2013 2014 eoy master schedule collection
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2013-2014 EOY Master Schedule Collection

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2013-2014 EOY Master Schedule Collection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013-2014 EOY Master Schedule Collection. Webinar June 3 and 5, 2014. Overview. EOY MSC Report Changes SEDF review Deadlines Questions?. Changes Coming for EOY. The SEDF collection will be added to the EOY MSC I and J Records will be new to EOY MSC this year

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  • EOY MSC Report Changes
  • SEDF review
  • Deadlines
  • Questions?
changes coming for eoy
Changes Coming for EOY
  • The SEDF collection will be added to the EOY MSC
    • I and J Records will be new to EOY MSC this year
  • There are additions to the EOY MSC verification report
    • Data on virtual learning and dual enrollment will now be pulled from MSC
      • This information was pulled from SRC in the past, but those fields are now retired
  • MSC verification reports will now run overnight because of DE and Virtual data
    • This means that when you submit, you will have to wait until the next day to see you verification
    • Not applicable for SEDF (they are available right away)
sedf review
SEDF Review
  • The error for SEDF that states “There is a CTE student reported in MSC who is not in SRC” will now be FATAL
    • This was a warning in the fall
    • EOY MSC will be compared to the EOY SRC in order to get demographic information for SEDF
    • It is recommended that you have a successful EOY SRC before MSC (for SEDF purposes)
  • Make sure your CTE personnel review the SEDF information in the application! It is your division’s responsibility to submit this data.
  • Question: Why am I not seeing my SEDF reports?
    • Answer: This is because your SRC demographic information didn’t match what was in MSC. This will not happen any longer since the warning about having students in MSC but not SRC is now fatal.
  • Question: Why are some classes appearing on the SEDF but not others?
    • Answer: There are a couple of reasons this could happen:
      • Your SCED code is incorrect (and not considered a CTE code)
      • Your class is linked to another class in the I Record (the highest level appears on the report)
  • Question: Why do we have to link classes?
    • Answer: If you have two classes that are taught at the same time, they need to be linked in the I Record. If the linking does not occur, it is very possible that your teacher will be over their threshold of minutes taught allowed.
      • Example: Mr. Smith teaches six classes every day (9000 minutes each class). One of his classes has two sections in it, one being Welding II and the other being Welding III. If these classes are not joined in the I Record, then Mr. Smith looks like he teaches seven classes and is now over the 54,000 minute threshold.
        • In this case, Welding III should be the “parent” section and Welding II should be the “child” section when creating the I Record.
  • A successful submission of EOY MSC is due on August 29, 2014
    • A successful submission is necessary so that CTE (at both the local and state levels) can start reviewing data and making changes if necessary
  • The signed verification reports for MSC and SEDF are due on September 30, 2014