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2008. Labeling Systems Introduction & Product range. Magnetic Project. MLP. 1.1. General description. 1.2. Elements details. MLP SP. MLC MLA Applicators. Competition. Applicators. Features & how it works. 2.1. Linear. 2.2. Fan. 2.3. Inverted FAN. 2.4. Blow. 2.5. Shift.

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Labeling Systems

Introduction & Product range

  • Magnetic Project.

  • MLP.

    • 1.1. General description.

    • 1.2. Elements details.

  • MLP SP.

  • MLC

  • MLA Applicators.

  • Competition.

  • Applicators. Features & how it works.

    • 2.1. Linear.

    • 2.2. Fan.

    • 2.3. Inverted FAN.

    • 2.4. Blow.

    • 2.5. Shift.

    • 2.6. Front.

    • 2.7. Pallets.

    • 2.8. Robot.

    • 2.9. Manual.

  • Printer.

  • Software.

  • Technical specifications document.



MACSA develops a complete line of P&A machines to reach a great variety of market needs creating a new quality and reliability referent in the P&A sector.

P&A production line

In 2008, the P&A production line is built with an initial capacity of 200 units per year.


P&A System MLP 4000/6000 PLUS

Modular structure so it permits to adapt the machine to the different needs.

4. Visual Interface / Display

1. Label dispenser

3. Applicator

2. Printer

P&A System

- Label dispenser. Is the main body, that incorporates all the other important components. It’s composed by the label roll unwinder, the backing paper rewinder, and all the electronic boards.

- Mechanical robustness. All the elements are mounted over an aluminium plate of 15mm thickness, it’s translated into a big strength over extreme working conditions.

- Label driving & guiding elements have been designed in anodized aluminium so they offer the maximum guarantees of reliability and durability in industrial environments.

Big label rolls capacity. It permits label rolls of diameters of 400 mm  it’s translated into a higher autonomy and reduce the time that the line is stopped due the change of the label roll.

More capacity  low cost & time

Dynamical control of the backing paper rewinder

+ Automatization  - Mantainance

Easy applicator replacement..

Touchscreen: it permits to control the state of the machine and configure it to adapt the machine to the production changes.

Own electronic boards: high reliability. It has different communication possibilities.

Easy to remove and replace in case that is required.

Indicators to know Inputs & Output’s state.


Several communications channels available.

(2) Ethernet.

(4) USB load firmware.

(14) RS-232.

(16) RS-422.

(11) Libre

(1) Wifi. (Option)

External connections

Other auxiliary components control

External components

(5) Bearing lights.

(6) 10,4” Touchscreen.

(7) Cabinet door control.

(8) 5,5” touchscreen.

(9) Main photocell (IE1).

(13) RS-232 Scanner, barcode scanner.

Easy integration into production lines. Several Inputs & Outputs that makes easy the integration of the P&A machine into the customer’s system.


Two machines working in a Master – Slave way: while one of them is working the other one it isn’t until the working one enters into an error condition.

Hi-SPEED System.

Developed for high speed production lines and also installed by default into the MLP series. It permits to communicate 2 P&A machines and apply the label alternatively so the production is doubled.

High quality components .

Special applications

All our machines can be personalized to adapt them to the customer’s needs. MACSA has its own engineering department with large experience.

MLP 4000/6000 SP System

SP Series is a version of MLP  it’s a P&A system develoved to reach low production line speeds.

Maximum Label roll diameter: 300 mm.

2 applicator types:



Reduced connectivity module.

(5) Beacons, connection available for a 3 colors beacon.

(6) Touch Screen 10,4”, Connection for an external Touch Screen.

(7) Door electro-valve, connection for the door control of the applier.

(8) Touch Screen 5,5”, interface connection 240 x 128 pixels

(9) photocell, external photocell connection available.

(13) RS-232 Scanner, connection for an external Barcode reader .

MLC 4000 Series

P&A Designed to reach:

- low productivities

- less electronic capabilities and varities of printer modules.

Main characteristics:

  • Available with:

    • 4’’ width.

    • Applicators: Linear, Frontal, FAN, Blow & Shift

    • Not available for pallets.

    • Printer modules: SATO Lt 408  reduced capabilities: Not standard OEM, 203 dpi, Max print speed 150 mm/sec.

  • Roll diameter: max of 300 mm.

    • Low cost materials (plastic).

  • Compared with the MLP (SP or Plus) it has limited electronics capabilities:

    • Less inputs and outputs

    • Less communications channels.

    • Display is mounted on the chasis.

MLA 5000/8000 System SP

Applying system for prepinted label.

It reaches 25 m/min.

Two MLA labeling systems: SP and PR. The PR model can integrate a built in Datamax printer.

Versión SP

Versión PR

  • The PR version has a built in label accumulator that allows you to separate the speed of the line from the printing time.

  • Thanks to the accumulator we will get a faster system with a higher quality of printing.



Alarm indicators. The printer is already prepared in order to display a signal when the label roll and /or the ribbon is finishing.

Lost label sensor(Models with Pad). If during the labeling process , the system is loosing the label , the system is generating an alarm, avoiding that the product come out of the production line without the identification label.

- Pneumatic maintenance Kit . The printer can be installed with a pneumatic maintenance kit that includes: manual valve, filter and air pressure regulator. The main propose of the kit is to keep the air circuit clean of water and oil, in order to prevent faults in the pneumatic circuit of the system

- beacons alarm Kit. This Alarm kit provide the real status of the system with three different colors

- Emergency stop. The printer can be complemented with an external emergency stop button, that can be installed in a convenient place for the operator.


There are 3 different standard stands:

  • Basic: Without regulation.

  • Vertical regulation.

  • Vertical & Horizontal regulation.

Machine’s Hand

  • The hand of the machine can be deduced by placing yourself in front of the machine: in front of the printer display and the rollers. In this situation:

  • if the label is printed from right to left  the machine is a RIGHT HAND.

  • if the label is printed from left to right  the machine is a LEFT HAND.

Left hand

Right hand

General characteristics.

1. Mechanical robustness with the maximum fiability & durability guarantees.

2. Whole range of applicators that covers any market requirement.

3. Modular structure that permit a fast applicator change.

4. Multifunctional touchscreen .

5. Label unwinder for 400mm label rolls.

6. Dynamic control of the rewinder tension.

7. Several options: Label & Ribbon end warning, ...

8. High reliability aluminum components.

9. NON-Stop Hi-Speed Systems by default.

10. DATAMAX, SATO, ZEBRA and CAB printer compatibility.


Whole range of applicator types to fit the customer needs.









- Real time applicator: it takes the label to the product contacting with it.

- The label can be applied with the product stopped or with movement.

Polyvalent PAD: different label sizes

High power blowing system

Product detection by pressure.




  • Cylinder length:

    • 210mm for 110x110 ,, labels.

    • 360 mm for 160x210mm labels.

Whole cycle duration:

Label length


Print speed


Application time


Cycle duration


Label length 120 mm


Print speed 175 mm/s


Application time 2 s


22 cycles/min


  • To apply labels while the product is moving.

  • Label is applied by contacting the extreme of the PAD with the product and the rest is shifted/dragged.

The label is maintained on the PAD through the FANs suction.

Faster than conventional systems

It permits to print while is applying the previous label so the productivity is increased.

Air pressure: low consumption

Big label length: 300 mm and more.

Inverted FAN.

Different label sizes allowed.



  • Label is applied by an air blowing system.

  • There’s no contact with the product.

High speed labeling system: there are no application times to add

It permit to apply labels over curving surfaces.


  • - Labels are applied by shifting and dragging them over the product.

  • Labels are buffered so the applied label is not the last printed one.

High application precision.

Printing seped is independent from the applying speed:

Labels buffered  adaptation to production speed fluctuations.


Several applicator



  • It applies the label at 90º from the printing point.

  • The applicator arm permits to apply at the front or rear side of the product.

  • The product can be stopped or moving.

Polyvalent PAD. Different label dimensions allowed.

Mechanical strength.

Huge blowing capacity.

Applicator length it has to be measured from the machine’s edge until the center of the PAD.




Productivity depends on the label length.


  • - This version allows to print and apply 2 labels onto a static pallet within 25 seconds.

  • This applicator is composed by several cylinders that they are synchronized to reach both faces of the pallet.


  • - MACSA has developed an innovative system to apply labels over pallets to reach the higher needs of the market  it doubles the production of the pneumatic version.

  • This applicator is composed of a robotized arm and controlled through servomotors. It permits to apply 3 o 4 labels per pallet: front & back & side.

  • It permits to apply a label on any pallet position within the same height.

  • Huge reduction of application times.


- The same applicator can apply 2 label with one pallet stop or 4 labels with 2 stops.

High speed. Due to the advanced and precise control mode, this system can reach a production of 300 pallets / hour (2 labels per pallets)

Special PAD: adaptation to irregular surfaces.

Depending on the conveyor speed, the application can be performed while the pallet is moving  big productivity increase !!!

Robotized applicator.

Manual unit.

In order to cover all the identification needs: low production line, dock loading and unloading , or just a complement of an automatic labeling system, a manual labeling system has been designed , that offer all the necessary tools in order to cover any identification need.

The manual labeling system is built in a steel frame protected with metal plates , that makes it a very strong system able to be installed in a very industrial environments

  • Features

  • PC with touch screen 17”.

  • Box ready for keyboard & mouse

  • Cabinet unit ready for PC and UPS

  • in order to place both in a desktop .

  • External braked ready for desktop printers: Zebra Z4M, Z6M, Z220XIIII and Datamax I4208 MC DT, W6208 DT/TT.

  • External accumulation label tray.

  • Wheels .

  • Connectivity:

  • Internal plugs ,6 units.

  • Input ready for a manual reader

  • Input ready for Access Point. (2 inputs )

  • Main power connector.

  • Ethernet.

  • 4 external inputs.

The system incorporate a touch screen 17” in order to access to the system configuration in a easy way

The system incorporates wheels in order to make the system more flexible

Stainless steel cabinet is available as an option


The OEM printers , are specially designed to be integrated in the labeling systems (Print & Apply).

Possible to use more OEM Printers:

  • Standard features:

  • hand printer left and right.

  • Thermo transfer print (with ribbon)

  • Control LCD screen

  • Printing heat adjustable

  • Printing speed adjustable.

  • Finishing ribbon detector available

  • 3 languages available English, French, German and Spanish.

  • ribbon of 600m ( winding IN o OUT)

For any other printer contact MACSA

  • Options

  • Direct thermo printing (without ribbon)

  • Ethernet Module (DMXNET )

  • Module wireless Ethernet (DMXrfNET)

  • remote control Panel

  • Print international languages

  • RFID

  • Communications

  • 2 ports RS-232 serial 9-pin

  • 1 port IEEE1284 parallel

  • 1 port USB v1.1

  • 1 port RS422/RS485

  • 2 port for application external program .


MACSA has a Project department ( 10 engineers) with large experience in the label system integration , able to develop and manage special projects.

Macsa is NOT only a print & Apply producer , Macsa is able to provide solutions for a special project.


Label Design Software.

Software features:

- Import True-type fonts and logos .

- Create lots based in fix fields and dates.

- Create all kind of barcodes and 2 D codes.

- Create variable filed slinked to a data base

Software for the management labeling.

The managment and control labeling software y control de etiquetado se encarga de integrar las impresoras aplicadoras en el sistema del cliente, encargándose de realizar el intercambio de información entre los equipos , los periféricos y el ERP.

Este software Integra puede adaptarse a las diferentes necesidades de cada instalación y requerimientos del cliente

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