A Multi-sector Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Migrants and
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A Multi-sector Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Migrants and PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Multi-sector Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Migrants and Host Communities, Svay Reing Province, Cambodia. Pandemic an ‘all-of-society’ emergency – will have social, economic and public safety impacts

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A Multi-sector Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Migrants and

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A Multi-sector Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Migrants and

Host Communities, Svay Reing Province, Cambodia

Pandemic an ‘all-of-society’ emergency – will have social, economic and public safety impacts

Health will be the key technical sector, but will need support from other sectors in order to function.

Over-all pandemic response will be coordinated through existing emergency management structures – the NCDM, PCDM & DCDM

Why do we develop a multi-sector for Pandemic Preparedness and Response Planning?


  • To integrate the pandemic preparedness and response mechanism into a broader national disaster management system (in NCDM)

  • To provide a quick and appropriate response to a pandemic

  • To reduce the public panic and confusion

  • To reduce a negative impact of pandemic influenza and opportunities of its transmission

  • To reduce the social and economic impacts due to a pandemic and would save millions of dollars

  • To maintain business continuity in all stages of pandemic.

24 Provincial government departments/entities

Including military, police and gendarmeries.

Local authorities/community leaders ( provincial, district and commune level)

Non governmental organizations,

Private companies/Service providers

Focal points from health and non health sectors

Key processes ofa multi-sector pandemic planning

  • Established the PPPT through reinforcing and modifying roles of existing provincial committee for disaster management (PCDM)

  • Conducted Training of Trainer on a multi-sector PPP and response to the selected provincial trainers from diverse 22 government departments, civil societies and private sectors.

  • Conducted the planning workshops for health and non-health sectors which involved participants from provincial, district and community level.

  • Each sectors workshop, the trained provincial ToT were merged with new participants to lead their planning and discussions.

Before each sector planning session started

  • Participants were introduced overall overviews of the planning

  • Background of the pandemic influenza

  • Cause of pandemic and differentiate between seasonal, avian and pandemic influenza

  • Recognize mild and severe signs and symptoms

  • Prevention, reduction of impacts and transmission such as cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, frequency washing hands with soap and social distancing.

Additional tools supported in process of planning

National Geographic Documentary On Super Flu , NCDM

NCDM-Video Presentation

NCDM-Video Presentation

Phase 6 the pandemic phase, is characterized by community level outbreaks in at least one other country in a different WHO region in addition to the criteria defined in Phase 5.

Designation of this phase will indicate that a global pandemic is under way.

The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 6

% of Morbidity and Mortality in 100 days , Svay Rieng Population

Normal OPD and IPD

In the outbreak of Pandemic

Normal OPD and IPD

In the outbreak of pandemic influenza within 12 weeks

Health sector focuses and key areas identified

  • Modified roles

    • Provincial Health Department

    • Provincial Hospital

    • District Referral Hospital

    • Community health center

    • Village Health Support Groups/Village Health Volunteers

  • Health facilities

    • Essential services to be maintained during a pandemic

    • Non-essential services to be suspended during a pandemic

    • Identified external buildings for services expansion

  • Controlling patients flow and the crowds

    • Setting up a triage system, OPD and IPD

    • Separation of respiratory and non respiratory patients

  • Managing resources

    • Mapping and redeployment of staffing: MD/MA, Nurses, midwives

    • Medicines: Tamiflu, Antibiotics, Paracetamol, IV fluids, ORS etc

    • Equipments: PPE, Oxygen, Intubation, Ambulances

  • Internal and external coordination/communications

    • Situation update and reporting

    • Staff motivations/ volunteers like medical students


Key health messages



Water and energy system

Maintain services 24 hours to key institutions/facilities

Public Security

Reinforce law, public order

Secure key facilities

Secure essential transport


Assist health sector

Other sectors

Food and water

Emergency team and supplies

Border Management

Human health screening

Animal health screening

Goods controlling

Non-health sectors focus and key areas identified

Food emergency

Vulnerable groups

Patients and hospital staff

Emergency team

Community and individual stock

Economic and Finance

Maintain staff salaries

Control/ monitoring food prices and other essential consumptions

Command & Control

Ensure the continue of essential services in all stages of pandemic

Mobilizing and monitoring existing resources

Coordinate information flows between health and non health sectors

Assist health and non health sectors on technical inputs, decision making and problems solve

Update on the severity of the crisis

Non-health sectors focus and key areas identified cont.

Ex. Organization Chart of Public Security

Each Sector Produced

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