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KSProductions Monica Brady, Stephen Kelly, Leah Larson, Taylor Names April 23, 2008 Key Points Market and opportunity size Unique concept Expertise Launching Concepts America’s Next MVP You Got Game? Kids Sports Extravaganza Features and Benefits Tween appropriate sports programming

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Monica brady stephen kelly leah larson taylor names l.jpg


Monica Brady, Stephen Kelly, Leah Larson, Taylor Names

April 23, 2008

Key points l.jpg
Key Points

  • Market and opportunity size

  • Unique concept

  • Expertise

Launching concepts l.jpg
Launching Concepts

America’s Next MVP

You Got Game?

Kids Sports Extravaganza

Features and benefits l.jpg
Features and Benefits

  • Tween appropriate sports programming

    • -Self esteem

    • -Relate to the community

    • -Bonding between parents and kids

  • Audience contributed content

    • -Pride of ownership

    • -Feeling of accomplishment

  • Life lessons

    • -Broadens intellectual

    • & emotional development

Opportunity l.jpg

Addressable market:

24 million tweens

  • Trends:

  • 82%: Watch sports on TV

  • TV still the most accessed media for sports

  • Advertisers looking for new ways to reach tween market

The void l.jpg
The Void

  • 40% of tweens: Not enough programming

  • Audience survey responses

    • 54%: ESPN is boring!

    • 11%: Like ESPN enough to watch regularly

Competition l.jpg

Tween Entertainment

Sports Content

Management l.jpg

  • Key officers

    • Passion

    • Strategic thinking

    • Tween market expertise

  • Looking for…

    • CEO/Executive Producer

    • CFO

  • Board of Advisors

    • Positive track record

    • Well connected and experience in TV industry

Revenue streams l.jpg
Revenue Streams

  • Licensing Flat Fees


    • $10,000-$17,500 flat fee per 30 minute episode

  • Advertising Revenue


    • Advertising time split with network (50%)

    • Advertising costs: $1,000-$3,000 per minute

Financial summary l.jpg
Financial Summary

Revenue in Thousands

Profitability l.jpg

Net Earnings



Risks l.jpg



Concept won’t get picked up by major network

  • Connections from:

    • Executive Producer

    • Board of Advisors

Programming not popular among tweens

  • Identify disconnect

  • Create new shows

Competitors develop sports programming for tweens

  • Knowledge of target market

  • Innovation

Finale l.jpg

Unique concept

  • Expertise and innovation

    • Creates sustainable competitive advantage

  • Profitability

Competition18 l.jpg

  • Direct: currently produce television programming for kids

    • 4Kids: targets ages 6-14, well known shows, mostly cartoons, connection with established network

    • HiT: targets ages 3-8, well established reputation, cartoon programming

    • World Productions: targets ages 6-14, animated and reality programming

Competition19 l.jpg

  • Indirect: produce sports content through other media channels

    • startup website with instructional videos, clips, and information for athletes, coaches, and parents

    • EA Sports: successful video game producer, including wide array of sports topics, for all ages, but is geared towards older audience

    • Sports Illustrated for Kids: reputable magazine targeted to kids age 5-14

Management20 l.jpg

  • Creative Director: Monica Brady

    • Management expertise

    • Strong interpersonal relationship skills

  • Sales Manager: Stephen Kelly

    • Marketing expertise

    • Persuasive and networking skills

  • Marketing Manager: Leah Larson

    • Marketing expertise

    • Strategic thinking skills

  • Bookkeeper: Taylor Names

    • Engineering expertise

    • Great with numbers

  • Target audience surveys l.jpg
    Target Audience Surveys

    Sports Interests

    Playing sports outside 83%

    Playing sports video games 43%

    Watching sports on TV 34%

    Reading a sports magazine 20%

    Visiting sports websites 14%

    Show Concepts

    Create own games 43%

    Reality 37%

    Broadcast 34%

    Interviews 29%

    Instructional 26%

    Regarding ESPN

    Super boring 54%

    Kind of fun 31%

    Totally awesome 11%

    Watch ESPN

    Never 43%

    1-3 times/week 40%

    4-6 times/week 17%

    Parent surveys l.jpg
    Parent Surveys

    Ave. level of concern with age appropriate programming for children: 4

    Ave. level of concern with aspects of current sports programming:

    Alcohol ads 3.5

    Sexy/risqué ads 3.8

    Foul language 3.3

    Violence 4.3

    Ave. influence of kids in cable package bought: 3

    *all questions above ranked on scale of 1 to 5

    Current age appropriate kids television programming- Discovery channel, Disney, cartoons, game shows, sports

    Is current sports programming appropriate?: 17% said no, and all the ones that said yes had stipulations such as: if professional, except for some ads, and not some violence (like wrestling)

    Sports activities with kids besides talking: coaching, watching sports, playing sports together, or going to games

    Benefits for kids from involvement with sports: teamwork, confidence, socialization skills, dedication and persistence, gracious winning and losing, respect, responsibility, fun, making friends, and keeping kids safe/out of trouble

    Key milestones l.jpg
    Key Milestones

    • NOVEMBER 2008

      • Begin Operations

      • Develop programming concepts

    • DECEMBER 2008

      • Hire high profile CEO/Executive Producer

    • APRIL 2009

      • First concept is picked up by network

    • JUNE 2009

      • Second and third concepts picked up

    Operations plan l.jpg
    Operations Plan

    • Subcontractors

      • Film Crew (lighting, sound, camera)

      • Editors

      • Talent (Actors, voiceovers)

    • In House

      • Directors

      • Producers

      • Writers