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Introduction of the National Science & Technology Program for e-Learning Gwo-Dong Chen National Science & Technology Program Office for e-Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Introduction of the National Science & Technology Program for e-Learning Gwo-Dong Chen National Science & Technology Program Office for e-Learning Ideas of the e-learning program Expert Participation, Standard Promotion and Quality Insurance Purposes Develop Industry Reinforce R&D

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Introduction of the National Science & Technology Program for e-Learning Gwo-Dong Chen National Science & Technology Program Office for e-Learning

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Introduction of

the National Science & Technology Program for e-Learning

Gwo-Dong Chen

National Science & Technology Program Office for e-Learning

Ideas of the e-learning program

Expert Participation, Standard Promotion

and Quality Insurance

  • Purposes

  • Develop Industry

  • Reinforce R&D

  • Domestic Welfare




  • Enhance citizens ability in profession, art and culture

  • Enlarge Market Size

  • Cultivate Government e-learning ability

  • Network Science Park

  • Assist and Award

  • Market Expansion

Research &


E-Learning for


Industry &


Purposes Governmental participators

National Palace Museum, Council for Cultural Affairs

Council of Labor Affairs, Department of Health

Ministry of Education

Council for Hakka Affairs, Council of Indigenous People

E-Learning for


Industry &


Ministry of Economic Affairs

Industrial Development Bureau

National Science Council

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Dep. of Industrial Technology

Research &


E-Learning for


NPM e-Learning Course by National Palace Museum

An hollowed out elephant tooth ball

E-Learning for


History of Ancient Architecture (Council for Cultural Affairs)

E-Learning for


Residential safety e-Learning for Labor

Council of Labor Affairs

E-Learning for


Some websites produced by Council of Labor Affairs

  • Learning Portal


  • Websites

    • E-learning for labor education httpt://

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Training for work

  • Instant Skill Certification

  • E-Learning website for labors

  • E-Learning coupons

E-Learning for


Courses made by Department of Health

cirrhosis (of the liver), diabetes, ophthalmology,

high blood pressure, apoplexy, asthma, rheumatic

Spirit problem, kidney problem, fat, lost mind

Industry Development

  • Strategies

    • Demand Side Driven

    • Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation

      • Standards

      • Quality Certifications

      • Best Practices

    • Network Science Park

      • Learning Portal

      • Knowledge Forum

Industrial Results

  • Average CAGR is 67% in Taiwan, above the IDC prediction of global CAGR (26.6%)

  • Data Source: IDC worldwide Corporate eLearning, P.7(2004, December)

In Standard

  • Cooperate with ADL, form Taiwan Partnership Co-Lab

  • An International standard organization, IMS, invited us join the definition of Chinese e-learning standard

  • SCORM is a common consensus of standard in Taiwan

In Quality Insurance

Domestic experts help define, review and enhance e-learning qualities

  • Define three level qualities, labeled ‘A’ ‘AA’ ‘AAA’

  • Becoming ISO C36

  • Products got certificated, got popular in Domestic and International Market

E-Learning Software DevelopmentStandard Editorial Tools for Teaching Materials for Citizen Education-Course Go!

Follow SCORM 2004/TWLOM Standard

  • Awards & Credits:

    • 2005-SCORM 2004 International Certification

    • 2006-Ministry of Education adopted Course Go! as production tools for e-Learning teaching materials for elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

    • Jan 2006-was invited by ADL to participate in The 2006 International Conference on SCORM 2004

    • 2007-helps with the construction of distributed courseware management system for TKB

  • Technical Transfer Companies:


    • 2005-Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group, Interserv international Inc.

    • 2006-Taiwan Knowledge Bank (TKB)

    • 2007-K&H MFG. CO., LTD.

Building e-Learning Industry Value Chain

  • Help Administer『K12』e-Learning Industry Value Chain Integration Project:

    • Lower managerial cost by 50% for domestic e-Learning companies.

    • Integrate upstream and downstream companies to improve international competitiveness

    • Put industry investment at 1.04 NT billions, output value estimated 6.4 NT billions by 2010。

    • Feedback project: initial investment in e-Learning worth of one billion to alleviate the deficiency of educational resource in remote areas

e-Learning Industry Value Chain for K12 education








Kang Hsuan




  • Kang HsuanTechnical Transfer:Editorial Technology of Adaptive Teaching Materials

  • InterservTechnical Transfer:Production Tools for Teaching Materials-Simulated Teaching Objects Package Technology

  • SUN NET Technical Transfer:B2B Objects Trading Technology

Web 2.0

Knowledge Map

Learning Resource


International Teaching Material Repository

Async Learning

Management of e-Learning

Nsync Learning

A Universal Brand Global Community

Digital Archie




Chinese e-learning

material and


Taiwan Chinese

Learning Industry



Future Applications: Chinese Learning Service Platform





In Collaboration with Educational Institutions to Promote Last Mile Project

Ming-hsin University ofScience and TechnologyDepartment of Information Management, Department of Computer Science, 12 courses,684 visitors

Lunghwa University of Technology  and Science

Department of Computer Science

3 courses,178 visitors

Ling Tung University

Department of Information Management

4courses, 256 visitors

Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science

Department of Information Management

15 courses, 662 visitors

There are 5 institutions, 6 departments in total participating in this project. 37 courses are being offered and the student number mount to 1,916 persons.

60.4% of trainees, which is 1,158 students took ITE test. 364 people passed the exam and the passing rate is 31.4%。

Meiho Institute of Technology

Department of Information Management

3 courses, 136 visitors

Expansion of Knowledge Net: in Alignment with e-Learning 2.0Learning environments shift from course centric to knowledge centric, and through the insertion of instructional activities, the learning platforms are more user-oriented.

Course centric

Knowledge centric

Beyond E-learning,ASTD International Conference-Dallas, May 7 and 8, 2006, Marc J.Rosenberg

Program effects: before and after

Academia Development in Taiwan

  • 80s: Computer-supported education initiated by National Science Council (NSC) & Ministry of Education

  • 90s: NSC established research groups about information education & encouraged publication in well-known international journals.

  • 2000s: Conduct large-scale e-learning relevant research activities

Executive Strategies

  • Enlarge research topics

  • Enlarge research teams

  • Enhance collaboration with international top research teams

  • Enhance academia-industry collaboration and technology transfer

Academia Status in Taiwan

  • Six SSCI e-learning Journals

    • Computers & Education

    • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

    • Educational Technology & Society

    • ETR&D-Educational Technology Research and Development

    • Innovations in Education and Teaching International

    • British Journal of Educational Technology

2001.1-2006.12Papers by country

Data Source: ISI web of science

2001.1-2006.12 Paper Citations

Data Source: ISI web of science

Pioneer Research in Taiwan

  • Learning companion

    (Tak-Wai Chan)

  • Web-based portfolio studies

    (Gwo-Dong Chen)

  • Internet literacy and ethics studies

    (Chien Chou)

  • Networked concept mapping

    (Kuo-En Chang)

  • Epistemology in networked learning

    (Chin-Chung Tsai)

Pioneer Research in Taiwan (Cont.)

  • Mobile & informal learning

    (Jin-Ping Sheu, Yao-Ting Sung)

  • Technology enhanced classroom learning

    (Cheng-Chung Liu & Tak-Wai Chan)

  • Large online learning communities

    (Shelley Young)

  • Authoring tools for teachers

    (Yao-Ting Sung)

  • Learning by posing questions

    (Fu-Yun Yu)

  • Digital language learning and distributed cognition

    (David Wible & Chin-Hwa Kuo)

Future work

  • Enlarge the academia impact on education and industry development

  • Form some famous International companies and products

  • Establish the overseas e-learning services

  • Target Chinese as second language e-learning

  • Cooperate with digital archive, and international partners

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