Are You Ready to Manage the Dragon Project?
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Are You Ready to Manage the Dragon Project? Procurement Market Entry Export Distribution PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Ready to Manage the Dragon Project? Procurement Market Entry Export Distribution 北京,上海,广州,深圳,重庆,杭州,南京 Felicia Chang Global Wave Today Project Management Symposium April 28 th , 2010.

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Are You Ready to Manage the Dragon Project? Procurement Market Entry Export Distribution

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Are You Ready to Manage the Dragon Project?

Procurement Market Entry Export Distribution


Felicia Chang

Global Wave Today

Project Management Symposium

April 28th , 2010

“I suggest they learn everything they can about China because it will permeate every aspect of business in their lifetimes.”

— Jack Welch

From Great Wall to World Expo

Project management in China is evolving

Ancient Project management in China

  • Great Wall

  • Great Canal

  • Forbidden City

  • Modern tools, techniques and methodologies

  • Critical Path Method (CPM)

  • Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT)

  • Graphical Evaluation and Review Techniques (GERT)

  • First application of modern

  • project management

  • Defense

  • Aerospace and science

  • Construction

Great Wall

World Expo

Project Managers Need to Think Globally

Adapt to the special nature of global project management

Keep the following in mind:

  • There are opportunities for Project Managers who know

  • their way around the world

  • International project management requires highly

  • developed skills outside of regular project management

  • Project management is more of art in China

  • Don’t expect to follow the principles and rules of managing

  • projects in the United States

Project Managers Need to Think Globally

You are operating on an international landscape

  • Two most important attributes for international Project Managers:

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Intellectual curiosity about other people and nations

China is on the Other Side of the World

Distances can complicate a global venture

  • Physical distances

    • Geographical

    • Time zones

  • Psychological distances

    • Cultural

    • Emotional

    • Language

China is on the Other Side of the World

Learn from the experiences of other PMs

  • Key experiences among project managers:

  • Delays

  • Cost overruns

  • No improvement in quality

  • Lack of resources to perform project tasks

  • A simple 3-stage delivery process:

  • Preparation

  • Execution

  • Close-up

What is Your Project ?

Two most common projects in China


Sell products from China to U.S. market


Sell products from U.S. to China market

  • Each type of project presents different challenges and risks

  • What is the best way to manage a project?

Managing a Procurement Project in China

Plan well, evaluate your options and choose wisely

  • Key steps:

  • Identify what must be procured

  • Establish a timeline for purchase

  • Identify potential suppliers and service providers

  • Obtain quotes or bids

  • Choose a supplier and/or service provider

  • Manage the relationship with the supplier and/or service provider

  • Close-out contract

Managing a Procurement Project in China

Critical elements

  • Developing processes that are rigorous yet

  • still flexible

  • Building a team experienced in China projects

  • and familiar with the culture

  • Managing milestone deadlines within budget and

  • managing expectations are key challenges

  • Using collaborative tools and techniques

Managing a Procurement Project in China

Manage processes and expectations intelligently

  • Poorly managed projects are often completed over budget

  • and with significant delays.

  •  Managing the key stakeholders is a critical key to success

  • in China.

  • Western and Chinese stakeholders have different needs

  • and expectations

  • Manage your expectations and unexpected risk

Creating and Managing a Market Entry Project in China

Do some serious business planning

  • Identify your market opportunity and target customer

  • Identify the best sales channel to bring products/service

  • to China market

  • Set up your office and logistics

  • Identify and manage your distributor

  • Create and manage your Internet marketing project

  • Manage your relationship with Chinese consumers

  • and companies

Market Entry Road Map

Chinese Consumer/Company







Engage Local Resource & Building Partnership

Online Marketing

Traditional Marketing




Company Setup

Not plan to set up office

Site Selection


Set up office

Market Entry Analysis/Strategy

Target Customers

Market Overview



Your Company

‘World Manufacturer’ is Becoming a ‘World Consumer Market’

Take advantage of the transformation


World Manufacturers

  • IPO

  • M&A

  • Private entrepreneurship

  • Outbound tourism

  • Outbound investment

  • 3-6 tier city & rural area growth

World Consumer Market

Key China Sectors for U.S. Exporters to Target

Focus on growth markets

  • Education

  • Health & Medical

  • Environmental Protection

  • American Lifestyle

  • Products

  • Luxury Market

  • Entertainment

  • Technology

  • Tourism

China Market is Complex and Fragmented

Broad geographical territory

Project Management is About Managing Culture

Know how people think and make decisions

  • The importance of relationship/save face

  • Pragmatic

  • Decision making

  • Deadlines

  • Value maturity

  • Materialism

  • Dress/act formally

  • Dining and business

* Culture shapes way people think, how they look at the world, the decisions they make and the things they do.

Creating and Managing a Market Entry Project in China

Consider key stakeholders and Chinese culture

  • Key stakeholder management is critical to success

    • Customers

    • Suppliers

    • Distributors

    • Service providers

    • Government officials and approvals

  • Managing a market entry project in China is

  • more of an art than a science

The China Market is Lucrative

and Rewards are Tremendous

  • BUT…

  • It takes special planning and commitment

  • Respect differences

  • Plan well

  • Make a long-term commitment

  • Form the right team

  • Factor in extra time build in your project’s life cycle

  • Actively communicate

  • Set realistic expectations

The Golden Rules of China

By Robert Ma of McDonald’s of China

  • Everything is possible

  • Nothing is easy

  • Western business logic does not apply

  • It is a fun project if there is no deadline

  • You must persist — things will come your way eventually

  • Patience is the essence of success

  • There are no secrets in China

  • “You Don’t Know China” means they disagree

  • “New regulation” means they found a new way to not do something

  • “Internal Regulation” means they are mad at you

  • “Basically, No Problem” Means BIG PROBLEM

  • When you are optimistic, see Rule #2

  • When you are discouraged, see Rule #1

  • Why is Global Wave Today different?

  • China contacts

  • Market knowledge

  • Lead the process

  • Strong cultural and language knowledge

  • Deep global experience

We bring unique insights...

We transform China’s complexity and ambiguity into clarity

For More information


Felicia Chang

Global Wave Today


[email protected]

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