors”
  • Mrs. Betty Smith Legacy Society.
what is a donor centered program
What is a Donor-Centered Program?
  • Designing programs based on an understanding of the donor
  • See things from their perspective.
psychology of a donor
Psychology of a Donor

What motivates someone?

psychology of a donor18
Psychology of a Donor

What motivates someone to give?

donor motivational segmentation
Donor Motivational Segmentation

Understanding what motivates your members and donors.

seven faces of philanthropists
Seven Faces of Philanthropists

Written in 1994 by Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File – based on research of motivational segmentation.

the communitarian
The Communitarian
  • Doing Good Makes Sense
the devout
The Devout
  • Doing Good is God’s Will
the investor
The Investor
  • Doing Good is Good Business
the socialite
The Socialite
  • Doing Good is Fun
the altruist
The Altruist
  • Doing Good Feels Right
the repayer
The Repayer
  • Doing Good in Return
the dynast
The Dynast
  • Doing Good is a Family Tradition
determine the station s motivational segmentation
Determine the Station’s Motivational Segmentation
  • What areas will you use for segmentation?
    • Collection focus?
    • Community focus?
    • Family legacy?
    • Socialite
    • Interest in education?
    • Interest in outreach?
utilizing your database as a development tool
Utilizing Your Database as a Development Tool
  • PBS examples
    • Pledge drives with “Brit com” coding
    • Ability to track and pull reports on how a member is utilizing benefits
    • Tracking events and premium purchases.
coding member and donor records
Coding Member and Donor Records
  • Include event codes, interest codes, on individual member records.
  • Database coding of individual records makes it possible to pull all members interested in photography.
  • Create donor cultivation and recognition events and programs that bring together people by motivation NOT only their giving level.
  • Example: all photography enthusiasts may be invited to a private photography lecture whether they are $500 donors or $5000 donors.
getting the best biggest gifts
Getting the Best: Biggest Gifts

Requires a lot or “Rights”

  • The Right Strategy
  • The Right person asking
    • For the Right project
    • And the Right amount
    • At the Right time