Causes and evidence of evolution
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Causes and Evidence of Evolution. Objective 3.05: Evidence of the theory of evolution. Causes of Evolution. Natural Selection Mutations Competition Geographic Isolation. Example of Geographic Isolation. Beetle population divided by a river.

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Causes and evidence of evolution

Causes and Evidence of Evolution

Objective 3.05:

Evidence of the theory of evolution

Causes of evolution
Causes of Evolution

  • Natural Selection

  • Mutations

  • Competition

  • Geographic Isolation

Example of geographic isolation
Example of Geographic Isolation

  • Beetle population divided by a river.

  • Both groups of beetles become different because they adapt to their new (different) environments.

  • Even if reunited, they would not mate with each other again because they have evolved genetically and behaviorally into two different species (speciation)!

5 pieces of evidence
5 Pieces of Evidence

  • Anatomy

  • Embryo Comparison

  • Biochemical (DNA)

  • Adaptations

  • Fossils


  • Inherited traits that aid in survival

    • Mimicry: Acts like another organism or pretends to be a harmful predator.

    • Camouflage: Blends in for better survival

    • Antibiotic/Pesticide Resistance: Some bacteria do not respond to drugs which means they are able to survive and multiply!

Antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic Resistance

  • Normal H. pylori bacteria produces an enzyme that activates an antibiotic.

  • That mixture creates a “poison” to the bacteria and kills it.

  • The bacteria mutates to not produce the enzyme.


  • Evidence of once living organisms.

    • Can be:

    • Bones

    • Footprints

    • Imprints

  • Fossil Record: The history of life on Earth as shown by fossils preserved in rocks.

    • Shows:

    • How species changed over time

    • If any species go extinct

  • The Geologic Time Scale is based on the Fossil Record.

Age of fossils
Age of Fossils

  • Relative Age:One fossil is older/younger than another based on rock layers.

    • Does not tell exact age.

Age of fossils1
Age of Fossils

  • Absolute Age: The more exact age of a fossil.

    • Based on decay of organisms (Carbon Dating)

    • Use half life to determine age

    • Half Life: Time it takes for half the atoms to decay.