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"Impulse Buying". By: Candice Young.

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"Impulse Buying"

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Impulse buying

"Impulse Buying"

By: Candice Young

Impulse buying

Impulse buying is being increasingly popular among individuals. This is creating a huge deficit in those individuals bank accounts, and with the economy doing so poorly most people can’t afford to shop on whim. Impulse buying is a hard habit to break, and some people don’t even realize they are a victim of it.

Impulse buying


As a consumer walks around the store what gives them that urge to grab things that aren’t on their list, who is most affected by impulse shopping, and how can impulse shopping be controlled?



Impulse buying

What Causes Impulse Buying?

  • Internet shopping – browsing by all items entices you to buy more than what you came for. Browse instead by a search looking only for the specific item you need.

  • Lack of self discipline.

  • Menstrual Cycles

  • The need for “retail therapy.”

Impulse buying

Who is affected?

  • Women in the last ten days before their menstrual cycle.

  • Men when they are sent to the grocery with no list.

  • Younger generations more than older generations through lack of being forced to budget.

Impulse buying


There are many different factors that can play into impulse buying, but there are also many ways to get around it. As the economy continues to change so rapidly this consumer issue is going to continue to ruin people’s bank accounts. So the next time impulse buying overcomes the consumer, fight the urge and think before purchasing.

Impulse buying

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Impulse buying

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